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  1. Not me buying my 13th Chemtrails vinyl this November but anyway I am soooo excited I feel like this RSD one could be my fave variant of them all. also to those asking about the cherry red/burgundy Target version vs the more scarlet red, just look for the small white “Made in Canada” sticker on the back on the shrink wrap. That will tell you it’s the darker transparent one. No guarantee which one Target will ship you, but you could always return and reorder it until you get the one you want.
  2. My orders so far: Transparent white 2xLP Transparent yellow 2xLP Standard CD Alt Cover CD #1 Alt Cover CD #2 Red cassette Brown cassette Waiting to get: Red 2xLP (will likely pick up on release day) Target CD (will likely pick up on release day) Black 2xLP (will likely pick up on release day)
  3. pretty much the only possible ones left to announce would be more stuff on her webstore, like signed copies or picture discs
  4. Updated indie and Walmart. After messaging a few indie stores yesterday they definitely do not have one to order and I just don’t think there’s any way that will change between now and October. Walmart has also already uploaded BB, and it’s just the standard vinyl and standard CD. unless we get an update on the webstore later (with signed art cards, a signed litho, a spotify exclusive, or picture discs) I think we are done. Only 4 vinyl variants! Lowest number since NFR!
  5. Messaged a few indie stores today and I’m hearing they don’t see an indie exclusive to order, just standard black. I suppose that could change in the next couple weeks? But I truly doubt it. also— will be curious to see if Assai does their OBI strip this time and if so and on what variant! probably the white. I won’t be purchasing that though lol.
  6. Welp another one down! And like with COTCC, the UO exclusive cassette is the same as webstore. I kinda feel like indie exclusive is out of the question now too, we would have already seen it go up. I feel like this could be all we get this time! I have to agree with what some others said, I think the colors we got were due to what was immediately available for pressing without a wait (i.e. blue may have been backordered). overall I’m just super grateful we’re still somehow getting vinyl shipping on release day! I thought for sure we’d have to wait until next year for vinyl so I’m content.
  7. will continue updating this as more is announced!
  8. oh duh yes! how could I forget! I wouldn’t be surprised if they got a picture disc again
  9. omg my favorite part of each era!!! I looooved living in the COTCC merch thread earlier this year so— I made my order for 7 of the 8 physical formats today! (2 vinyl, 3 CD, 2 cassette) I will pick up the black vinyl on release day or order from Amazon. if we follow the same trend as Chemtrails, we likely still be getting these: - Amazon exclusive - Spotify exclusive - Urban Outfitters exclusive (please be blue 😭) - some sort of UK exclusive? (often there is at least an exclusive cassette to this region) - Target exclusive (will be identical to HMV) - Indie exclusive - Walmart? (She hasn’t had one in the past, but over the last year they have almost always had an exclusive with new records, so we’ll see) hoping we get a blue vinyl, the smiling cover on vinyl, and at least one picture disc!
  10. 1. NFR! 2. Born To Die 3. Paradise 4. Ultraviolence 5. Lust for Life 6. Honeymoon 7. Chemtrails
  11. Did that pink vinyl with the standard cover from bol.com end up being legit? I never heard more about it. Did anyone order?
  12. definitely Annie’s impact. Jack doesn’t even have credits on every song on Daddy’s Home if I’m correct. Annie’s vision is very strong and I think they kind of worked more as a pair of producers here, whereas Lana/Lorde/Clairo maybe aren’t exactly producers in their own right.
  13. Hiiii super random but I really want to finish my Lana vinyl collection (main albums) ! I have literally variant available of each album except these: Born To Die (blue LP) Ultraviolence (picture disc boxset 2xLP) if anyone reading this is looking to part with theirs or has an extra copy please message me here or on my vinyl Instagram page @ross.vinyl <3
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