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  1. let us hope she releases it in a few months like she did with hear my pain heal
  2. Mind Melt

    Kim Petras

    its so funny bc ive been playing malibu a lot recently i thought it was meh on release so i never repeated it a lot but its been so good lately
  3. Mind Melt

    FKA twigs

  4. and not yall still trying to defend her with this silicone layer bs. she knew people came after her for wearing it last time, she would have said something then. also the magazine literally said WEAR A MASK, NOT THIS ONE because it's unprotective she's beyond ridiculous this year
  5. are we surprised she's doing something this irresponsible? lol hope she doesn't wear that stupid mesh mask again
  6. well, here’s hoping he will remain positive!
  7. Mind Melt

    Dua Lipa

    so we know if this is just a one off single or is this coming from the upcoming expanded edition thing?
  8. if she chose not to put any filler on L+F we would have gotten a double single of emotional machine/end of the earth and that's it
  9. Mind Melt

    Kali Uchis

    i mean i feel like it doesn't fit the album for sure but a mistake??? sis...
  10. need for dealer to be in the album give me tostb pt. 2 QUEEN
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