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  1. some of y’all are such losers that find it so hard to fathom that lana did anything wrong or the fact that she just might be a shitty person i get that she might’ve not known about the mcdonald’s thing and that’s fair enough, but it’s not like her track record on this entire situation is great
  2. what did we expect? one of the voters literally said he didn’t even bother listening to the album because of her SNL performance and that he voted taylor because she was everywhere
  3. i personally think SOS should’ve won but OB was a close second this is so sad, lana deserves at least 1 fucking grammy
  4. lowkey rude of lana to not stand up after sza’s performance… anywho do we know if they’re gonna play the A&W performance?
  5. henry come on or wtv it was called is not promising…
  6. can’t wait for the new gate’s we’ll unlock during this thread
  7. ughh this was inevitable though lasso out in september!!
  8. it’s literally just coke
  9. imagine rapping “lying on your dead mama” multiple times and laughing about it when she comes down and realises what she did
  10. i see dozens of jews for peace in protests there is no thin line, being anti-zionism is literally being a decent human being with morals
  11. do you really believe that she didn’t know where she was gonna go for her tour? y’all have lana’s dick so deep down your throats you can never believe that she does anything wrong
  12. omg i’m soo antisimetic for not supporting the murders of 30,000 people even though i’m literally simetic ugh im so disgusted in myself
  13. well she booked it in the first place and did that after receiving an extreme amount of backlash
  14. Bow Bow Bow (F My Baby Dad) by Sexyy Red. Makes me feel like a baddie for the rest of the day
  15. nadia needs to shoot ldr10 cover, her photoshoots are the best lana has ever done
  16. i was about to say this i said it around this time yesterday too
  17. when she said giddy up at the end it sent this horrible chill up my spine
  18. this is so confusing i don’t even know if this is part of ldr10 and that christian songwriter is involved we’re in for a heck of a ride. we got such a good album please don’t disappoint us
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