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  1. Literally I cannot handle how beautiful the choreography is for bartender
  2. https://megacanais.com/multishow-ao-vivo__/?fbclid=PAAaYF4I47UxXxlnFJjiHp_k8GpdLHtXa9VuGDD9e4Fs7kkz6r2TjTpMqHbJg this is working on my iPhone
  3. I’m going to outsidelands but when I do festivals I usually do VIP so I don’t bother with barricade. It was just a genuine question it sounds so unpleasant lol. But I do wanna try to get as close as possible when I go see her
  4. I have a genuine question…people are already lined up at the barricade for Lana’s show. So do they just stay there and not leave for 8 or 9 hours? Don’t they need food and water and to use the restroom?
  5. this is what is showing up for me…when I click “opcao 1” (I’m guessing that means option 1🙈 idk lol) it takes me to another screen that says it wants me to download various vpn apps. Sorry I’m not incredibly tech savvy
  6. It says I have to download a vpn app? Wondering what I’m doing wrong … 🤔
  7. You ladies look so good in your necklaces! Can’t wait to get mine. The hype is real
  8. SO MANY HATERS IN THIS FORUM lol. Not even just this thread the new version is beautiful. It’s what I imagined the OG was gonna sound like. So glad we finally have this 🩷 I don’t care what part of her voice she is using or not it sounds perfect.
  9. not me yet either…is this for the explicit cover? You ordered from the us store?
  10. Flowers in the Attic & Petals in the Wind are to this day my favorite books of all time. I read them when I was 12 and just became obsessed. I looooove me some Vc andrews🙌🏻
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