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  1. @DragonWhore in the thread but not posting dates clues for us has me like Anyways I need LDR9 to serve vocals like miss Shades of Cool, that song… that music video…. Godly.
  2. Welcome back! Tripping in the mountains sounds like a dream I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt on things since we don’t have any official news yet, and I can totally see Father John on another duet with Lana because they’ve always worked magnificently together. But I will say if you wanna build some credibility, you could be more specific on when this announcement is coming, like before July? Before august? Something along those lines… it’s not like you’re spilling an exact day… anyways, I look forward to hearing more from you, mysterious one
  3. I knew as soon as I said it started with the word P someone would say thissss god dammit
  4. not me having a dream about a song from LDR9 and Lana and Barrie were there and he might’ve been featured on it but she DEF wrote it about their relationship and it was so good I was crying in my sleep There was 3 longer-ish verses and I saw the lyrics on paper but of course I don’t remember much… the title started with a P and it was a shorter word like 4-5 letters. And I remember it was some kind of alcohol or drink of sorts… I wish I remembered more
  5. @111 do you still see upcoming videos on her YouTube? I’m genuinely curious what your thoughts are on when LDR9 might come to fruition- like if you think it will be this year or not.
  6. If she got bangs again it really would be Honeymoon 2.0 huh
  7. I remember when she posted that gorgeous pic in the flannel back in March… and her caption was like They say if you try and think of something you want that you've never thought of before it takes away the pressure of something else that you've been really wanting or not wanting and focusing on. Think of like some random trip to Italy or buying a new dress or giving yourself bangs LOL or moving to Jacksonville. Something random. YOU GUYS SHE LITERALLY TOLD US SHE WAS GOING TO ITALY 2 MONTHS IN ADVANCE!! Quick, look for any captions about the UK! anyways, bookmark me when she releases the newest single off LDR9 titled London Fog
  8. The pocket is different, you’re right. i’m just gonna pretend she has multiple flannels. I mean, we know she does
  9. Go ahead and tell me this isn’t the same flannel. I’ll wait
  10. That’s true. But there are non stop flights from LA to London that’s 10 hours. Realistically, maybe with the first photo he posted yesterday she wasn’t there yet… but today… he posted around 2PM London time, so she could be there now. Call me delusional, call me completely insane…. But before you do, ask yourself… Why wasn’t she in any photos/videos from the night of Val’s birthday? She said in the W interview that she doesn’t sleep anyways so it’s not like she went home cause she was tired It’s her fucking flannel okay
  11. Unless Rob is slowly ditching the Hawaiian shirts…. its…. Her flannel
  12. Surely that’s not Lana’s flannel in the background on the chair… right? RIGHT??!!!
  13. Nancy Drew fan? Taste anyways, maybe it’s an unpopular opinion but I always loved how she used to end albums with a cover to sum up the record. Do we think there might be a cover on LDR9? Imagine her rendition of Mother Mother by Tracy Bonham… Rock influence with Dealer-esque screams When you sent me off to see the world Were you scared that I might get hurt? Would I try a little tobacco? Would I keep on hiking up my skirt? I'm hungry… I'm dirty… I'm losing my mind, everything's fine!!! I'm freezing… I'm starving… I'm bleeding to death, everything's fine!!! okay I’ll shut up now with these delusional expectations
  14. I know her old makeup artist Pammy is based in London but she’s at some kind of set today and my delusional ass thinks it’s for LDR9 and even tho she was at Val’s party during the day she wasn’t in the vids of all her friends having dinner at night because maybe she was catching a flight to the UK
  15. I really believe something album related could be here before July. Whether it’s a song, a title, etc. Also I’ve been bummed that my local bookstores haven’t gotten W magazine yet, but then today I saw that Amazon has Lana’s issue to buy! Only 10 9 left in stock, let’s buy them up!
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