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  1. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZML86SPjW/ mura masa x pinkpantheress x skrillex x willow oh wow…
  2. oh it’s bad for cassie oh wow..
  3. Old Money on Paradise Black Bathing Suit on COCC
  4. TrashMagiq

    Charli XCX

    that wasn't HIFN shade lol i love HIFN. the point i was making was that HIFN was in no way a whole big budget era. An album like HIFN wouldn't have been released as an album in the way it was released if Charli was in the same position she was in in 2017. that's why i think it's dumb that a lot of people don't see them as albums. those 2 being "mixtapes" is fully based on technicalities.
  5. TrashMagiq

    Charli XCX

    I still think N1A's XCX3 and Pop 2's XCX4 making CRASH XCX7. Calling CRASH XCX5 makes no sense to me like sure N1A and Pop 2 were released as mixtapes but Charli herself said they're basically albums only released as "mixtapes" to get them out quicker without all the label mess. Pop 2 an album idc idc! It's an album. So is N1A. 2 very excellent albums. I never got why people make a distinction between N1A/Pop 2 and the rest of her "official" albums. Like, how is HIFN an album but isn't Pop 2 one like pls if she had the freedom and type of fanbase she had while making HIFN Pop 2 would've been released as an album. She literally just used the word "mixtape" so she could get those albums out like it's just a word and it holds No meaning. Sure they didn't get any music videos or whatever but did em warehouse Charli era videos really make a difference? And u could make the argument that that makes her pre TR mixtapes albums too, but those were clearly mixtapes released as mixtapes intended to be mixtapes, very different! This is the hill I will die on. U can tell me I'm wrong but idc I disagree look at the facts AND the evidence.
  6. I wonder if she ever regrets changing her name to just MARINA during her little minimalism era cause Marina and The Diamonds was such an iconic name & I feel like she would get talked about more if she kept it since "Marina and The Diamonds" was such a big part of tumblr teen culture. When I look up 'Marina' on twitter I see very few tweets about her like mostly I just see porn..
  7. I really hope it's gonna mainly be Mike Dean but I feel like Drew Erickson's probs gonna be the main producer
  8. TrashMagiq

    Melanie Martinez

    NFT technology used for art is so fucking stupid it's a rich people's money circlejerk with regular losers joining in so they're part of something. it's so weird to me.
  9. the way her worst album has some of her best songs it's really impressive tbh
  10. if she doesnt have a full album out by the end of march i'm fully giving up on the idea of her having a music career like that's gonna be IT. bsdjfh i kinda already did give up on the idea of her releasing new music but i lowkey believe her this time
  11. @May starting the rumour 2 members died should've won him most problematic member tbh but lfl a fitting winner!
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