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  1. Neil replying to Anna Cofone’s comment on Lana’s post with a rose oh wow
  2. Idk what that means or how reliable you are but I'm moving yasss we won I think!
  3. BB was a mixtape and COCC was an NFR b-sides album I'm ready for the true follow up to NFR!
  4. Roses Bloom For You truthers rise up!
  5. I like the talking bits when listening to the mixtape from front to back but sometimes I'm just not in the mood to listen to em conversations, especially when putting specific songs in playlists. Like, I don't wanna listen to that "this is the year" dialogue every time I listen to meta angel . It would've been great if she did the speaking bits as separate interlude tracks like Janet Jackson does w her albums. Love me a good interlude, but sometimes I just wanna get to the music tbh.
  6. Can't believe we're getting another Neil Krug album cover we really won
  7. I feel like she had to get COCC and BB out of her system to be able to deliver the masterpiece that is LDR9 no it’s true
  8. TrashMagiq

    Kanye West

    Very sad he went down this route but not surprising at all
  9. Haven't been this excited for an album since NFR
  10. shaking crying shitting throwing up
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