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  2. she needs to change that pfp… it’s been decades
  3. such a boring interview… could they have at least talked about ldr10
  4. https://x.com/sexyyred314_/status/1725581798011261231?s=46&t=80JZhFo7OwR07MLcgnxT9Q BOW BOW BOW BOW BOW
  5. did she delete the stories
  6. nah jon batiste is a grammys darling they have a pretty high chance of winning and the song doesn’t really have to be “pop”, it’s just what they call it
  7. fr the leaks made 0 NOISE and nobody would've thought she'd "stop releasing music" over them
  8. omg so much happening! what was the event exactly? was it like a q&a?
  9. she’s coming to take azealias crown
  10. anything happen with the event?
  11. k it’s terrible how the death toll hit 10,000 fuck israel and fuck the IDF
  12. i do think that unreleased "baby daddy" song by sexyy red needs to come out
  13. no same i was fully expecting a statement and then she started singing that damn song
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