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  1. So regarding this drop: I'm hearing that previous drops required you to use the app to buy. Here is a link to download it! If you use this link- we both get $10 off our order! Still missing lots of details on pricing etc but go ahead and have the app downloaded in case so you’re ready! Even if you’re reading this and don’t want to buy anything, please download it if you have a minute with this link! It might help at least one of us LB kids get it so we have HQ pics/scans to share here! <3 https://thentwrk.app.link/invite-v1?invite_code=RazoraK90Y
  2. Finally have my whole BB collection compete! 4 vinyl, 4 CD, and 2 cassettes! unfortunately the only piece missing is my signed art card, which was cancelled. So I’ll forever be on the hunt for that one!
  3. Hey guys! I may have posted this before but I am on a wild hunt for the Ultraviolence box set and the Born To Die blue german LP. Close to retail price, or at least reasonably priced. I’ve been on this forum since the day it went online and just really want to complete my collection! If anyone reading this has these and doesn’t have a huge emotional attachment to them anymore, whatever, please message me!
  4. National Anthem

    Charli XCX

    it is haha, thank you though! Maybe a better question would be is there a list somewhere of what has leaked in like the past year?
  5. National Anthem

    Charli XCX

    Hey friends! over the past year or so I’ve finally entered my era of not checking this thread 10x a day like I have for (literally) the last 8 years!!!! anyway— I would still like to keep up with leaks… is there like a google doc / excel sheet I could just bookmark and refresh that keeps all the leaks in recent order? I know of the unreleased masterpost google doc, but since it sorts the songs by year of recording, it’s so hard to find what has leaked since I last checked!
  6. the way every album known to man is pressed on blue vinyl at this point except BLUE BANISTERS i officially have everything I ordered except my white vinyl and signed card. Coming from UK so I’m holding out until mid-December for a shipping notification before I freak out.
  7. Anyone else think the standard cover should have had the yellow vinyl and the close up have the white vinyl? Like…. It literally would look amazing that way
  8. Omg we lost. She’s switching her signature for the rest of the art cards to say only “Lana”. I’d kill for a full signature on mine but I bet most overseas orders will be just Lana.
  9. Omg part of my UK order finally shipped I won also LOOOOOVE the white vinyl, might be my favorite one.
  10. So does this have a good chance at debuting at #1 in the US or UK? Idk if this is the right thread to discuss
  11. Lmfao both Targets close to me are out of stock on the exclusive CD looks like I won’t be getting any copies on release day
  12. So my order from the UK has been split into 3 different deliveries? 1 of 3 and 2 of 3 say processed, and 3 of 3 (the art card) say pending. So I still don’t think processed means shipped? Ugh I want a shipping notification today.
  13. I kinda like silver more, but green is cute too! Green would look great next to my blue signature for Chemtrails. also can we talk about how she’s literally signing art cards hours before the album comes out? Like why weren’t these given to her MONTHS ago!!!!
  14. So do we think any US stores will have the black vinyl tomorrow? Or not for another 7 days?
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