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  1. It definitely swung back https://x.com/ohtheperipheryy/status/1813646206289211855?s=46
  2. Omg icon slay! I was going to say a lot of the tracker links are dead! The kraken ones died, but pillowcase is thriving rn it seems
  3. Anyone got an updated Charli XCX one?
  4. Is there an up to date tracker with working links?! If so pls dm thank you in advance
  5. 1. Charli 2. True Romance 3. Crash (Deluxe) 4. Brat 5. How I’m Feeling Now 6. Pop2 7. Number 1 Angel 8. Vroom Vroom 9. Sucker (Deluxe)
  6. Actually mean girls should’ve been replaced with Girl$ otherwise the album is flawless
  7. Unironically I think spring breakers could’ve replaced mean girls. That one feels the weakest. But the spring breakers boiler room mix is the one that should’ve replaced it
  8. Does anyone here play Genshin Impact?
  9. I’m just worried it’d harm her idea of her body tbh. Besides that tho, she looks really happy & confident so that’s all that really matters
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