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  1. watching the crown even though i h*te the monarchy... i only started it because of diana but i started from s1 and it's still so good (when philip's nazi ass isn't in the scene)
  2. oh wow dan was in his bag omg same im scared to have kids because i dont wanna deal with cleaning the puke up when they're sick dsdjkdsjk
  3. the tempo change... i need to know how she came up with this serve
  4. no really it's one of the best songs in existence...
  5. i actually really like million dollar man
  6. im mad i missed that tumblr era i just went straight to twitter in 2014 and stayed there
  7. ...they set my girl up
  8. i have a question for older fans, afaik marina gained most of her following during electra heart? did people find her through the electra heart tumblr acc or just on youtube or something
  9. mess, but the scammys always will be. Oh well good for dua
  10. partymonster

    Dua Lipa

    u know i never thought i'd say this about dua but sis is killing it rn... see when you're the main bitch you get to make main bitch mooooves
  11. the extra harmonies in the miss y demo yup yup
  12. one last breath... for eternityyyyy
  13. anyways i want that happy loner song so bad omg
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