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  1. I had an idea earlier. We have a very low quality, unintentionally almost lofi version of the song. Why no give it a full lofi/ambient dreamy short album intro treatment with nature sounds, random movie samples a la 13 Beaches, overall remaster, shorgazy but not rocky sound like a Mazzy Star song produced by My Bloody Valentine and Beach House? I think it would be awesome and very fitting with LFL's early sound. I wish I knew how to remix songs.
  2. So what's the most updated tracker/list we have rn?
  3. @BlackoutZone so we had the HM version of Wild One all this time? Is mix 2 the final one?
  4. @BlackoutZone are there better produced/developed versions of Valley of the Dolls?
  5. I wonder if Fine China was ever considered for HM cause they share very similar vibes
  6. @BlackoutZone @111 @fl0r1dakil0s
  7. carry me to your place take me far away far enough to see gray clouds turn to waves in the ocean hold me like I'm your baby let's pretend for a day we are more than two kids making it through NY there's just no reason to run boy, you know what kills me so don't be afraid push me down so I feel safe I just can't relate being free to escape won't you color my world blue like you used to do I am yours to play night gets colder as I try to feel good and smile catch me by the waves my soul's yours to take
  8. Anyway, we're getting fucking actual HM outtakes so it's all a win
  9. Is the California we're getting a final version or is it unfinished/too demoish? @fl0r1dakil0s
  10. @fl0r1dakil0s ou should leak another California snippet, from the verses or something to spice things up and also so we'll have better idea of what we're voting for.
  11. To me, it's exactly the opposite. Cali sounds much more like a NFR/COCC song with Paradise production while CFY is TLY/BPBP 2
  12. Crazy For You, I've had literal wet dreams about that song before and I'm still a piano flop girl so gimme that slow and mellow orchestral masterpiece
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