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  1. i need to see this please show it to me rachel
  2. I need marina to pull tf up on charli and im so serious
  3. courtney love is literally insane and will be praising lana again in 6 months, anything that comes out of her mouth is not worth an 8 page thread on any website at all
  4. it’s definitely strange how they’re on the same day, i’m personally here for it bc i love them both but i never pegged leeds fest as somewhere lana would perform either way. not ready for this mess surrounded by 16 years olds but i needed to be there for lana’s first show in little old leeds
  5. i’m so confused about the audience this is gonna attract… but anyways idk who’s on when but i do feel like fred would be on after lana
  6. I need more songs like this on the new album tbh. Only few can understand its excellence
  7. for someone who wrote QFTC lana should be wacking taylor IDGAF
  8. Nicki is insane but this is lowkey my brain when someone pisses me off. . come thru bpd
  9. kinda thinking of selling my ticket … i wanna go to lost village ive already seen lana twice so
  10. i hate how blah the actual lingerie is. wish rihanna asked her to this for savage x fenty
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