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  1. Josefannie, you will always be famous #StreamNightSwin Modern Anxiety > Night Swin >>>> Islands
  2. I perfected my HM concept --------- Honeymoon -------- official tracklist ---- "Here's my happy ending" Deluxe Edition ---- 15. Say Yes To Heaven (James Ford Version) 16. California (Comin' For Ya) 17. Beautiful People (Demo 3) 18. Cry Kill Die 19. Come With Me 20. Crazy for You 21. If I Die Young 22. Life is Beautiful (2015 Version) It's my best yet, it flows just so well
  3. The way Fine China can absolutely get released on this album...
  4. YourGirl666

    Allie X

    Why does no one ever talk about June Gloom? Like, it's one of her best yet most underrated songs. It's just so good and cold and moody.
  5. Manifesting Hey Blue Baby and I Must Be Stupid For Being So Happy
  6. Give me Your Girl energy (+Your Girl official release, track 6, 7:06 lenght gloomier, rockier electric guitar heavy Chelsea Wolfe vibes rework)
  7. YourGirl666

    Allie X

    Do we have a masterpost?
  8. YourGirl666

    Allie X

    Just finished full discography first listen. She's got a new fan. Also, John and Jonathan is so misunderstood it hurts. It's such a moody goth banger.
  9. "I know what only the girls know Lies can buy a wedding ring" ~ Pink Flamingos (2014, prod. STINT) #YOURGIRL666EXCLUSIVE
  10. 15 more pages left for [LEAK] All_Honeymoon_Outtakes_OG_Files.zip
  11. YourGirl666

    Allie X

    So, I just finished Cape God and it wasn't really for me. I absolutely loved the Girl With No Face album and really liked Collxtion I, but this one just did nothing for me. Please, don't drag me.
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