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  1. fr i dont wanna wait till christmas
  2. this is just annoying honestly… at least let ben manage an account for you. like i doubt we’re even gonna hear from her after this tour
  3. you guys don’t want to hear the news i woke up to this morning…
  4. i want something similar to God bless america, Beautiful people, beautiful problems and tomorrow never came maybe a cherry slipped in there too...
  5. he said he wanna take me somewhere and now i’m in bel air he wanna take me there so i take off my underwear grah he a millionaire i ain’t have to worry about a fare grah it’s me and lana del rey making a joint slay grah 2 baddies shaking ass we both fly first class get yourself a bel air man if you want the riches and the brands grah
  6. imagine a world where she didn’t own her masters and her bestie taylor convinced her to re-record all her albums WITH VAULT SONGS
  7. BartenderDeco


    Thread for JPEGMAFIA! Go stream the excellent new collab album with Danny Brown ‘SCARING THE HOES’
  8. she could literally go on a stadium tour
  9. BartenderDeco


    Put It On Da Floor Again featuring Cardi B out tonight!!
  10. BartenderDeco

    Cardi B

    Put It On Da Floor Again out tonight!!
  11. for a second i thought you were the one that made that post and you were making an apology
  12. i’m surprised that she even chose CN as a single and for a mv, cause that song was not supposed to even make the album
  13. whenever i tell my mum about lore she always says ‘if only you put this time to learn about useful information’ SHE DOESNT GET IT
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