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  1. QUICK someone ask if we can get the number of words in the new song title or SOMETHING so we can guess random acronyms?! Keep them SPILLING
  2. Honeymounz just said it's a new song debuting in the episode JANUARY 23RD WE WONNNNNNNN GUYS OH MY GOD
  3. So did BoZ say it's DLMBM or not? lust for life saying its a feature... what is the truth? Receipts?
  4. Considering BoZ said we can "start getting excited about this new Euphoria season", should we only assume it means a Lana song in ONE episode? The emphasis on 'season' makes me think it's for something more. Could Lana pop up in an episode? I remember her goodbye to social media video like it was yesterday... saying she had other "hobbies" and such she was pursuing. Would they have been done filming Euphoria back in September, when she deactivated? A girl can only dream.
  5. Lanz dropping Arcadia on Friday sounds like a really fun idea New music in 2 days!! Let’s start manifesting girlies
  6. Do we think BoZ has the tracks in order as they’ll appear on the album? Would it be too much to ask if BB is the opener? Just a yes or no on that question itself would give us some news that isn’t even that big of news in the grand scheme of things And if BoZ says BB is NOT the opener, we’d have quite a lot to conspire and talk about
  7. This really is the year of Lana’s tiddies… and I’m here for it
  8. Forget flowers, can we all agree that cheese is the dairy product/food of this album? Also I have to say it’s quite interesting how we know Lanz has been lurking on fan accounts. She likes posts, and even comments on them (letting us know she’s a thrifty queen when it comes to what she’s wearing) Is it really that crazy to think she’s on here? Maybe not, but who knows! but Lana if you see this I think a lot of us would really like that unreleased collection in the future please
  9. Kinda strange… I just noticed on Apple Music the lyrics for WW and TB aren’t showing. BB lyrics are though… could lyrics be changed last minute if it’s gonna be a surprise digital release? anyways I’m trying to stay optimistic about the 4th, I think whatever she’s going to put out this era will be incredibly iconic!
  10. I definitely think this album is coming on the 4th, if not around that date. I mean, she’s active and liking tweets from accounts saying they’re excited for the album on July 4th. That’s a great sign, right? Right??
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/theneedledrop/status/1387264614614933504
  12. The colors on her chest do resemble bruises...is there a correlation with her purposely going for that look? She brought up the glamorizing abuse thing from the past in QFTC. maybe I’m reaching, but they do stand out like they’re meant to be seen, meant for people to do a double take... I guess I’m trying to figure out if it’s some Easter egg but then again she isn’t miss Swift but I do wish she’d drop hints to put us out of this torture cycle
  13. really makes me wonder if we would have even gotten this announcement post from her (today) had some other REALLY popular artist *cough* Billie *cough* not recently announced her new album coming out in July not saying Lana pays attention to all that but... maybe she saw all the hype from that fan base and remembered she too, has a fan base album coming out, so she might as well promote it! No hate, just makes a person think ?
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