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  1. just sent in my application been waiting for it to re-open since 2021 and praying i get the role
  2. if i meet her irl idk what to call her… stay safe and call her lana or prove i’m a real fan and call her lizzy with a chance of her being uncomfortable
  3. i’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a year
  4. i wouldnt say lfl is her best album but there’s something about it that makes me so happy, it’s definitely her most interesting and inspired album
  5. don’t lana’s albums usually release local time? bb was released at midnight for me
  6. i’ve always felt close to amy cause she has the same birthday as me i know that sounds dumb and as @Cherry Blossom said i wanna see her writing process and learn more about one of the most iconic albums of the century and i don’t want it all to revolve around her mental health
  7. the only thing keeping them alive is insiders just wait till atrl shuts down and they all migrate here thats the time where we close resignations
  8. not even a question LB clears at least we have a good server that doesn’t give us 503 errors everytime we open it
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