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  1. I Love You But I Love Me More sounds like an anthem already
  2. I missed this Marina so much, the vibrant and cheeky vibes (not a fan of the lyrics either but the sound is enough for me) I'm really happy she managed to find her sound again
  3. I've been obsessed with Life Support, she really delivered I really underestimated her but, I'm excited to see what she delivers next.
  4. The fact that she dropped the Blue Bannister selfie right after the whole Philip mess... Queen of Disaster indeed
  5. Maybe a little off topic, but as a long-time Arctic Monkeys/Alex Turner fan, I'm sorta glad the TLSP x Lana album didn't come out cause' I'd be pretty pissed if there were more Miles vocals than Alex's/Lana's... I really dislike his voice Thunder is that gorl though, if RCS went that route I wouldn't complain
  6. IKR? we love to see our girl achieving her dreams, she has come a long way from her home-made videos and garage band song demos
  7. Let Me Love You Like A Woman You’re still secretly in love with the idea of love regardless of your past experiences with it, and others may view you as meek or timid. You likely have very strong opinions on Ultraviolence (the album) whether good or bad. When you commit to someone, it’s likely that you’ll see the relationship through until it’s forced to end. You accept people unabashedly and are the ideal best friend. Song Recommendation: I’m Yours by Pixie Geldof The way this fits me like a glove I- this was so fun! thnx
  8. *California playing softly in the distance*
  9. Flipside deserved better, I hope one day she returns to that grungy/rock sound cause'
  10. MTE. But she has grown so much and going by the caption of her IG post (and BoardingSchool's lovely interpretation of it) I'm sure she will be just fine, sometimes it takes longer for some to find that one person and I'm hopeful she will find someone just right for ha
  11. Talk about unintentional manifesting jk I hope she's okay tho, wondering if this will have an impact on the next album's themes/lyrics whenever it comes out
  12. Velours

    Old Money

    Where have you been? Where did you go? Those summer nights seem long ago And so is the girl you used to call The queen of New York City A masterpiece
  13. Velours

    How to Disappear

    i love how the album version sounds like a wedding song
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