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  1. TrashMagiq

    Charli XCX

    Moments In Love is blowing up on tiktok?
  2. TrashMagiq

    Taylor Swift

    this rerecording is so good tbh it keeps te feel of the original & even improves it a little. i hope that isn’t the cover of 1989 TV tho.. it looks like those 2014 insta posts with the borders edited in & not in a good way.
  3. ur right look at nicki’s twitter rn she’s def not vaccinated bjsjdj
  4. the way this just became the 2021 met gala thread bksjsjf anyways i can’t tell if i love billie’s look or if it’s just so different from what she’s been doing that it automatically seems good in my mind
  5. didnt expect Maisie Williams to be my fav of the night but she ate that
  6. y’all she’s not gonna randomly go by Elizabeth again after having people call her Lana in both her personal life & career for over a decade
  7. if she’s actually gonna stay off social media this is gonna be kinda interesting tbh. every sighting of her / any info coming out about her will be more of a moment. i wonder if they’re fully getting rid of the accounts or just keeping them & having them ran by other people just for promo. hope it’s the latter tbh but her fully not having social media woud def add to the mysteriousness etc etc
  8. Nikki Lane you won’t get away with this
  9. honestly great for her branding tho
  10. why is this so sad like in reality it’s not That serious but the video felt so like, Sad like.. also her posting the greatest on twitter like oh wow?
  11. the way this thread is fully reading like she died
  12. so will this thread be locked?
  13. this would be so much better than her covering old jazz songs she’ll never be able to make her own. Like, not necessarily random Ariana songs but something Doin’ Time-esque would be exciting
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