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  1. girl that’s the same thing as a wednesday let me have my genius moment
  2. all ocean blvd singles + album announcement were made on a wednesday btw…
  3. in the black and white pic of her the car looks kinda crashed, and wally was posting videos of cars crashing at the same time as tough mv stuff..
  4. Quick, quick Tell me something awful Like you are a Lasso stuck inside somebodies google drive
  5. lana whispering into byron’s ear to skip bartender iktr
  6. @hotshot2am spill if we are getting anything tomorrow
  7. @Pantene123 has anyone got the Dan Aurebach versions PWYC, MPG and Guns and Roses?
  8. italy and new york in the same month… last time this happened in 2022 there was a cultural shift. New York and Portafino 2022 vacation YOU will always be famous
  9. @TheDollClub girl you know you can’t have more than one account??
  10. did we ever get confirmation that Lasso would be stylised as LASSO?
  11. someone post a video of fishtail because it is no where on the internet and i am starting to doubt it exists
  12. when a singular pic of Lana drops it will be equivalent to the collapse of when this picture dropped
  13. does no one there have a phone because no one is tweeting about this either 😭
  14. https://www.instagram.com/p/C69bvRyIhzd/?igsh=eTdpN3JjMXcxeWF0 lana’s comments ⏰⏰⏰
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