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  1. I guess we got a new Tropico in here if anyone's willing to spill/leak some more, no one'd really complain. Let's go dark on you baby #LeakPoetryInMotion2023
  2. Sorry, but I just can't see Heroin fitting in any Tarantino movie at all. Like, it's very not his style. The lyrics mention the Mansons and have a 70s cultish vibe here and there, but besides that is too slow, dreamy, ambientish and ethereal to fit. I really love that song, but I just can't see it.
  3. I want worldbuilding and cohesiveness, anything whatever besides that.
  4. If You Lie Down With Me - Chemtrails Yosemite/TNBAR - LFL Thunder - NFR Hollywood Bowl - Ocean Blvd California/Say Yes To Heaven/Hollywood/Life is Beautiful/Big Eyes/I Can Fly - Honeymoon
  5. I already love these! Gonna check the other one
  6. Western Nights is so beautiful
  7. Not really, that one is about any attempts, this one is about the best way you found of sequencing the tracks of an album, with an official-like quality (taking the best out of its sessions and using them in the best way possible to achieve their potential as a whole). This one is less about your favorite tracklist and more about the piece itself (like making a Dark Side of the Moon out of Katy Perry's Witness), it's all about perfecting them in the most objective way possible. I know this sounds very silly, but I'm focusing on what actually worked, could've/should've been the final product and outdid the og thing.
  8. Cry Kill Die 1. Baby Won't You Call Them Cops On Me 2. Cry Kill Die 3. Invite (feat. Doja Cat) 4. Those Gucci Bitches in Hawaii 5. Pantyhouse Thriller 6. Dangerous Girl 7. I'm Not In A Hurry 8. Nikita 9. Cherry Lipstick 10. 4Ever Young In Paradise 11. Hot Like The Tropics 12. Lights, Camera, Acción 13. Peaches x TT A 90s erotic thriller inspired femme fatale revenge trap/hip hop/trip hop album would be such a vibe
  9. What are the best alt sequencing that you've ever discovered, like, either yours or not, just the one the surprisingly worked the best? Cohesive, great flow, best song choices (unreleased including), best lenght...Lana or not.
  10. 1. HM 2. NFR 3. UV 4. Ocean Blvd 5. COCC 6. Paradise 7. AKA 8. Lust For Life 9. Born to Die 10. Blue Banisters
  11. As much as I only play it when I'm listening to the full album, I wouldn't scrap the interlude cause I think it adds so much to the flow and the experience as a whole, being a soft transition that ends side a and sets the mood for side b. I don't really think an actual song could do this job. Something like this maybe (+ some UV outtakes)? 1. I Talk To Jesus 2. Fine China 3. Say Yes To Heaven 4. Beautiful People 5. If I Die Young 6. Crazy For You 7. Paradise (2015) 8. California 9. Life is Beautiful 10. The Good Life
  12. I'll be 100% honest with you guys, if there's an album in which I wouldn't change a thing, it's Honeymoon. Like, I absolutely adore Say Yes To Heaven and California, but I wouldn't trade anything on Honeymoon for them. It's not even just about the quality of the songs itself, this album is a true one of a kind experience. Delicate, classical, dreamy, atmospheric, both vintage and modern, diverse yet cohesive, heavenly production, perfect tracklist (by perfect, I really mean it, the sequence just feels right), an unmatched soundscape... I was watching a reaction video last weekend and gosh, it's a very special record, a lighting in the bottle that I don't think anyone, even Lana will ever be able to duplicate. I really love the sessions as a whole, a lot of bops left in the cutting room, but the final result makes up for it. I wish some of the outtakes were released/repurposed/reworked tho. Either be it an later album or in a sequel EP, there is some real good shit that deserves just as much a proper release. I just can't wait to hear Come With Me and Paradise for the first time, hopefully this year.
  13. YourGirl666

    Tove Lo

    Disco Tits is my most played track this year after Fingertips and Kintsugi (yes, I'm this unstable), WEWIL from Toovay Loo?
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