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  1. some of u guys are literal adult babies
  2. just watched … i loved it sorry i was tearing up at the montage with billie’s song playing
  3. the random ass hate train for this woman when she debuted was so crazy omg
  4. because you think she needs to talk about her own disability in a way that caters to user honey dew's feelings... you have probably been told this before but if you don't like her to this extent then you can simply just exit the thread
  5. a slightly out of touch post about an illness she's been diagnosed with fairly recently doesn't warrant this type of response. your words about self-victimisation are the type of things 'regular' people who live with chronic health conditions have to hear everyday. you're not any better bc it's a celebrity u don't like lol
  6. idk how unpopular this is but i never really liked cherry, or at least i never connected to it as much as the other music, even since lfl came out. it's like someone asked AI to write a lana del rey song for them... it just feels like a parody of itself. that said i do love the live version with the hallelujah outro
  7. for having a health condition?...
  8. i love earthquakes but i have to cackle every time i hear this part
  9. at south entrance i definitely saw running and we were stopped just before we got to the stage, this is where people were trying to push forward. also saw 2 fights/arguments before lana so idk about peaceful but 😭 the heat and standing was defo making everyone aggy edit: they were telling people to stop running but weren’t doing anything about it which is why i ran anyway
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