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  1. So Lana followed a fan named Eddie on Instagram and I wanted to give a HUGE S/O to him because he ended up giving a note to Alex (Lana’s dancer) back in August when she was in Mexico City, and Alex passed the note onto our girl Lana! So today, Lana followed Eddie and she ALSO sent him a picture of her with the note in her hand. Why is this a big deal and we gotta give this fan huge props? See below, this is from his Insta story, his account is @hejustdied yep, Lana read a note that says on the bottom “release your unreleased album” Everybody join me in saying THANK YOU EDDIE!!! not saying this will make her release the unreleased, but the fact she acknowledged the fan who said this…. She has more confirmation now of what the people want
  2. Very true. I was only hoping to let him know that just because i think the innocent people of Palestine needs to be supported doesn’t mean I’m against the Jewish community. People have died on both sides and it’s awful. I just love this community surrounded around Lana and so yeah, any fan of Lana’s is someone I already think is awesome, so when stuff like this happens… I guess I just get sad thinking that someone in the community could even potentially think I don’t support who they are…. Not the case at all. I would like to apologize for the misunderstanding, but life will move on. Thank you again Rorman for catching the typo, you’ve always been a real one and I enjoy your posts on here back on topic: I think maybe the way we could help is supporting those in power that are against the war happening… hopefully the UN could stop this sooner rather than later…
  3. 100000% a typo and thank you so much for catching that. I just fixed it. I condemn what the government is doing over there to Palestinians.
  4. Welp... I got blocked by Evan Winiker...and Lana fan Zachary Hiller (one of the fans from the Blue Banisters release day on her insta live that she talked to) Evan posted about Jewish people and how they have love for people, even people that hate them... But absolutely no empathy was written about the Palestinian children that continue to die... I commented that we can have our faith but still condemn what is happening... He deleted my comment, then I saw Zach commented on the post as well... I said "Zach... no..." and he replied "unfollowed you for a reason. I'm Jewish and I'm proud". I did not realize he had unfollowed me, I have and would NEVER post anything that is anti-Semitic or against Jewish people...But I do know that I have added some stuff to my story about a nearby protest in support of Palestine. The last thing I posted was a picture of a sign someone hand made that said "you don't need to be a Muslim to stand up for Palestine. You just need to be human". So I guess he saw that and disagreed. I dunno. That's besides the point. Evan blocked me so when I tried to respond to Zach "you can be proud to be Jewish and still condone what the government is doing to innocent children in Palestine. Unless it's justified to you I guess but I know you're a better person than that and I'd hate to think you are just peachy keen about what is happening to them." It would not send, and I could not send it to Zach either (probably blocked as well by him) Anyways, if anyone has @zacharyhiller on Instagram, I would appreciate if my message could be passed on, because I do not want to believe he is ok with innocent people (mostly children) getting murdered. Elle is the only one I see who could get in contact with him, but if anyone else has his @... I think it is awesome to be proud of who you are! I know I am! And at the same time, I strongly disagree with my government and what they do. And I wish we could be a generation of people who have a conversation to better understand each other instead of just blocking. There was no fighting going on. Alright, rant over. Anti War till I die. Free Palestine (and just because I say that doesn't automatically mean I hate Jewish people at all)
  5. Lana HERSELF doesn't even know her next move
  6. Anyone who doesn't want this is crazy! We neeeeeed it... Followed by her 30 hour mini series documentary on her life
  7. Lana... if you're reading this.... I know one way you can tell your story the way it truly happened.... WRITE THAT MEMOIR BABYYYYYYYYY WE BEEN WAITING
  8. I had a dream about Lana and I vividly remember that it came out that an unreleased collection would be coming in 4 months...someone on her team had said "only 4 more months until this new music" and the headlines were buzzinnnnn' ... so.... LDR10 around February or March?
  9. "comfortably numb, but with Lithium came poetry"
  10. colaandvideogames

    Taylor Swift

    omg I used to live in Overland Park but now I moved a lot closer to downtown KC... what area are you around if you don't mind me asking? I live kind of near the IKEA store on the highway to downtown hahaha. I personally am really here for her and Travis Kelce being together, but I do see how all the hype can be annoying and I do not think her fans need to bombard the chiefs games since with her tour starting up again soon I doubt she will be back to a game here super soon... But I do think the hype will die down after a week or so, this just kind of came out of nowhere, but... yeah, I think football will go back to being football soon enough and hopefully the players will be able to talk more about the sport than a singer who might be dating their player. But all in all, I kinda ship them. She seemed really happy to be in the city. I hope she keeps visiting
  11. you forgot the unreleased album so still holding out hope that will be asked one day
  12. The necklace with the pictures of her and stevie and courtney and joan and YOUUUUUUUUU ooooooh my heart cannot take this and I am living thru you Elle!!! I cant wait for the storytime ahhhhh!!! Were you able to ask her anything? I totally understand in that moment it is probably hard to even SPEAK let alone ask a question. I am just incredibly happy you got to hug her and see her and hear her angelic voice. Two living legends right there in a Dillards
  13. Serious question but as far as wondering what DNC meant and if it will be connected to a future project like LDR10, could Ricardo just simply ask her next time he talks to her? I am only calling him out because he is at 9 out of 10 shows and talks to her frequently. Not sure if he has an account on here, (figured he would since its the #1 site for Lana fans?) but seriously.... does he ever ask about this stuff? I am not saying to read a list of questions off to Lana but it would be extremely easy to just casually say 'hey, remember at the variety awards you wore that jacket? did that mean anything?" or like "do you think you would ever release Serial Killer?.... (instead of straight up asking about an unreleased album) but yeah... I know he mentioned there would be a surprise at one of the last shows that Byron allegedly told him and then nothing happened and he never followed up so... not sure if he is a trustworthy person but I figured why not see if Lana's fav fan could be somewhat helpful for the small questions we have before it's the year 2035 and we still do not know what DNC means...I don't even think he would have to ask in person, he could hit up her DMs asking about DNC just out of curiosity and guaranteed she would respond (unless she still plans to use the acronym then maybe not)
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