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  1. No one is gonna believe me but Mickey Avalon went live today for like 10 minutes and had maybe 11 or 12 people watching the live and I asked him if he realized Lana followed him and they need to collab and he said he would love to but doesn’t know if she’d read her messages and I convinced him to DM her and said since she follows him also it makes a bigger chance that she will see it…. He said he knows she loves him and saw her once at one of her Cali concerts and I WISH I WOULD'VE RECORDED THE LIVE BUT I DIDN'T BUT I SWEAR IT HAPPENED and I’m freaking out in a good way I hope he reaches out. I wish Lana followed me so I could tell her. I wish one of those 12 people screen-recorded the live for proof later please don’t move this post it’s Instagram and Lana related thank you!!! (does anyone know if Instagram saves live videos or if there’s a way to find it on YouTube I am desperate… thanks in advance)
  2. BRO how are we not talking about how Lana followed Mickey Avalon (which isn’t too surprising as she really loves him) but the fact he FOLLOWED her back?! Here before he puts out My Dick 2023 remix featuring Lanita Del Rey but more OT: imagine she tours for this album and he’s a special guest. I would die. question: what livestream did Lana say she loved listening to Mickey? Cause a lot of what she said in the BB livestream came to fruition. So I’m tryna see something…
  3. @Elle hey love, there’s some more trash for you to take out and maybe really reeeeeally consider putting on mod queue or something since they have not once brought anything positive to this forum… please. Speaking for at least 99.9% of us here. OT: What would be your 2 most anticipated tracks that you’d want to hear Lana perform live on SNL? Imagine she went on there and performed Fingertips and then Peppers before the album is released, so it’s our first time hearing them… I would be shook
  4. He’s getting all the attention he thirsts for if he is Kintsugi tho So I really want a single for Valentine’s Day, but realistically, sticking with the petty theme against Sean, I definitely could see something happening this weekend on the 1 year anniversary of his wedding. Waiting for a sultry performance of Kintsugi on The Late Late Show with nothing but lace on, looking like the angel she is
  5. We really won with her referencing Serene Queen, wow…. Unreleased collection coming out WHEN? also has Kintsugi and Eclipse ever been online at the same time and/or interacted? I’m tryna see something
  6. Oooooh actually this is a question that pops up a lot. Does it stand for Jesus, Jim, or Jack Antonoff? BoZ did say it makes more sense as AW&J
  7. Hi @Kintsugi, since we know essentially nothing about Peppers, I want to ask if it’s a sexy dance your ass off song. Peppers can mean spiciness so I only assume it would be. Def not a ballad. Please let us know, thank you
  8. They knew about the pastor interlude and about FJM collab. I just wanna know if the lyrics are fake or not.
  9. @Kintsugi HEY ICON, while you’re here can you PLEASE confirm the lyrics: psychedelic trip, half moon bay for Jim, I’ll stay because we were told for months they were on this album, and I know you can confirm or deny. Please let us know if she’s singing about Jim again or nah. Let’s put this rumor to rest or keep it alive! thank you
  10. I haven’t posted on here lately but I’ve caught up with the meltdowns of the last couple weeks and here are my key takeaways/opinions: •Kintsugi is THAT bitch, I love them so much, and appreciate them wanting to keep some of the music secret so we have surprises when we listen • Let The Light In is one of the songs I’m most intrigued about, as I love FJM and the connection him and Lana have always had, I think it will be a beautiful song • really just excited to hear Lana’s cute lil giggle over the pastor interlude, like that’s gonna be so iconic •BOOB?!?!?! • I definitely feel like she’s got more surprises in store, another interview/ photoshoot is coming. And of course some MV’s • Elle really, really, reeeeeally needs to ban that anime biyotch- they never say anything positive and have accounts on other social media bashing our girl. That crazy needs BANNED, or they will just continue to start fights. Which is not cool, ya dildo! (Also Elle ily and continued thanks for always dealing with this chaos and giving us this beautiful space to talk about Lana, yous the bestest ) •SHE ACTUALLY POSTED TITTY?!?! • ATRL users are without a doubt jealous and could barely make it to page 5 in their thread over there if it wasn’t for that obsessed Paula Deen user who loves to call us AnalBoards (I guess they think they’re being quirky and funny with that tired joke, get new material it’s 2023) while quoting things we say in the same breath. Not much of a Lana fan at all but I guess they just don’t work or something and have extra time on their hands Happy we can be here for you to talk about tho and keep the thread interesting for you, Paula You can make an account on here since you spend all your time reading our thoughts anyways •WE GOT BOOB AND I WILL BE BUYING 100 COPIES OF THAT VARIANT OH MY FCKING GAAAAWWWWDDDDD okay, that’s all I’ve got for now. Love you Lanaboards, never change
  11. Lana is releasing on the 24th now because she’ll be performing Tunnel and American Whore on the 25th for Saturday Night Live ….I dream a lot
  12. I know Byron sometimes plays for Alicia Keys but does Blake play guitar for anyone besides Lana? If not, then I would honestly assume that she will be performing on the late night show just wish it was anybody but Corden he sucks Now that we have clarification the album is moved to the 24th, I really wish we knew if the box set and merch is coming out that day also or earlier than that
  13. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/lana-del-rey-did-you-know-that-theres-a-tunnel-under-ocean-blvd-limited-edition-2xlp?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=237&searchparams=q%3Dlana%20del%20rey&type=REGULAR&size=ONE SIZE&quantity=1 looks like Urban’s is gonna be the mint green vinyl also! But a great opportunity for anyone who wanted the green but sold out too fast
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