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  1. yes, it is satire. people are doing the most when lana looks proud of her friend.
  2. she looks so uncomfortable she definitely didn't want to be up there!!111!
  3. I'm pretty sure this is the best quality out there that isn't AI upscaled https://youtu.be/NqpQDfnSJuE?si=uSTVQUpzc9yLdU3c
  4. Vanilla Icy

    Melanie Martinez

    Needle & Thread works so good as a closer instead of Womb
  5. Vanilla Icy

    Melanie Martinez

    i'm so conflicted with the album. there's a lot of good songs individually but it feels like there's no cohesion with the sound or theme.
  6. Vanilla Icy

    Melanie Martinez

    wait why spider web kinda hitting
  7. Vanilla Icy

    Melanie Martinez

    the effects in the music video are actually hilarious
  8. Vanilla Icy

    Melanie Martinez

    i like death sirens would've sounded so good next to it
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