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  1. If there’s anybody I’d want to put the lime in the coconut, who would then shake it up, it would be Lana!
  2. Guys the insider told me Lana pierced her clitoris. Can any of you confirm?
  3. That Venice Bitch

    Taylor Swift

    I like that she curses now
  4. Jesus fucking christ that is horrible. I wonder if that’s why we got so many snippet leaks from recent songs? Wow
  5. Right like. It’s not like Taylor did this on purpose… Lana recorded what she wanted to record for the song, and probably had a hand in writing in. People are way too hung up on the meaning of the word feature. The song features Lana. Like what
  6. Their new album ‘Hello Sunshine’ came out this month and it’s SO GOOD!!!! A few of my favs from the album:
  7. This is a slay answer. Marijuana, LSD, and mushrooms (along with other non-addictive hallucinogenics) should be 100% legal. All other drugs should be decriminalized. Nobody should be in jail because of their addictions. Dark Brandon’s next target must be hallucinogenics!
  8. That Venice Bitch

    Taylor Swift

    I saw someone say this will be a lead single is that true ???????
  9. That Venice Bitch

    Taylor Swift

    What the absolute fuck
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