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  1. can someone confirm if there is really a tunnel under ocean boulevard or is lana saying she wants us to go dig one for her
  2. i dont know if you know it but its this place under ocean boulevard its kinda like a tunnel? not to brag but it got mosaic ceilings, painted tiles on the wall and shit
  3. all my nominations are empty who wants them.....only condition is u gotta vote for me as best new member
  4. FOR THE LONGEST TIME IN NATIONAL ANTHEM I THOUGHT SHE WAS SAYING “KEEP ME SAFE IN HIS WEALTH” (original: keep me safe in his bell tower hotel) also when i first heard trash magic i thought she was saying “boy you know that I have really never loved nobody, fuck you”
  5. it is so magical!! i feel like i go through a rebirth everytime i listen to it
  6. something about this pic of her behind the scenes during the wonderland magazine 2011 photoshoot........
  7. lanas songs w rick nowels just hit different god i miss him
  8. my grandpa with dementia today asked who i was like BITCH A FUCKING LIPSTERS AWARDS NOMINEE now queue a star for nick
  9. did you know that theres a tunnel under interscope records? .....im digging my way to that tracklist
  10. ultravyvanse

    Song vs. Song

    black beauty vs black bathing suit
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