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  1. You know what ima just pretend like I don’t think it’s Jack even though I do
  2. first cd: the very best of frankie vallie and the four seasons
  3. Im pretty sure this is as close as ill get to the darkness.
  4. ultravyvanse

    Melanie Martinez

    STOP my aunt is a high school teacher and she loves melanie martinez (thanks to me) she regularly plays her music while her students are doing work. I wish I had teachers like that when I was in high school
  5. 5% nic elf bar (any flavor) 70mg vyvanse infinite youth
  6. a lana song(s) that you didn’t fully grasp at first and took a couple listens to understand/appreciate its beauty completely
  7. the blackest day ride girl that got away ultraviolence trash magic national anthem happiness is a butterfly off to the races brookyln baby
  8. ultravyvanse

    Song vs. Song

    Swan song vs candy necklace
  9. You know, sometimes I think God’s playing a little game with me Looking down from heaven, laughing, trying to see how much I can take Because the way things go, it’s like a joke Nobody’s had more shots to the moon missed than me Vs Sittin' on the sofa, feelin' supеr suicidal Hate to say the word, but, baby, hand on the Bible, I do Feel like it's you the one who's bringin' me down
  10. please i keep hearing “you a fat rick ross”
  11. ultravyvanse

    Melanie Martinez

    why did tunnel vision remind of carousel?? idk maybe its the beat or something
  12. ultravyvanse

    Melanie Martinez

    the end of leeches scared me fr it was playing on my tv and i thought it was my neighbour in my condo yelling at someone and banging things
  13. i wish they came out with a faux gold chain that said lanita
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