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  1. i need the entire lasso era to be in this aesthetic
  2. Idk if anyone said this already but is this Ewan Winiker? Or maybe just a look alike Edit: I just saw his stories on Instagram and he was there! So this must be him ig
  3. For the ending (which I loved, giving 20s) I think she could've used If you lie down with me Outro, it would've been perfect imagine the crowd dancing to it
  4. I am speechless the dress, the hair, straight out of born to die era, the make up, omg she was perfect
  5. https://x.com/LanasBouffant/status/1778752875289551008
  6. Me, somewhere in northern Italy, waking up on a saturday morning at 7am (at least) to be mentally able to watch Lana at 8.20
  7. I just hope politics won't be brought up by anyone during the festival, just music please
  8. When she sings The Greatest like THE CULTURE IS LIT AND IF THIS IS IT I HAD A BALLLL
  9. Idk if anyone posted this already but I think that's where they're gonna stream bc it says "in program"
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