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  1. If you got dolby atmos enabled These dolby atmos mixes usually sound like shit tho but I love the one for this album it sounds so good tbh
  2. Someone pls notify Ben or smthn cause The Grants has been out for a little while now and thay still hasn’t gotten fixed so who knows how long it would take for them to fix the album / if they’re even gonna do it…
  3. Just listened on Apple Music and all the mastering issues are still present. Crackling throughout the album. The dolby atmos mix doesn’t have these issues tho. I hope they fix this soon and it won’t just stay like this cause this is real annoying and it’s embarrassing that her team’s so incompetent to the point that they uploaded song files with crackling issues throughout.
  4. I still can’t believe Angelina by Tommy Genesis is a big part of a Lana Del Rey song bsjdjd 2017 me never saw this coming
  5. Successfully stockholm syndromed myself into liking Judah Smith Interlude
  6. Either way the leaked Fingertips will be replacing the released one in my music library RIP to the vinyl girls tho
  7. I feel like censoring the word "mother" brings even more attention to it since it's still very obvious that that's who she's singing about, and now there's a noticeable moment of silence/sparkles there. Maybe she really did decide to censor it so her mother can't try and sue her for it? She also censored "cop" (pretty subtly tbh) in A&W but then sung that line on TikTok after the song got released so idk what that was about bshfdb.
  8. The Jon Batiste interlude sounds so much better in lossless I'm kinda obsessed with it
  9. Candy Necklace is so hauntingly beautiful. This song really ties this album together. The missing piece.
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