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  1. The bundle and single signed print are now back to "Sorry sold out," but as far as I can tell none were actually restocked between then and now
  2. The switching between livestreams was wild. But I enjoyed watching the show all-in-all
  3. Thank you so much for doing this!!! It really is quite generous and kind. Well, my day is made :')
  4. Yes, I'd say it looks quite similar to that. The mock up image on the site also looked like the hoodie would be fitted, but the one you posted actually looks more fitted than the campaign hoodie! I'll try to get a pic up in a bit just for funsies
  5. You weren't kidding... just received the tank top (same size) and the fit is bizarre. Definitely not what I expected. Also got the cropped campaign hoodie... same deal. Kinda sad but oh well hopefully I can get my money back
  6. Just got an email stating that the shipping of my pill case has been delayed until June 21st. I'm not angry, shoplanadelrey, just disappointed.
  7. Sweet!!! This is very kind, so thank you <3
  8. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Ultraviolence Mariner's Apartment Complex Because of You Bel Air If You Lie Down With Me Terrance Loves You Candy Necklace Happiness is a Butterfly
  9. Well I'm glad that you've finally got your order coming! I got the cropped tank for $30 before they changed it to $36 so I shouldn't complain lmao
  10. What date did you place the order on? I did the same on the 30th and I'm still waiting
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