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  1. Maybe this is the reason that COCC’s original date (5th of March) was pushed back to 19th. Adele really made us dirty.
  2. Marius

    Instagram Updates

    Same! I was thinking „Please not something problematic”...
  3. Question for the qulture. Can someone tell my why some of u are so hyped for TJF. I mean I really liked the snippet but it sounds similar to Cinnamon and I don't know what I should really expect. Asking because I'm really curious!
  4. A smash hit The day before it had 787k. 500k increase. We love to see our girl WINNING.
  5. Cannot wait for Alexis Petridis review from The Guardian.
  6. Anyways. Let’s pretend we didn’t see that. They should GFYS as Lana said edit: they don’t count to Metacritic so we don’t care. Bye.
  7. The way some of us thought that it’s going to be her -Yehaaw- era but she’s serving another AOTY.
  8. I’m sorry but...you lose your way just take my hand you’re lost at see then I’ll command your boat to me again. Period.
  9. It's not actually. When it comes to youtube - Love and LFL were bigger. But. it's doing surprisingly good on spotify - 3.5m streams in 2 whole days + couple of hours from Monday. Gives 1.1m, 1.2m, 1.2m in 3 days. Playlisting can help. Current playlists reach is 12m...this is so little ( for example willow by TS has 114m and Bilie's therefore i am 151m).
  10. I love reading all of your comments about Chemtrails. You guys pay attention to different things that I haven't noticed myself. And all the emotions and various situations you're listening to this song shows me that it's really a masterpiece.
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