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  1. heavensentslut


    here to say double x girlfriend has some of the best writing of her entire career
  2. forgot let me love you also someone leak tattooed heart demo already like…
  3. i honestly gave up on melanie will always love her for being her but im done
  4. leak do me and pretty dull we're too old for this.
  5. but id say what's a girl to do is a good one!
  6. well everything in the gap ur talking about is technically born to die/ pitches for other artists
  7. when r yall gon leak official girl =(
  8. some people on this website are so ignorant never in a million years would ayesha x lana happen nor does lana even know her
  9. does anyone have a masterpost? i lost mine
  10. leak in the garden pleek
  11. nymphology starting to grow on everybody its just too childish at times but its fun! why is tunnel vision a perfect tour opener and powder is gonna be so good live
  12. portals (mitchie's version) v.3 1. death 2. void 3. tunnel vision 4. faerie soirée/faerie dance 5. pluto 6. garden 7. amulet (interlude 8. leche of sirens (milk of the siren renamed) 9. light shower 10. leeches 11. fingers crossed 12. battle of the larynx 13. needle and thread 14. the contortionist 15. emerald 16. moon cycle 17. powder 18. evil 19. womb 20. not dead, just expired (or death (reprise)) deluxe 21. mother of pearl 22. dragon's blood
  13. portals ranking 1. tunnel vision/faerie soiree (this is basically one song and its vv slayful!) 2. evil/amulet 3. the contortionist/battle of the larynx 4. light shower 5. powder 6. battle of the larynx 7. pluto 8. void/death 9. moon cycle/milk of the siren 10. leeches 11. nymphology (sometimes i can tolerate it..) 12. spider web (no words no thoughts its just shit)
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