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  1. As described in the OP, Kamala has gained the support of the majority of Biden’s delegates. She is presumptively the party’s nominee https://x.com/kamalaharris/status/1815602762870116359?s=46&t=PC_JqthBNIYi6ibjaT6EsQ
  2. It was reported that he did not receive the vetting materials the other candidates did, which is, idk kinda shocking? https://x.com/newswire_us/status/1815561299734003853?s=46&t=PC_JqthBNIYi6ibjaT6EsQ
  3. While we’ve had quite a few threads for the various events that have already happened this campaign season, we didn’t yet have one for the general election. Former President Donald Trump chose US Senator J.D. Vance to be his running mate at the Republic National Convention on July 18. The majority of the delegates won by President Joe Biden have since pledged to vote for Vice President Kamala Harris at the Democratic National Convention, to be held next month. This makes VP Harris the presumptive Democratic nominee for president. We may not know Harris’ VP pick until the convention, though sources say the following are currently being vetted: - North Carolina governor Roy Cooper - Arizona senator Mark Kelly - Pennsylvania governor Josh Shapiro - Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer - Minnesota governor Tim Walz - Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is also seeking the presidency, running as an independent. Neither he nor his running mate, billionaire Nicole Shanahan, have any prior political experience. Also seeking the presidency as an independent is philosopher Cornel West, along with his running mate Melina Abdullah. Jill Stein will be the Green Party’s nominee, having also been the party’s nominee in 2016 and 2012. Chase Oliver and Mike ter Maat will represent the Libertarian Party on the ballot. The election will be held on November 5, 2024.
  4. www.lanaboards.com user Strangelove is right, you actually can’t pin a 78 year old man as old But that’s obvious
  5. We should’ve had a proper primary, but it looks like that was on purpose to ensure Harris’ succession. Voted uncommitted but would’ve preferred an actual candidate I have trust in
  6. https://x.com/breakingnews/status/1815083306989302075?s=46&t=PC_JqthBNIYi6ibjaT6EsQ
  7. I would literally vote for Jill Stein (there is genuinely zero chance of this happening, the humiliation of 2016 humbled HRC to eternity) The Kamalocalypse is upon us and I’m ok with accepting that at this moment in time. I appreciate her advocacy for Palestine (as good as you can get, yk) and it’s time we had a Democrat who had actually decent foreign policy. She absolutely has to be pushed to the left on some things, but I feel like that is genuinely feasible. So idk why they won’t do it already. She’ll totally beat Trump. Biden won’t. There’s also no such thing as throwing your vote away <3
  8. This is definitely not about one specific event, argument, thread, etc. Like around the time the Taylor thread got locked, then at least two others around the same time, then the Zodiac leak and the tensions there. Then some users get banned. It really never cooled down after. The mod team has dealt with quite a few incidents since that necessitated this post.
  9. The guidelines are your friend And so am I ❤️
  10. Source from https://x.com/markhalperin/status/1814049842790006837?s=46&t=PC_JqthBNIYi6ibjaT6EsQ This source says Biden is expected to drop out as early as this weekend. It’s pretty unlikely that all of these are to be true, but a few may end up happening after Biden appears to soon announce his departure from the 2024 US Presidential Race. This comes after weeks of pressure from Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, dozens of congressional Democrats, and some White House aides, arguing to Biden that staying in the race will not only lose them the presidency, but many downballot races in the country, just a few of which could dictate which party holds the House and the Senate. Biden has been resistant, but cratering polls, his terrible debate performance, the assassination attempt of Donald Trump, and his recent COVID-19 diagnosis have only burdened him more to drop out. If the DNC does decide to do an open convention, it would be pretty crazy to see who would throw their hat in the ring. According to this source, Democrats are looking at Democratic governors for a potential VP, as Kamala Harris would probably still be the most favored for the presidency at an open convention. Andy Beshear, Josh Shapiro, Gavin Newsom, or JB Pritzker could all join Kamala in the convention. Biden would have to release his delegates from the primaries earlier this year so that they can vote for someone else. Instead of endorsing anyone, they may just let the delegates decide who becomes VP. Can I just say how eerily similar this feels like the 1968 Democratic National Convention? Incumbent president not standing at their own convention, held in Chicago, a Kennedy running, rising tensions after the (actual) assassination of a presidential candidate…
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