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  1. What if she just scraps the album? Like what do we do then?
  2. OMG CONGRATZ!!!! How does it feel to live the dream of many?
  3. OMG! Are we thinking of the same video? https://www.tiktok.com/@monsterki1289pl3/video/7367805331369381153 It showed up on my FYP while I was drunk and I thought I was just imagining things
  4. Nectar

    Instagram Updates

    Why is her finger inside the trigger guard? Like girl, work on the trigger discipline
  5. Does anyone know from where she got that intro (the first 4-5 seconds) in the Paradise (2011) unreleased song?
  6. Oh God, not this... The worst has come to pass. A country album?
  7. I cannot express how much I would've liked the whole album to have the same vibe as LFL demo 1. Also: 2nd version of Wayamaya Carmen (Demo 1) National Anthem demo Demo of Beautiful People Tomorrow Never Came demo
  8. If Lana kept LFL's original "witchy" / mysterious vibe, the album would've been 100x better.
  9. Her best album, still unmatched! Every time I listen to it, it gets even better. Happy birthday AKA!
  10. Totally agree, like I was having such a hard time picking between people! Can we get ranked voting next time?
  11. As a European I personally think that we're going down the same path as the US. The far-right political parties are starting to garner more and more support. I mean for now their main targets are immigrants and (in small cases) Jews, but who says they won't stop? Considering that most of their ideas are pieces of sugar-coated nazism, who says that they won't come for other minority groups next? There is more and more violence (protest groups clashing with each other, gang wars in Sweden, rise in school / public shootings, etc.), and the main political parties aren't doing anything about it, while the far-right ones (read: de facto neo-nazism) are claiming that they are going to magically fix everything which attracts more and more people to vote for them. As a person whose family suffered during the Nazi puppet regime of Croatia, I'm genuinely worried for what is to come. So yes I absolutely feel horrified too.
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