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  1. I wonder if the SYML instrumental is altered/ embellished at all or if she just sings over the same track
  2. This song is so much more than a piano ballad. It’s dynamic and climatic, there’s so many details like the strings and the choir. The song starting with that exhale set the tone, it’s just perfect. I think it’ll grow on anyone that doesn’t like it right now!
  3. This song feels monumental, it’s going to go down as a classic. Also, I’m getting Lynchian vibes from the song — “It's because she's in a world, preserved, only a few have found the door. It's like Camarillo, only silver mirrors running down the corridor” — I visualize an alternate Red Room from Twin Peaks with silver mirrors instead. I’m just so thrilled, she totally blew me away. The album visuals remind me of Lynch too, and Warhol but maybe I’m going too far. IDC!
  4. I hope her cover art is as good as Caroline’s
  5. Actually they were probably called by Sean just like how Francesco used to do lol.
  6. https://twitter.com/DanielaCoyt1/status/1047613546387918848?s=20
  7. I remember a fan posted a picture with her in Boston and she said she was here for her boyfriend's tournament or something and everyone thought her boyfriend was that Boxer lol
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