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  1. W(hy)tf would you scrap a whole goddamn album with the side band of one of the most popular/talented rokstars of our time with iconic bops such as Thunder, Dealer, California to released that mess that should've been named the oposite of its title????????
  2. LDR9 A.K.A. CHAOS (concept) - genres: trip hop, industrial dance, downtempo, screamo, darkwave, doom jazz, depressive black metal, post rock - produced by: Trent Reznor, Geoff Barrow, Rob Grant, Mike Dean, Rick Nowels and Jonny Greenwood 1. LA Funeral March 2. Chaos (feat. Nine Inch Nails) 3. Serene Queen (feat. Banks) 4. Batphones and Lemonade 5. I Disagree 6. Carnage Boulevard (feat. Demi Lovato) 7. Dragon Slayer 8. I Fucked Your Mom Then I Shot Her Man 9. Rest in Piece 10. Suicide Blonde (feat. Alexandra Savior) 11. She's Not Me 12. Hellfire 13. How The Bad Girls Do 14. Die Another Day (Madonna cover) * deluxe tracks 15. Deadly Nightshade Curse 16. House of Madness 17. Mary (Scared of Me) 18. Neon Shadows * exclusive NFT edition tracks 19. Crazy For You 20. Heart-Shaped Box (Nirvana cover) * exclusive Satanic Temple membership tracks 21. Call Me Lanita 22. Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne cover) 23. Music To Be Murdered To
  3. I like it rough, I, I like it rough, I, I like it rough Manifesting Applause drunk Gaga concept demo energy
  4. Paradise 1. I Talk To Jesus 2. Ride 3. Wild One 4. American 5. Cola 6. Body Electric 7. Hollywood 8. Gods & Monsters 9. JFK 10. Money Power Glory 11. Heart Shaped Box 12. Yayo 13. Bel Air 14. Angels Forever Forever Angels
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