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  1. well i mean she defiantly she ate up her 3 seconds of MV time in the way she ate up her 3 seconds in the song!
  2. 28. Pearl Watch Me 29. Ring A Bell 30. Psycho Lifeguard
  3. 17. Zodiac 18. Sunshine (Feat. Rob Grant) 19. Take Me Home, Country Roads 20. Say Yes To Heaven ?????
  4. help she deleted the story i think
  5. so what is going on cos Ben is now promoting the sparkle jump rope queen site on his story?? something could be coming omg
  6. all that for what hmmm
  7. her account is back??
  8. why is it lowkey way too quiet in here, like this could be a lead single??
  9. where did u find it?? if it’s real it would have to had to have been made quite late in the process because of songs like CKD and HBTB and that doesn’t rlly make sense with demos of freak, terrance loves you and pink flamingos
  10. i don’t think so, there is a header that says “Tropico”, they are also numbered and songs like Lake Placid, ITTJ and Old Money had already been recorded, however Summertime also hadn’t been recorded when that photo of the tracklist was taken
  11. this has always confused me because if Pink Champagne was recorded in October 2013 how was it part of the draft tracklist from January 2013, it’s probably a demo or something
  12. A question i have always had is when ppl describe Tropico i’ve seen them say that demos of Body Electric, Cola and other Paradise tracks would have been on or considered for the Tropico tracklist. If Paradise was already released while she was working on Tropico why would demos of already released songs have been considered?
  13. so what could y’all have been yapping about 174 pages??
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