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  1. he obviously knows something so he’s being silenced we have to save him #freeboz
  2. im kind of believing it but crypto crashing is throwing me off im gullible ok
  3. she seems like the type of person to casually slip it in so idk
  4. i hope you're feeling better now and i hope this never happens again
  5. BartenderDeco

    Kali Uchis

  6. i would love unreleased songs as long as they haven’t leaked yet
  7. the last lyric is definitely ‘sorry to’ but based on the previous lyrics and melody i’m guessing that the full line is ‘sorry to tell you’
  8. crazy for you is a 10 but it hasn’t leaked so it’s a 0
  9. venice bitch is a 10 but the extra 2 minutes make it a 9
  10. i mean she’s not stupid she knows that the wall is extremely distorted, idk i have a feeling she made it obvious on purpose
  11. she made a new highlight called ‘i’m so random’
  12. ohh lions gate portal is a day where manifestations have a higher chance of coming true let me manifest ldr9 and crazy for you leak now
  13. the acc she just posted hasn’t been active since 2020… what’s going onn
  14. imo i think that lana has finished the album, or has at least finished the writing process. she had the concept of white hot for we before nfr was released, and we know that chemtrails was finished in 2020 but she had to wait for the vinyl to get pressed. i think she also released blue banisters because while waiting for the chemtrails vinyls to get pressed she wrote some songs and wanted to put them out asap that’s why she came with rock candy sweet because she was so rushed to put them out. we also know that she’s written around 3 albums worth of songs with jack during the nfr era, and most of those were used in cotcc. and i’m certain that she wrote many other songs between 2018-2022. she also always has the concept for the next album ready before she finishes this one (and the dnc jacket may or may not confirm it with this album.) she’s has 1 year since around july-august to start writing material for this album, and i think the process for her to make an album takes 1 year or less, nfr was finished around march of 2019, and she started working with jack in 2018. as i said before she announced the name of white hot forever in august 2019 and said that she’s written parts of it so she’s had a year to start the album and judging by her usual patterns she should be done around now or soon this probably makes no sense since i’m half asleep and it’s 3am
  15. i don’t rlly believe it because they always use lana’s insta captions as song titles like she isn’t taylor swift. i don’t think ‘peach’ and ‘stars align’ were hints and it was just lana being poeticc i guess
  16. when i did it cult leader and queen of hearts leaked so yes
  17. they don’t rlly know anything about future projects just unreleased songs so take it w a grain of salt
  18. when was this thread unlocked
  19. at least she’s wearing the flannel with more style
  20. dancing with night crawlers
  21. they literally ripped off dragon slayer by making demon slayer
  22. coffee=tired=got no sleep=spending the whole day in the studio!
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