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  1. Yeah realistically, if it goes in that direction I would probably just inquire if she ever still considers putting out an album of… vault tracks, let’s call them
  2. Oh best believe if unreleased is discussed I’m bringing up Noir, it’s one of my favs I literally thought I should order one of everything on the menu, let’s make this a 10 hour lunch please
  3. Thank you so much the guy at the raffle stand was so intrigued when I was trying to explain Lanaboards. I’ve been in touch with him, and he is just so happy it went to a true fan. I thought the raffle would be random and each ticket would go for any of the prizes…. I’m VERY thankful that it was a “you choose what prize you want and you may win” type of thing. So all my tickets just went to Lana of course! Also I’m so obsessed they picked this photo sksksks
  4. I’ve never been to Waffle House (which makes me crazy since I’ve lived in the Midwest since birth and there’s always one within 5 minutes) but this would be a great first time at Waffle House if Lana was with me!
  5. My girl!!! The icon herself thank you so much dear! I will definitely post updates as they come, this is so surreal and definitely will be the best day of my life! I really think it would be incredible if we had a Lanaboards exclusive hang out with Lana, just a night on the town dancing and having fun. I hope we can all get together in person and do that someday! That’s the true dream ❤️❤️
  6. Don’t shun me for this but the reason I didn’t mention this event a few days back is because I was genuinely worried that the millionaire fans from California that see her on a monthly basis would fly out here and lessen my chances. Yes I know that’s selfish of me but like, this will be my first time ever getting to talk to her. They talk to her all the time! I promise to treat her with respect and will paint the fandom in a good light of course ❤️
  7. Me resisting the urge to tell Lana to block dat1guitarguy jokes jokes, but probably my internal monologue hahaha. Thank you love!!! I cannot wait
  8. That sounds awkward and awful! I’m just hopeful to get a picture but I’m not recording anything. I want her to come back and visit Kansas City, I think she’ll have a great time
  9. I’ve been thinking of you so much today beautiful girl! How lucky I was to meet you in line at her show, and how lucky you were to dance and talk with her recently. It truly feels like it’s coming together full circle and the universe is aligned I feel there’s a big chance that the Wichita show is brought up too, cause I plan to bring her flowers again like I did that night. I planned to tell her how I met you there and became friends as long as it’s ok with you of course ❤️ and any time you’re back around these parts you know I’d love for us to go out dancing too and catch up 🥰 you are the sweetest gem of a person Elle, thank you so so much!
  10. Me when the waiter comes back to ask how the food is tasting and my silverware is still wrapped in a napkin
  11. Thank you dear oh unreleased album is my #1 top question more than lasso or anything, I’ve always wanted someone to ask about it. My answer to your question however, I don’t want to make it into an interview. I’m positive questions will be asked from both sides. She always asks about her fans and I’m sure I will talk about how I got into her music and from there it will open up possibilities for me to ask in a casual way. I cannot promise to ask certain things, I’m sorry for that but hope you understand❤️ I could see LB being brought up as a real possibility if we get into how I got into her music and stuff as a teenager. If that’s the case I’ll let her know she has some fans in Australia that would love to see her thank you so much legend ❤️
  12. 100%. I never would want her to feel interrogated at all. Plus, there’s a chance Lasso may be out before this lunch as I still don’t know when it will be, mainly depends on our queens schedule. I plan to just enjoy my conversation with her and see where it leads, and I have a good feeling that I will get a couple answers about things, in a casual way. In real life, I am a social butterfly so once I get past the nervousness I think we can have a wonderful and fun conversation back and forth. Right now I’m more concerned about how I will be able to lift a fork in her presence
  13. 10 of the tickets were mine too I was lucky to have some family help me out, I wouldn’t have been able to buy that many on my own…but obviously I’m so happy people wanted to raffle on the football tickets instead of this hehe and the first order of business will be asking her what the heck DNC stood for!!! (Jk jk, but also, who knows we’ll see where the conversation leads) thank you so much!!!! <3
  14. https://kansascitymag.com/win-lunch-with-lana-del-rey-via-kc-magazine-and-jazzoo/ Hadn’t seen anyone post about this yet… the Kansas City Zoo has a yearly fundraiser called Jazzoo, and they had a raffle. One of the prizes was lunch with Lana when she comes back to Kansas City. Long story short, I bought my ticket to Jazzoo just for the raffle. I cannot believe I am typing this. But, I won. It’s been a dream of mine since I was 13 years old. I feel like I’m floating and also dreaming and wondering when I am going to wake up??? I thought this was so random of her (but we love our “lol I’m so random🤪” queen) but I was told she has family ties here, either with someone at the zoo or KC Magazine. Either way, I’m stoked. I was literally crying screaming throwing up when I got the email (ok maybe not throwing up but yeah) Felt like this all day: There were hundreds of people at Jazzoo, but only 15 raffle tickets were bought for Lana’s prize. Below is a picture of me during the event last Friday night manifesting my dream come true… and a wayyy better pic of me wearing the dress she wore to the 2019 Grammys party. ANYWAYS, if you need me I’ll be planning my funeral because I’m pretty much dead Let’s hope I’m able to eat with her sitting in front of me lol editing this to add I hope this doesn’t come off braggy or anything I just was so excited the first thing I thought was sharing the news with my Lanaboards family cause I love you all so much!!!!! ❤️🥰
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