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  1. So excited for all the fans seeing Lana today! Have fun legends!
  2. This version ate Lana lowkey sounds AI generated but we move. The mhms and her verse just made me so happy.
  3. Apple Music: UK: 38 USA: 168 Slowly but steadily is rising. A hit!
  4. Europe is carrying. (and Australia and NZ ❤️)
  5. And it’s filtered streams so the real numbers are definitely higher
  6. SHE’S TAKING IT. Her highest solo debut ever.
  7. Ed said the song has had a massive first day They say she might be coming for 5.5m (4,5 filtered) streams
  8. Well she explains in the video why she decided to record it in that way so the answer is right there I think it’s creative and looks great!
  9. Very interesting! Really enjoyed watching that! she looked stunning as she always does
  10. „With special guests to be announced” Was this Olivia, Ellie and Raye thing real after all
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