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  1. What if Bittersweet Anthem was a National Anthem/Fine China mash up? “Was bittersweet to say the least, one life begins, one comes undone…”
  2. Peppers would be so fun live!! My thing is… The set list is already finished, so I don’t know why people are asking about this song or that song, when they could’ve asked about an upcoming unreleased album…. Like, that’s what I want to hear her talk about! We are ALL gonna see what she sings this weekend no matter what, whether in person or online. But I’m praying someone will just straight up ask her if she would put out more unreleased music I neeeeeeeed to know lol
  3. All these fans asking about what songs she’d be singing and not one of them asked about an unreleased album coming? C’mon….. if you’re in Brazil and talk to Lana this weekend then PLEASE ask her about this!!!
  4. Thank you so much!! It felt like a dream, out of all the record stores in the world, she was at mine also feel free to follow me if you’d like, I love having mutuals that love our Lanita ❤️ She truly is!!! And thank you omg it was such a wonderful interaction! And just like I said to fishtails above, you’re more than welcome to follow me if you’d like, I love making new friends. Especially ones that love our girl 💖🥰
  5. Last nights listening party was a dream. I made a few friends, and as if that wasn’t lucky enough, towards the end, a lady saw me dancing to the music and handed me a beautiful Lana poster. She passed out only a couple of these, to me and maybe 1 or 2 other people. I was surprised, and said thank you, then I looked down at the cardboard tube the poster was in, and I see a sticker. It said “Lanadelreyscloset”. When I tell you I RAN over to this lady as she was leaving. It was Anna. The sweet woman who runs the Instagram dedicated to finding Lana’s clothes. The fandom mom! I was so happy. I had no idea we lived near each other, let alone in the same state. And yet- the universe brought us together. I sat beside her the whole time, not even knowing. At my record store, there is an upstairs and a basement. They played the album on both levels. I decided to come down to the basement as it was less crowded. If I had stayed upstairs I wouldn’t have met her. I told her how sweet she is and so caring for the people in this fandom. She actually had been recording part of the listening party and was still recording when I talked to her, and I’m glad she captured it honestly because my reaction was genuine. If you want to see it, make sure and check out her Insta. It was such a wonderful way to end the night, and the fact she gave a few of us posters/shirts shows how caring she is. So, thank you Anna for talking with me. I speak for a lot of people when I say we love the work you put into your account and how kind you are. Also side note: I know there’s been some negativity towards that account recently so don’t even bother to reply to this with negative stuff. She’s been a part of this community for years, you can have whatever opinion you want, but let’s keep it positive please. There are so many clothing items I would not have (including my BB dress) if it wasn’t for her. All love here ❤️❤️❤️ posting our pic as she gave me permission if I put an emoji over her face (even though she is so beautiful!)
  6. We are currently on Grandfather and oh my god this might be my favorite yet I am NOT READY for side D to hit me like a truck
  7. You’re seriously so kind OT: Sweet just started omgggg I’ve been a good girl and haven’t listened to any leaks hehe
  8. Had to break out the BB dress and Coke necklace for my listening party in Kansas City ALSO WHY ARE ALL LANA STANS SO FCKING GORGEOUS
  9. People are gonna come at me for this, but idc. Jack Donoghue seems like he does match her wild energy sometimes and I know people think he’s hot but I really don’t want her to end up with a guy who makes out with like…. his family members…. And I’m pretty sure there’s pics of him kissing dogs too… And not in a cute way. Hope she finds someone who can match her energy without all that nastiness. But yeah quite interesting as she doesn’t follow that many family members as other guys she’s been with (that I’m aware of anyways lol)
  10. I never want to assume she is with anyone but I did notice she followed what looks like multiple family members of Evan Winikers family. I don’t know what he does or much about him but he seems like a nice guy
  11. Claiming Fishtails 🐠💙 I think it will be a sultry bop. also, ummm any reason why BoZs Twitter is deactivated strangely enough before Lana’s “surprise”? Is it popping up for anyone else? It’s @ blackoutzoned
  12. Anyways, I think this album will pass Norman records as far as her most critically acclaimed albums go
  13. Yeah let me ask when he logs in again…. In 2025 Is that an insult? I don’t know a lot about that user (besides they got banned) but I’m just genuinely curious what the huge secrets of Candy Necklace are 🍭 I didn’t think everyone was okay with waiting 2 more years to find out either. Crossing my fingerstips that BoZ will tell us soon and was just joking about 2025
  14. LMAO! So he’s just slowly dragging us along so we’ll still give him attention in 2 years? fucking awesome
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