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  1. why tf was eureka in the top this week kylie was robbed of her top spot!
  2. Mind Melt

    Azealia Banks

    kanye west (fuck him all day) out this friday allegedly she’s claiming it’s properly mixed and mastered and cleared already does the wave finally begin ? we shall see
  3. Mind Melt

    Doja Cat

    Planet Her - 6/25
  4. Mind Melt


    i never connected with a lot of mehlodrama so i'm hoping this next album kind of reenergizes my interest in her
  5. Mind Melt

    it certainly is repetitive but i’m liking it more and more with each listen!! looking forward to the next one
  6. even if she isn't 100% "reliable" with a date she usually comes through with a release, not make up bullshit excuses for 8 years, which is how lana was able to accomplish 6 albums and not 2 songs!! is that on topic enough sis for your nerve??
  7. ? i don't see how their journeys are remotely similar sky released her only album almost 8 years ago, and has had 2 songs since lana is about to put out her 6th release within that same timeframe, 7th if you count vbbotg
  8. Mind Melt

    2 hours!
  9. the way i barely read this thread anymore...
  10. Mind Melt

    Adore Delano

    need new music soon, whatever is one of the best albums on earth
  11. Mermaid Motel Dark Paradise In The Land of Gods and Monsters (i would keep ultraviolence rly love that as a title) Music to Watch Boys to Get Free How to Disappear Let Me Love You Like a Woman
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