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  1. clementines

    Melanie Martinez

    Did you watch the anti hero mv??? Mel is great but be fr
  2. I have a ton of photos and full song videos /clips from this but I’m not sure how to share them on here? If anyone’s interested in seeing them my instagram is @flaviamdavis I’m gonna post a few.
  3. Post show vibes are she sounded amazing, wish the set list was a bit longer but I loved what I got, she looked AMAZING-drop dead gorgeous. While maybe the crowd down low was dead I wasn’t paying attention but I was bopping with two girls who were at their first concert ever and it was a tearful screaming great time.
  4. Happy 43 I’m A Ruin 75 (-1) Savages 32 (+1) Immortal 20
  5. I honestly don't think there's a skip I love both the singles and on first listen the standouts are (possible spoilers)
  6. I Forgive You was really good, need more Halsey outtakes (preferably Manic-IICHLIWP)
  7. Is anyone else going to opening night
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