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  1. Michigan has BEEN on this !! Blue Moon ice cream is the goat and Ben & Jerry's (the cunt kings) are bringing it to the MASSES ur all about to win
  2. That Venice Bitch

    Song vs. Song

    Come with Me vs Poetry in Motion
  3. Hello, does anybody have a compiled list of "fake" song titles attributed to many of Lana's unreleased songs before they leaked (ie. B-A-D-D-E-S-T for Summer of Sam, Another Lonely Day for Playground) If I'm not mistaken, they were used by the people who had them to hide the true titles when scrobbling, talking about them, etc TIA!
  4. I edited the title, to better reflect what happened and to discredit the disturbingly passive headlines I've seen pertaining to this event
  5. Thanks! One new question that I have after seeing those screenshots, is there a reason why "River Road" isn't the more accepted title of the song, compared to "Next to Me" ?
  6. Amazing thx! Do you happen to know the estimated date this screenshot would have been from?
  7. Does anybody have a screenshot of "Dance for Money" on Lizzy's Myspace? And if you happened to know when the song was recorded/uploaded?
  8. You’re exactly right let’s sacrifice them for THE FULL STEM SESSIONS
  9. And if I said I’d sacrifice @Rust Dress for Dead to Me then what?
  10. Now we’re talking. Let’s start with BETTY BOOP BOOP getting unleaked for the return of lustforlife
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