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  1. I doubt they broke up. He may have deactivated Instagram to get away from delulu fans! Plus, knowing lana her ass would’ve deleted the selfie where she has the “engagement ring” on.
  2. TYSM!!! WAIT WHAT HAPPENED it says it’s been deleted
  3. Y’all got a master post for her?
  4. Yassss drag them as you should!! People be getting too bold on here for absolutely NO reason
  5. Can we stop with this tired ass narrative already please?
  6. Rip I missed it it would’ve lowkey been hilariously tragic to see...the LAPD one tho
  7. Is there a master post for her?
  8. I’m super excited for this! What type of video do y’all think we’re going to get? I don’t think it’ll be high budget, but it’ll DEFINITELY have iPhone vhs filter moments. Probably a mix, very cute! With what we know of white dress too, it’ll probably be vhs for the skating scenes & I think she may reference Lizzie stuff OMG watch re create the raise me up lyrics & give us “Voodoo Mississippi South” vibes
  9. All she wanted to do was see the moon. She didn’t deserve this.
  10. I’m so heartbroken she was such an inspiration to me. I don’t have words.
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