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  1. Here’s this website with tons of Lana designs. I recently bought the following shirts-
  2. Cali fans winning once again
  3. I’m not sure if this has already been posted somewhere, it probably has but I’m not sure where- Just California winning again. I’ll be there next week.. it couldn’t have waited until then
  4. I would love more samples from older eras and I think we will be getting some on her next album. On DYKTATUOB, we have “palm trees in black and white.” I would absolutely love to see “do you like my fake nails daddy” reworked but a girl can dream. She has SO much unpublished and older work that she’ll probably sample from a track we were not anticipating. I was surprised when Jump was sampled but it made me so happy <3
  5. mssainttropez


    I’m sad that Kesha isn’t coming to AZ but I’m honestly super relieved because I don’t have money to spend on anymore concerts. Jake was such a slay opener choice, he’s just an amazing person and puts on a fantastic show x
  6. So I totally forgot to mention that I got my merch !! I made this lil reel with my merch <3
  7. The necklace was gifted to her by @Burthdaykake
  8. I still have no idea how to embed tweets but this video is ICONIC and the accent just adds to it lol
  9. Thanking Henri for live-streaming and for killing us with his “candy necklaces”
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