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  1. This will be a happy vote from me, loved him when he campaigned for himself.
  2. I could totally see this being a ploy for his campaign (I feel kind of bad saying that as I think I read that a bystander passed away, but I still have not been swayed from this opinion JUST because of the secret service's terrible job at getting him down and out like they're supposed to).
  3. I loved Chemtrails so gimme wispy not too deep lyrics GIVE ME STUPID FOR BEING HAPPY
  4. Born to Die, you can't deny that album objectively is a perfect 10 regardless of whether you think a Lolita demo is better than the final. That's why it cemented Lana as a statement in pop.
  5. I do not like the tearing down of women going on in here, just came in to say that my signed vinyl came in and June Gloom sounds INSANE on vinyl like so so good. 8.
  6. clementines

    Charli XCX

    Honestly I think my fave song is I might say something stupid
  7. clementines


    She’s yet to release a bad song
  8. Jesus they have lupus and leukemia and this song is amazing, I love Halsey and hope she’s well
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