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  1. Top 20 Charli IMO would be (just released): 20. You (Ha Ha Ha) 19. Unlock It 18. Roll With Me 17. You’re The One 16. White Roses 15. Forever 14. Nuclear Seasons 13. Lucky 12. Visions 11. White Mercedes 10. Official 9. Emotional 8. Superlove 7. Detonate 6. Grins 5. Need Ur Luv 4. Stay Away 3. 7 Years 2. Gone 1. Tears this list feels so wrong it’s literally impossible
  2. I need a link to snaps ASAP
  3. I wonder what happened to user graham omg I miss their essays I hope they’re ok I’d LIVE to see what he’d have to say about Lana & NFR
  4. The song is a grower & it IS honestly different than NFR. It’s extremely stripped back & reminds me of Lizzy laptop demos & sirens with how bare bones it is! It’s literally reverb, guitar, vocals, background vocals, a few synths?, & a piano. Although the vibe is completely different, it’s much lighter & it feels like what lust for life was trying to be. This to me is a HAPPY Lana song. It shows incredible growth within its own lyrics as well. She realizes she doesn’t need anybody but herself. The only reason she wants them is because of desire & while she can do it on her own she prefers it with whoever it is. It’s definitely a transition song that she did but it’s so beautiful.
  5. if theres a final with a chorus spare us pls
  6. I need Better When You’re Gone HQ so badly right now PLEASE the songs fits the situation I’m going through clearly MY HEART ONG lemme cry in peace Chile
  7. 1. Chempussy Heights 2. Let Me Love You Like A Pink Flamingo 3. White Hot Forever ~ BDSM Was The Bane of Me 4. Yosemite (BTD Version) 5. I Must Be Stupid For Eating Ice Cream ~ Lactose Intolerance Before Anal God Kill Me 6. Hey Loose Baby 7. Chempussy Waters Over The Country Club 8. White Dress, Invisible Stains 9. Dealer (Japanese Version) 10. Grenadine Quarantine 11. If This Is The End I Want A Long ~ Term Boyfriend 12. Tulsa Jesus Freak 13. Inside Out ~ Questions for The Culture In My Mind 14. Playing Dangerous 15. Cha Cha Matcha Salon 16. Chevrolet Lemon Party
  8. Leak CLOSER, IM DONE, HBHG, Mona Lisa, BWYG (Cigarettes & Alcohol) HQ, Middle Finger, 1000 TIMES, Toys, & MY HEART ALL IN HQ & NOW PLS “CLOSER GIVE ME YOUR DEVOTION”
  9. ONG THE SCAT ERA AGAIN THE ALBUM IS COMMING!!! “Time present & time past are perhaps both present in time future”
  10. OMG I- I forgot but can we discuss leaks of upcoming stuff? All I’ma say Dbree! It’s a 9 sec snip & it really is bare bones. Just acapella sounding with reverb & an acoustic guitar
  11. BeautifulAnywhere

    Song vs. Song

    Velvet Crowbar Vs. Bentley
  12. Leak her scrapped EPs yes please but keep the song she’s reworking from them TYVERYMUCH
  13. We need an a leak spree
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