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  1. Did you get a link Bestie? I need it too
  2. Idk but I found the quote “Someone had to tell me who this person was. When they said her name and her song, I recognized her, but still had no idea what she looked like in person. Foreign born one hit wonder. She let any guy who would share their coke take a feel of her or do some other things which I have never seen at a party here. Guys were literally penetrating her and she let them do whatever they wanted while she was actually snorting the coke. When it was done, she was done. It wasn’t like they had to work that hard to find bare skin.”
  3. We know that during that Grammy night a British songstress was in the back letting guys fuck her for free coke
  4. She needs to return PLEASE
  5. True, but in retrospect still isn’t super alive & breathing except one a month when she posts another outtake
  6. You could probably find them maybe 30-40 pages back? This thread is dead enough to head back a year quickly! I’ll See if I can find any screenshots for you tho
  7. Is there a master post for her unreleased guys?
  8. I was the person she had a feud with
  9. It was on the David lunch birthday post…idk if you remember but it was a mess I basically came at her with all the receipts.
  10. I loved that moment so much also when she blocked me for fighting her in the comments
  11. I- this reply is *chef’s kiss*
  12. Omg this thread has been a mess, although this thread shouldn’t be locked. There are still people here who do enjoy her & they should still have a place to discuss her music. Plus, I highly doubt that the mess is far from over I’m expecting a notes app explanation. Beyond that, I’m curious as to what’s going on behind the scenes. As seen in that performance video something is off with her. She’s either on something or she is going through it. Also, no I’m not making excuses for anyone I’m just genuinely curious to see how it turns out. Am I fan? Currently yes, but I am quite slow on making a decision personally. (Like during Melanie allegations I decided Timothy was lying, BUT to be fair that situation was FAR less messy than this one).
  13. You Mister!! Even though it’s from sirens era it’s one of my favorite leaks by far!! Plus it’s definitely one of the more timeless leaks as it still feels so fresh
  14. I’m Done & I’m Done Jam City Remix
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