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  1. i mean she can do what she wants, she’s an adult but i don’t think it’s healthy to encourage it
  2. you can literally see in the first pic the distortion of the wall behind her😭 even in this pic at the bottom… but anyways she looks cute regardless
  3. wildflower wildfire is kinda her best song
  4. partymonster

    Kali Uchis

    why does she do this
  5. she's serving me everything i've wanted from lana since lfl i cant believe it
  6. strangers is sogood omg
  7. skksks sorry i thought this was the non-lana related questions thread, my bad!
  8. am i being dumb or is there like a name for this kinda trashy underground sweaty 2000s rave aesthetic from dis robert pattinson shoot
  9. naur sorrh gibson girl is TOOOOOO GOOD
  10. gibson girl is a bit too good i fear
  11. literally one of her best songs let’s not lie now
  12. dealer is terrible i know some of you are pretending to like it because of the belting
  13. this 2015 level of trolling
  14. Nikki’s verse is my favourite part I don’t get why people hate it so much
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