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  1. They wanted to be dramatic. They also posted some anti-moderator picture or something like it was embarrassing for them
  2. They committed what is considered to be “account suicide” - spamming multiple threads with links to leaks of DYKTTATUOB before the album came out
  3. The game is simple. Post a picture of an animal, extinct or not. The animal *has* to have been confirmed to exist at some point in Earth’s history. No animal shall be posted here twice. Get as specific as you want. Please post the name of the animal and tell us why you chose to showcase your animal! To start off, I chose the Honduran white bat. I think they are very cute and I would want to keep a few of them as a pet And if I get hungry I’d eat em like popcorn chicken !
  4. https://krakenfiles.com/view/21XzelGC0x/file.html This is the official radio edit. The one posted in the Twitter link was edited (very poorly) by BBC Radio 1 specifically for their broadcasts
  5. That Venice Bitch


    Buzzcut Season Demo
  6. That Venice Bitch


    You won with this one…
  7. That Venice Bitch


    I’m currently putting together her unreleased collection. I’ll post the downloads here when I finish them up. (I’m just missing 4 songs!) I came across a lot of stuff I didn’t even know existed so I’m excited to share! Also, MONO has come out and the album is amazing! I’d say equal to or even a bit better than IV/OV - which is my second fav! Yes I’m Serious, Perfectly Alone, and Bar Soap are standouts
  8. There is also a Mongolian one with alternate artwork - no idea where to get it tho. It's possible you could get it through a Russian or Chinese site
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