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  1. Does anyone know where to find the Video Games Remix EP 12” Vinyl? Other than Discogs lol. Or is anyone selling a copy?
  2. National Anthem

    Charli XCX

    If only………………
  3. National Anthem

    Charli XCX

    I think I will never get over Jungle leaking. That was like… a fucking EXPERIENCE hearing it for the first time after imaging what it might sound like for almost 10 years. I won’t sleep until the rest of the 2010 MNEK songs leak. That’s my xcxmas wish always. Ladder, High Maintenance, Ali, Fruit Salad, Warrior, Nasty French and Cherry Pie!!!
  4. completely agree. That’s exactly what I wanted! Standard cover + yellow vinyl. At this point since a Walmart exclusive and UO exclusive seem to be out of the question, our only hope now is maaaybe a Spotify exclusive? But I doubt it.
  5. Same- but I just think it’s weird that UO hasn’t even stocked the standard vinyl / cassette yet? I think once we see that go up we can confirm there won’t be an exclusive there. Walmart is out now. So UO or a webstore/Spotify exclusive is out only hope now I think.
  6. Also the way the store calls it “standard cassette” makes me think will get at least one other
  7. this is my insta thanks for sharing! I also am definitely curious to see if we get regional differences again this time. Hard to know until we actually see photos of actual vinyl! also it seems like the green may not be very limited after all. It must have only been limited to 4K for US indie stores or something!
  8. What the tea with UO? I heard someone say we weren’t getting an exclusive this time but idk if they were just guessing or what
  9. really all of the BB variants minus the standard black! Target exclusive sold out quickly and never came back etc. it was very different than Chemtrails!
  10. Graffiti Records confirmed to me that per their supplier the indie exclusive green pressing is limited to 4000 copies. These may end up being more limited like the BB vinyl after all!
  11. National Anthem

    Charli XCX

    guysssss 1 month until Bodies Bodies Bodies premiere I can’t wait for Hot Girl
  12. National Anthem

    Charli XCX

    Live from the Upside Down (Stranger Things event) tonight! 6pm EST. Not sure what time Charli is on though. https://www.snacks.com/DoritosStrangerThings
  13. That interview cracked me up. She’s so funny. Somehow that interview made me LESS confident that this single is leading to anything at all ANYWAY I love the this song so happy for something new!
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