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  1. The best sex music definitely comes from Cupcakke idk why she hasn’t had an idea to feature her yet…such a missed opportunity
  2. Honorable Mentions: JFK, 13 Beaches, Get Free, Dear Elliot, Living Without You, Greenwhich Acid, & Ben In no particular order: Norman Fucking Rockwell Black Beauty Fingertips Sweet Dealer Kintsugi Bad Disease Pawn Shop Blues A&W Best American Record (Demo) Poetry In Motion Heroin Terrence Loves You Elvis Shades of Cool Unidentified Flying Bill Fine China Hope Is A Dangerous Thing it was so hard to choose a top 10 so there’s a bit extra.Plus some honorable mentions for imo some with underrated lyrics.
  3. If Lana don’t win we deserve a mini leak feast cause wtf is this robbery.. AOTY COME THROUGH
  4. Yall know what would be gaggy? Album renamed to Rock Me Stable
  5. Ngl this album will totally have features…I can already see the 2 Nikki Lane collabs, a dolly collab, Taylor collab, maybe a FJM collab too. But my REAL FEAR & WORRY is a Morgan Wallen collab…we know she follows him + hears his music…pls god no
  6. Nicki needs to go to therapy
  7. Lana should release poetry in motion for this album! Also had a dream the album will be Glam Acoustic Jazz w/ Softcore Country Vibes
  8. Hoping for a sirens type album but with an updated sorta sound! Give me that storytelling Lana!! Acoustic based instrumentation would be beautiful. Something like Earthquakes, Unidentified Flying Bill, Tomorrow Never Came, Yosemite, & Let The Light In would be beautiful!!
  9. Gunning for worst taste lipster award in 2024 I see
  10. I would argue against this simply for the fact of Lana’s political songs on LFL + the fact there’s another know 4 political songs that didn’t make the cute from LFL that were said to be even more political & in your face than the released ones.
  11. Not gonna lie if anything she probably had this realization of being tired for a few years now. I remember back then in late 2018 we had unreleased album expectations, but I think in herself knowing that she’s purposely postponed it for when she’s not feeling like working on new things yet wanting to give the fans stuff. I don’t think she’ll stop making albums, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is her last one for 2-3 years! We will probably get a covers album, the 2nd poetry book in 2024, & at the most some teasing for another album. If she doesn’t tease at all, then I definitely see her releasing unreleased songs sporadically when they get popular on TikTok or just for fun! Especially, when she has a bunch of songs we do know she wishes she released or never had a home for & an album or compilation of such sorts isn’t far for really tbh.
  12. If we are reliving iconic moments we can’t forget when Halsey spat facts. “Spoiled LA girl who's godfather was Micheal Jackson who hangs with the "elite LA cool kids" and was too lazy to work to be an artists because she was too "avant garde" and wanted to model and fuck off with her friends and then blamed it on her label.”
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