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  1. It Might Be Time & Posthumous Forgiveness are modern classics and deserve live performances like Is It True.
  2. The chorus is catchy but the rest of the song literally sounds like a rushed demo.
  3. StationToStation


    Thank you so much, I was looking so hard for this sampler :defeated:
  4. I had the album on full repeat the last 2 days, it's so addicting and good The high notes in 'Make Up' The breakdown in 'Threat' The beat in 'How Do You Do It'
  5. ugh Sky why did you do this, your hair looked so good blond . I need a full picture of it to fully judge but it looks kinda messy in this picture, but whatever, at this point I don't even care how she looks like, as long as she puts music out I'm happy
  6. This cover is so good. Does someone have a list of all songs she has?
  7. You can by the way stream her debut album here Going to listen to it right now
  8. Mmmm, she has a really interesting sound, really like her song 'Standard', I'm going to look up some more songs
  9. The worst thing about this is that the chance she will get everything back is very small. Maybe on Ebay if that person is crazy enough, but I don't think that's going to happen.
  10. He has the potential but if it's really going to happen is another question.
  11. Oops, my fault, I was on my phone so I immediately thought it was 'Indecision' who came after '2shy', but after listening again it's 'Touch', her debut single.
  12. If I'm correct the second song is 'Indecision'
  13. it seems like this version is kinda similar with the version of '2Shy' is played here: Maybe they're both 'album versions'' of the songs, but I'd like to have them too in full studio version.
  14. I think it's such a weird song, like 'David Bowie is my jesus', where the hell does that come from I see no lies though
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