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  1. Thank you all so much, i feel much better today. Thanks Cthulhu we'll be able to listen to Crazy For You together
  2. okay so... in the last 3-4ish days, I lost my phone and almost became deaf. That´s why I`m only appearing now. I just wanna say thank you to everyone who voted in me and believed in my dark and hellish potential to be the sexiest fish in this house, I feel so high and I love unicorns, specially those from New York. Britney Spears is blonde but she`ll never be gone. Congratulations to all the winners, you deserve the world and stars, you`re young, wild and free. Be blue, uncircuncised and proud. SLAYHOESSSDTFGGUGFDGGJJGFGHJK<Ç
  3. Wait, so if they know exactly what song it is, then it must be cause Act II sessions are circulating. It makes sense, that must be why we got the Hallelujah snippet and NOBTR acapella. Also, Bumble Bee sounds perfect for Gaga, it's very ARTPOP.
  4. Actually, being 100% sure about is pretty hard. Flipside's CD ripped file barely reaches the 20
  5. If we're getting NFR 4.0. then at least give us more songs like BBS or Text Boob
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