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  1. love nymphia so much but the banana shit is starting to get old she's still top 2 for me though, team sapphira!!!!
  2. two upsetting eliminations in a row 💔
  3. this is an amanda tori meating stan account not looking forward to having to tolerate spirit airlines on my screen for the rest of the season this is not a spoiler i genuinely dont know the elim order i can just tell theyre gonna keep her to the end
  4. been listening to the family jewels a lot lately, miss her sm the next album needs to be on the same level as her first 3, im begging marina pls
  5. Mind Melt

    Azealia Banks

    She announced on instagram that she will be rerecording & rereleasing BWET for it's 10 year anniversary (we'll see if this actually happens) https://twitter.com/AzealiaNews/status/1724606518778093830 this would be cool but can she just release FII please lmao
  6. it’s on magdalene 😭
  7. Mind Melt

    Azealia Banks

    Luxury JFK Miss Camaraderie Ice Princess Miss Amor 212 Soda BBD Chasing Time Desperado Wallace Gimme a Chance Nude Beach a-Go-Go Yung Rapunxel Heavy Metal and Reflective Idle Delilah
  8. Mind Melt

    Azealia Banks

    wait... buttplug huh?
  9. my bank account is thanking me for being asleep while they were live lmao even though i still have my original, i definitely would have bought another if they weren't sold out by the time i woke up
  10. Mind Melt

    Tove Lo

    i like u has really grown on me, a banger also side note, never knew that was beyonce in this gif until like 3 days ago lmao
  11. pretty dull leak when?
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