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  1. Anyone going to one of these shows I will PayPal you money if you can get me the jacket! Not even kidding lol let me know
  2. You have to like login twice it’s weird then it popped up for me
  3. Sending good vibes to everyone buying tickets tomorrow! I do wish she would do some sort of presale for verified fans if she is doing smaller venues. Sparkle jump rope queen where you at
  4. But these tickets aren’t even on sale yet😭 whoever sold them doesn’t actually have them yet to sell
  5. I understand why she is announcing dates slowly the way she is, but it’s such a bummer having to wait to see where she is going. Like I would rather know now if she isn’t coming to my area so I can be disappointed and just move on
  6. If you search her on ticket master they are all there!
  7. Yay! Hopefully there is more too!
  8. I feel like we all should have known better than getting our hopes up. I mean also who drops a tour announcement on a Saturday. But I sure wish our dear Lanita would follow through on what she says more often lol
  9. I can’t believe the crowd outside this place though because a fan leaked a picture of Taylor
  10. Lol I had a shuttle pass but then had to take Bart it took me 4 hours to get home after.
  11. So ready!!! I need a solo show because that festival in SF about did me in lol. This one I can bring my sister too as well she loves Lana almost as much as me.
  12. Literally tearing up watching robs live don’t mind me
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