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  1. don’t glow in the dark products eventually wear off
  2. idk if anyone mentioned this but i'm pretty sure she deleted the happy loner snippet from her ig (or i'm blind) so i don't think it's coming
  3. btw guys there's already a thread about lana's 'lies' which discusses her background and her credit card fiasco
  4. artpop streamings today wish she'd release the solo version of DWUW or something though, it was a highlight
  5. edgy teenage aoty incoming
  6. i kinda don't like the song but i think i'll like the others from what we've heard so i'll wait
  7. I feel like there could’ve been better music videos and/or better singles for EH if they weren’t so focused on making 13 (?) different parts and wasting the budget on songs that didn’t need videos like Radioactive, Electra Heart and Fear and Loathing. I don’t know if that was her or her teams fault, but I still love how the era turned out either way. I’ve noticed this too and always wondered why our poor girls aren’t getting the promo they deserve Maybe something to do with the fact that they’re not even marketed well in their home country
  8. i think you need to be reminded that there are people from the commonwealth who are still very much alive today and remember what the empire did to them, including your beloved prince philip’s uncle lord mountbatten, and the queen’s father george VI. i believe that makes them and their children more than qualified to speak on the royal family. thx doe
  9. a certain user here spent the whole of yesterday on another forum excusing prince philip’s multiple racist comments, so i wouldn’t bother arguing. the people who aren’t bootlickers know the true motives behind the royal family.
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