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  1. Hot take: Blue Velvet is still one of her best covers
  2. Like mid to late September 2015 (24nd-27th I think?) and I was sitting in the living room and my mom was watching TV when the host randomly played the song Honeymoon. I was so amazed by it because I never heard anything like that before, so I spent hours trying to find the song and it wasn't until I googled "Dreaming away your life" that I found it.
  3. This comment I saw a while back on the Video Games video:
  4. Opinion: UN should intervene and create a mandate state like they did with Cambodia
  5. Tbh I don't think that she will release LDR10 in 2024. So I made up a timeline of events leading up to LDR10. I actually want to hear what yall think will happen, so please create your own timelines. Here is mine: 2023 - early February --> radio silence (when it comes to the topic of LDR10) mid to late February - late March / early April --> her saying that she is working on "something" early to mid April - mid July --> small teases (like her saying: "she is back in the studio") late July --> confirmation of LDR10 August - late October --> more information and updates about LDR10 early November - end of 2024 --> possible release of a track from the album (like we saw with OB) sometime in 2025 --> release of LDR10
  6. One can only dream. But like @Raise Me Up said, 14th anniversary of AKA is coming up and I do hope she re-releases AKA (but please no reworks, just release them as they were in 2010). 14 years, AKA was released in 2010
  7. This is beautiful. But like lets be real none in the near future will forget Lana, her impact on the music industry, and everything she has done.
  8. The fact that most people would've never heard of the tunnel had she not titled an album after it. She needs to be present on the reopening event.
  9. I don't hate him, or songs produced by him. But for the love of God I just want Lana to make something different.
  10. 1 person would like an album like that, and that would be me.
  11. [!!] OPINION TIME [!!] List of thing I personally want LDR10 to have: 1-3 word title (preferably 1) Wayamaya-ish type of song something with synth / 80s-ish (1-2 songs) very much lizzy-grantesque a song in a style like Tired of Singing the Blues If I think of anything else I might add it to the list.
  12. Album with vibes like this would fill the void in my soul
  13. This image is such a vibe idk why.
  14. I would die for an 60s-americana-type album.
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