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  1. California 1. Roses Bloom For You 2. Get Free 3. Young and in Love (dramatic intro) 4. Something Real 5. Cherry 6. Cry Kill Die 7. Groupie Love (solo) 8. Beautiful People Beautiful Problems (solo) 9. Tomorrow Never Came (feat. Sean Onno Lennon) 10. Architecture 11. Heroin 12. Lust for Life (reworked demo) 13. Say Yes To Heaven 14. California (2015) 15. Poetry in Motion (finished version) 16. Falling (Julee Cruise cover) Deluxe 17. Paradise (2015) 18. Crazy For You
  2. YourGirl666


    And I hate that she hates it so so much, it's such a great song She haven't talked about it since that one show, right?
  3. YourGirl666


    Collxtion II would've been a lot more like the first one, but the songs we got on the official tracklist were a better choice, more sonically cohesive and an evolution of her early sound. I wish she'd released OMG too as a B-side or something like that. Girl With No Face is interesting. Do we have Our Lady of Sorrows already? Anyway, final tracklist flows better. I like how some of the songs' placements were already settled this early. She really had a clear vision of what she wanted to do.
  4. Tysm! Also, I didn't know about it not being called Heard It On The Radio. Tbh, I prefer Nothing On, it just sounds so much better.
  5. Does anybody have Brooklyn Nights reference lossless file?
  6. Honestly, I can totally see her label pushing her into reworking Lasso from scratch if what she said about it sounding American Songbookish is true. I feel like it must be a quite personal project, maybe not in lyrics, but in a vanity project way like HM in which she's been working for some time and is passionate about, regardless of it being comercial or not. She's been having such a repeak since OB's release and I'm sure her label wants her to keep the momentum. Tbh, I'm surprised that they haven't forced her into releasing the unreleased album yet with so many old scraps going viral and doing better than her current releases (SYTH). I think Lasso (if it's still even called like that) is going to end up being LFL 2.0, maybe with some country influences like Tough or not, but surely poppier and maybe even like her earlier stuff (a revamped BTD sound with some acoustic sensibilities and mature yet not that serious lyrics). I can see Rick Nowels coming back to the team.
  7. YourGirl666

    Demi Lovato

    Does anybody have Besame Mucho in hq or even lossless?
  8. 1. Roses Bloom For You (Intro) 2. Lust for Life (Reworked Demo) 3. Love 4. Cherry 5. 13 Beaches 6. Summer Bummer 7. Groupie Love 8. God Bless America... 9. Architecture 10. Tomorrow Never Came (feat. Sean Ono Lennon) 11. Yosemite 12. Poetry in Motion (Reworked) 13. California (HM Final) 14. Heroin 15. Change 16. Get Free Deluxe 17. If I Die Young (Reworked) 18. Say Yes To Heaven (HM Final or James Ford Demo) 19. Serene Queen 20. In My Feelings 21. Cry Kill Die 22. LA Who I Am
  9. Nfr is perfect if you just replace TNBAR with Thunder (final).
  10. YourGirl666


    Is the Sculpture demo file on that Collxtion II rerelease lossy?
  11. 1. The Grants 2. Did You Know... 3. A&W 4. JS Interlude 5. Candy Necklace 6. Zodiac 7. JB Interlude 8. Fingertips (Uncensored) 9. Kintsugi 10. Lake Placid 11. Grandfather... 12. Paris, TX 13. Let The Light In 14. Sweet 15. Say Yes To Heaven Bonus Tracks 16. Fishtail 17. Peppers 18. Taco Truck x VB
  12. 4. China Palace 6. Elvis 2013 or Dance With Me (DWM 2019)
  13. The way I can't even tell if this is fake or not
  14. Something like this wouldn't be that bad of a record: 1. Ave Maria (Intro) 2. Angels Forever Forever Angels 3. Melancholia 4. Pink Champaigne 5. Dragonslayer 6. Earthquakes 7. Summertime 8. Hollywood 9. Money Power Glory 10. Guns and Roses 11. Old Money 12. Lake Placid 13. Black Beauty 14. I Talk to Jesus Singles: 1st Black Beauty, 2nd AFFA, 3rd MPG remix feat. The Weeknd, 4th I Talk to Jesus or Earthquakes (with cheap phone recorded Lizzy Grant inspired video like UV or HM title tracks) 5th Summertime (with cute homemade video with Barrie a la Summer Wine).
  15. I wonder how much she worked on BP during HM era, I hope more of its demos from that era leak because it had a lot of potential.
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