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  1. does anyone know what this is? here’s the link https://open.spotify.com/album/4w2umNLo8PBay3r3JO0gkC?si=s0Fad3fAS-mFCA4v9MXxNg wait i realised it’s that interview she did but why is it on spotify
  2. just give me the screamo song and i’ll be fine
  3. i was right about multiple mv’s… don’t take my word for this though they’ll release candy necklace a bit after they’re done shooting i think
  4. ‘motion pictureS’ the birdies were right
  5. hope this is for sweet or A&W when she cosplays as angelina jolie for peppers>>
  6. i pressed the notification expecting to see lana del rey BUT I SAW FUCKING LIZZY GRANT
  7. it’s our job to make sure she puts out an unreleased album! ladies begin filming the tiktoks
  8. we knew it was coming anyways now to the important question… when
  9. i forget UFB exists but when i listen to it again it’s one of my favs
  10. i heard that she’s filming more mv’s for other songs that will be released together (kinda like bartender/norman/hiab) don’t take my word for it that’s just what i heard
  11. I JUMPSCARED WHEN I SAW THE PRICE ill try to go visit another jbhifi in my city tomorrow and visit a local record store cause i’m not paying that
  12. i went to jbhifi just now hoping to get my hands on the pink vinyl and they said it’s SOLD OUT i wanna cry in the middle of the mall rn
  13. BartenderDeco

    Cardi B

    she had some much momentum after WAP and Up, it’s rare that you get 2 #1 hits in a row, she should’ve dropped that album then. but baby number 2 came along
  14. BartenderDeco

    Cardi B

    do you have some LA tea to share
  15. BartenderDeco

    Cardi B

    ntm on my fav
  16. BartenderDeco

    Cardi B

    It’s the 5 year anniversary of Invasion Of Privacy! This album spawned 2 diamond #1 hits including the Latina smash ‘I like it’ and being the first female rapper to get a solo #1 since 1997 with ‘Bodak Yellow. It was critically acclaimed, and was one of the first female album to chart all of its songs on the hot 100, and also the first album in HISTORY to have all of tracks certified platinum. What a moment Fun fact: She was pregnant during the recording of this album, so she had to shoot all the videos before she starting showing. She used to lock herself in the studio for days at a time trying to record the album before she gave birth. Half the songs couldn’t make it in the album because she was very sick and it showed on her voice. She had 1 chance to make or break her career and it payed off! Now to wait for the sophomore…
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