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  1. The new song sounds really really cute actually. Would love to hear a studio version someday
  2. Tomorrow I'm gonna make a bunch of edits for all the winners. Laurels and stuff
  3. Made it back just in time for the afterparty!!
  4. I wasn't lying about the COVID. I got to go get me some food so I don't pass out. I hope to be back for the afterparty! I'm so ready to show off my old lady moves @Surf Noir for Lipster of the year!
  5. (Totally kidding Elle CLEARLY deserves and shoutout to my bestie Surf Noir)
  6. Yessss let's give it up for two people who will NEVER know we celebrated them!
  7. I am so glad! I nominated and voted for you <3 You were one of my first friends/followers on here
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