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  1. yurrrr this is exactly how i feel
  2. what are some songs u think have the wrong lyrics? like personally i think the line in cinnamon girl should have been "ketamine in my hands"
  3. i love hearing hearing behind the scenes stories about btd tracks... like i literally couldn't care less about the other albums but this one. it's so interesting to listen to
  4. artists just don't do personas like this anymore... cmawn be interesting, fascinate me
  5. can't stop listening to inbred... her debut is gonna smash i fear
  6. i've been waiting for someone to make this eek. i remember seeing her first tiktok on my fyp with like 5k likes and now look at her i really hope she starts making longer songs
  7. i listened to crush and it's saur good
  8. did someone actually ask her about lana in the m&g
  9. does anyone have an estimate for how much vip will be (uk)
  10. im so out of the loop i didnt realise her album came out today but i just listened and my favs are new america, ancient dreams and venus flytrap not my favourite album but idgaf bc im still going to the tour
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