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  1. Manifesting 2 unreleased albums with 1 being fan favorites like SYTH QOD & PSGW & one being Lana’s personal favorites like Disco etc.
  2. Praying for you sis I heard from the church that dreaming of her is a sign of devil possession
  3. If she ever made an unreleased album I wish she’d release it in 4 parts for a total of 50 songs & she’d have the CD themed as a vinyl & do a Neil Krug photo shoot for each part themed around the sound & where the majority of the songs eras are from. Sidenote: Because we don’t have many leaks from post BTD & Pre BTD it’s bloated with songs from 2009-2012. I tried to include every song she has mentioned that she really loves to make it as realistic as possible obviously though she’s only ever mentioned like 12 songs Side A: Roses Bloom For You Valley of The Dolls Pin Up Galore Disco Trash Magic Pawn Shop Blues Reflec Elvis On Our Way I Caught You Boy Television Heaven Are You Ready? Side B: Us Against The World She’s Not Me Paradise Go Go Dancer Serial Killer Marilyn Monroe Prom Song (Gone Wrong ~ Teenage Wasteland) Back To Tha Basics Driving in Cars with Boys Jealous Girl St. Tropez Fake Diamond Side C: Dangerous Girl Hollywood’s Dead Velvet Crowbar Tired of Singing The Blues Hundred Dollar Bill You Can Be The Boss Kinda Outta Luck Resistance Queen of Disaster Every Man Gets His Wish Hollywood Tv in Black & White Side D: Angels Forever, Forever Angels Dragon Slayer California J.F.K. Unidentified Flying Bill Say Yes To Heaven Your Girl Fine China Unheard song Unheard song Unheard song Unheard song Unheard song If I Die Young enjoy my copium
  4. Tbh after reading up & hearing fingertips I do have to agree with the sentiment that Aaron is K especially if we consider songs from that era like Junky Pride..pure theory but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had rejected her at first then gave in? Or her songs being her fantasy of what could’ve been if he had said yes & hadn’t been involved in the drive by
  5. The SIRENS REFERENCE IN FINGERTIPS always leaves me shook…she really referenced Drive By!
  6. Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land is an amazing album it’s just that the track list isn’t what it should be & does it a huge disservice & makes it a very hard listen. Plus it should be longer. Imo the album should flow like this. 1. Pandora’s Box (imo it gives a really good idea for both sounds on the album & is better as an opener that way) 2. Man’s World 3. Cause I’m A Woman 4. Venus Fly Trap 5. Flowers 6. Highly Emotional People 7. Pink Convertible 8. Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land 9. Happy Loner 10. Free Woman 11. I Love You But I Love Me More 12. Purge The Poison 13. Goodbye New America should be scrapped & deleted from existence.
  7. I’m curious to know, but I remember it being mentioned in an interview that lana had 4 songs she did in a higher pitch/tempo for Honeymoon yet she felt shy about it so toned them down. Do you have any ideas which 4 songs she meant? @BlackoutZone Also, thanks for all the info you’ve given us so far!
  8. You can’t forget that in an interview lana mentioned that she scrapped 4 more political tracks from the record. we know the scrapped songs so far are Roses Bloom For You Yosemite Best American Record & 4 More Political Tracks! I only mention Yosemite & BAR since they were from that era afaik originally! Also I vaguely remember a cover of the song Cactus being registered around that time! Don’t recall if it was fake, but also probably another outtake
  9. Oh that’s so tragic! Praying a Lana fan marries him & leaks the stuff
  10. Pray that the food they ate gave them diarrhea so that while they die in the stalls I can go peacefully without them knowing in that one family restroom they have everywhere
  11. NAURR a true tragedy! Oooh & wait I think I remember what you’re talking about now too! I forgot all about David Kahne songs being lost…I blocked it out of my memory
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