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  1. idk if this is unpopular but the ldrakalg cover is so ugly the lighting is atrocious, her hair is the same color as the background and the font is so bulky
  2. what does she mean by "thanks for the shoes" in bbs? is she talking about people making fun of her wearing the same shoes all the time
  3. she doesn't like cherry blossom or sweet carolina on first listen
  4. Vanilla Icy

    Song vs. Song

    mermaid motel vs fine china
  5. she references nirvana's lithium and pink floyd's comfortably numb in WFWF
  6. i think so too. on her ig live she mentions the pattern of fragility running through her lineage and that she hasn’t been able to write as autobiographically as she’d like to because there’s a lot to unpack within her family tree. the album is quite literally her text book, her history, searching for that connection with her father and finding matriarchal security in her “sisters” that wasn’t present with her own mother. she’s revealed a lot on this album, and when i listen to it i feel like she’s speaking directly to the listener letting us know exactly why she’s the way she is.
  7. who cares if it was lip synced.. this is only her second televised performance since the snl incident, she's obviously just now gotten comfortable with even being on tv again so let her live
  8. she looks beautiful, i love how casual her outfit was ! but how annoying that the live performance is at the end of the show when most people aren't even watching anymore...
  9. i hope she keeps this up, i'm very intrigued right now.
  10. i love lana's little twangy accent throughout the album come on country queen
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