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  1. audreysdance

    Actor vs. Actor

    Kate Winslet vs Gillian Anderson
  2. This is going to be in the lanaboards History book!!
  3. So i don't know if this was talked about before..but - this is the translation of the post: "Lana liked a video of an Idaho inmate named Edward arrested for home invasion. The information reached the prisoner and he decided to serenade her to the sound of 'Video Games' to win the singer's heart"
  4. audreysdance

    Katy Perry

    I read your opinions and trust you - after the snippets and the teaser for the music video I don't even have interest in hearing this, really not even curious
  5. Lord of the rings (trilogy) The godfather p.1 Any Woody Allen movie Any Doris Day movie The birdcage (1994) and then idk so many others
  6. It's interesting to hear that Lana and Clayton are in good terms, at the end...we all talked really badly of him but I guess he's not that bad if Lana accepted to collaborate with him - he said that they worked on freestyling "songs", and he liked a comment that asked if he was involved in the making of Lana's upcoming album I guess it won't be a surprise if we will see him credited in some of Lana's new songs
  7. been playing it on repeat in since it came out - seriously one of my favourites same, that's why I really love the lyrics, they're so personal and important
  8. Do we know if there's a way to make this? Since actually Spotify doesn't have the lyrics
  9. i honestly don't get the disappointments...I mean this song is what most part of the fandom always asked, a catchy trap Lana, and some are still disappointed? idk in my opinion they did a gorgeous song and video, let's not complain now
  10. I'm literally speechless. I'm obsessed with everything, the video, the aesthetics, the lyrics, the chemistry! I can't stop listening to it <3
  11. Guys the premiere is up on youtube (quavo's Channel) in case you haven't seen it!
  12. So if I'm right... 12 pm est = 6 pm Europe (Italy, France, Germany, etc.)? I'm so confused
  13. I just saw the teaser and the video it's gonna be so good also I really love the guitar and the melody
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