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  1. happy anniversary to her last good album <3
  2. Mind Melt

    Azealia Banks

    the original version was better, however.. new bottega i’m guessing this is the parlophone version
  3. Mind Melt

    Azealia Banks

    i got my half up half down!!
  4. no downhill lullaby slander on this site thank u
  5. the fact that we basically have a full albums worth of material and 90% of it was leaks
  6. Mind Melt

    Azealia Banks

    i think she said she was moving those to business and pleasure? she changes her mind so much i doubt she even knows anymore
  7. Mind Melt

    Azealia Banks

  8. Mind Melt


    here i come with the pointless complaint but i hate that the front and back covers are so disjointed. they're both cool but visually they have nothing to do with each other also while i'm at it i'm annoyed we never got a project titled 'A' to finish out the trilogy
  9. Mind Melt

    Azealia Banks

    we need a release date of some sort don’t care if it’s FII, B&P, some other project, or even if it’s just a remastering of some newer singles, we’re starving over here!!
  10. y’all really need better things to do with your lives
  11. Mind Melt

    Kim Petras

    this is exactly why i stopped supporting her how moronic
  12. have had this stuck in my head for the past couple days
  13. i remember going to best buy to buy this when it came out i can't believe it's been 10 years already jesus
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