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  1. TrashMagiq

    Kylie Minogue

    I’m glad I listened to all the snippets before the album dropped cause I would’ve probably been expecting more songs in the vein of Padam Padam and Tension and would’ve been disappointed. The album’s cute but I do really wish she went for a harder club sound for the entire album, that would’ve been So good. Perhaps the success of Padam Padam will steer her in that direction for the next one.
  2. TrashMagiq

    Doja Cat

    This album reminds me of her soundcloud stuff I love it
  3. TrashMagiq

    Kylie Minogue

    The lashings in this thread
  4. TrashMagiq


    Her best body of work like hands down her artistic growth has been amazing
  5. TrashMagiq

    Troye Sivan

    I kinda like the sample kinda silly and fun
  6. TrashMagiq

    Kim Petras

    I like the title track but that’s such an odd pick for the standout song
  7. TrashMagiq

    Kim Petras

    the album cover is so perfect to me one of my fav album covers in recent years even
  8. TrashMagiq

    Kim Petras

    this is cancelled I wanna include all the songs (sans coconuts), currently using this: Problématique Je T'Adore All She Wants (feat. Paris Hilton) Born Again Something About U Treat Me Like A Ho (still not my fav but the instrumentals r so good) Sex Talk Hit It From The Back Revelations Confession Deeper Dirty Things Love Ya Leave Ya Left My Body Your Time To Cry Future Starts Now (it works so well as a closer to me IDK. Had Left My Body here originally but I didn't like the way LYLY went into YTTC)
  9. TrashMagiq

    Kim Petras

    It’s another debut album 😍
  10. TrashMagiq

    Kim Petras

    Kim Petras we like you again!
  11. TrashMagiq

    Charli XCX

    just listened to it that shit was not good!
  12. This album’s kinda very disappointing to me. Life Support was Way more exciting than this. Don’t get me wrong the songs on SBS are good but listening to the album all the way through just gets boring. I was really hoping for more songs in the vein of Home To Another One (one of her best), but the only other song that really gave that was Sweet Relief. She really thrives with a more upbeat sound but it seems like she went for a more mellow sound for most of the album. I don’t mind a more mellow sound but these songs just aren’t interesting enough to me sonically to form an entire album. Was already expecting this based on the singles though.
  13. TrashMagiq

    Kim Petras

    Gonna be using this tracklist: Problématique Je T'adore All She Wants (feat. Paris Hilton) Born Again Something About You Revelations Confession Hit It From The Back Deeper Dirty Things Love Ya Leave Ya Your Time To Cry I usually wanna stay true to official tracklists so I didn't really change the original order. Didn't know where to put Revelations at first but I like the contrast of it following Something About You (mimicing the contrast of TMLAH following it originally). HIFTB just makes sense between Confession and Deeper (and it came after Confession on the original tracklist). I just tacked on Your Time To Cry at the end without much thought tbh bshdbf
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