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  1. Damn. I thought it was quite interesting considering Taylor Swift’s bf is in this movie along with Jack Antonoff’s gf I think. Small world I guess
  2. Sooooo since you’re lurking, @DragonWhore, does it mean anything that the instrumental for Big Bad Wolf was used in a movie trailer? Possibility of it being officially released? I wonder how that song could tie into the new album, and what else we could expect similar to that. anything on your end you’re allowed to say? I want to believe we can still have faith in you even if you haven’t spoke on here for a long while
  3. He posted me twice on his story I mentioned how Lana actually looks happy in other fan interactions recently, and uncomfortable as hell having to deal with his creepy ass after church and he told me to shut the fuck up if I don’t know the whole story he needs some professional help I fear
  4. Not this slime posting screenshots on Instagram from Lanaboards and calling out this site for being a stalker/not caring about Lana’s privacy 💀 and now Ben is watching his stories. I don’t get it. We’ve seen Lana tell security to stop before when she wanted to talk or be around a fan. She didn’t do that for him. Because she simply did not want to have a conversation, yet he kept pushing towards her. She sounded scared and honestly I hope if he tries to message her and apologize that she stops being so nice. This whole thing sickens me
  5. Personally I think we should be bringing Lana’s attention to his messages about deporting Alex/Ashley. I know she would not stand for that shit
  6. Chuck posting a titty pic taken by Honeymoon… in before LDR9 cover is just Lanz and Chuck side by side, Two Virgins style like John and Yoko it would be suuuuch a serve tho. Either way I’m taking this as a sign there’s gonna be sultry skin on this album cover
  7. Is something coming in September or nah
  8. Ummm aren’t those Lana’s b/w sneakers in Jack Antonoff’s most recent Insta story? She’s in the studio… with a very trippy sounding guitar song. Looks like she’s recording… i’m ready for someone to tell me I’m crazy and it’s not her shoes
  9. I remember the livestream from BB release day and her specifically saying she was gonna go live more and talk to fans and now *checks calender* it’s coming up on 1 year since BB and she’s had how many livestreams since? Hey Lanita if you’re reading this, we would all collectively love to see you on there again, thx And for the love of everything if she ends up talking to ANYONE on here, please have your questions ready to ask her that we’ve all wanted to know for years. I got my list
  10. September 1st is my birthday and it’s right before a Friday and albums always drop on Friday’s don’t they?
  12. Hey Lana can you please give us something of a timeline or at the very least a song title acronym (that isn’t DNC because we’ve all guessed that one a million times) or just a random antidote of some sort…. Please, we’ve been vibing off the Northern Cali info for a couple months now. Just a droplet of something different would be really appreciated. If it’s close enough to news then just a hint would be fun to know… Pleeeeease.
  13. The fact she has mentioned wanting a surprise release multiple times has me hopeful something could drop any day And the fact she could satisfy so many people if she dropped that unreleased album. Imagine if Hollywood, QoD, Serial Killer, Fine China, and YtH were all properly released… what would we even be able to talk about?! in the meantime… I’m dragging my bf to see that Vengeance movie tonight so I can fangirl at the end when American starts to play I’ve actually seen a lot of good reviews for this movie! I’m excited
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