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  1. Vanilla Icy

    Taylor Swift

    love this, it doesn't sound lana at all.
  2. y’all are doing too much on her, i don’t like capri but it was just a cute little mixtape with no direction to it, killer was an outtake from it. her albums always end up being of quality.
  3. body is marilyn nose is fka twigs right eye is rihanna?
  4. i think it's a little boring tho that all the alt girls are using jack like i'm starting to hear his sound everywhere and it's becoming bleh
  5. the thought of ultraviolence being an adele sounding adult contemporary album is horrifying
  6. ipod touch was my first "phone", lime green. good memories
  7. how to disappear really needed a better mix, i love the production but her vocals are almost inaudible towards the end.
  8. this would’ve been the perfect outfit for the nfr cover
  9. Vanilla Icy


    boring video but best song on that album iktr
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