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  1. I do agree Henry come on leans more towards fall, but in general I think of summer when I think of country. Knowing lana though, it's probably on purpose. Maybe we are getting a darker type of country folk, I think her outfits have also reflected that.
  2. I've been listening to ride a lot lately, and it's a lot more country than I once realized. Her vocals in the beginning are kinda similar to Henry come on to me. I'm manifesting something similar I wish she'd release this before summer because country music is perfect for summertime.
  3. same I can't stop thinking about it. I just get pissed off and sad I can't afford itI hope it's live-streamed at least
  4. flying from 2 cities in a country, then to another continent, and back in 2 days is crazy
  5. Oh oops idk how I miscount that but then yeah it’s an EP case closed
  6. I’ve always seen it more as an EP & online it says EP’s are 4-9 songs long. Different sites say different things like some say 4-6 and others 3-5. So I guess Paradise can be considered an EP since it has 9 songs. But the BTD edition is an LP since disc 2 of the Paradise part has 10 (which includes burning desire)
  7. This is sweet <3 it’s nice to hear so many other artists praise her art as well as acknowledge how lovely of a person she is
  8. Since no one has proof most likely not. But also since we don’t have proof that doesn’t really mean we know for sure if she did or didn’t, that’s the answer. Something I would love is a timeline of her past jobs though And I agree with others, lizzyology would prob know the most on that subject
  9. I think this is what happened with the announcement. It wasn’t really a formal announcement when she brought it up. I’m thinking closer to the release, she’ll post on social media a more official announcement with more info. Pretty sure others have mentioned it already, but vinyl production has been slower post-pandemic, so the releases are taking more time than usual which sucks for fans unfortunately Maybe since she announced it super early, it will give her more time to drop a single in the meantime. Her BB rollout was like this- first mentioned working on 2 albums (COCC & BB) about 11 months before actual release of BB in November 2020 Official title announcement in April 2-3 months before original release date (originally June then pushed to July) released 3 singles 1 month after title announcement in may (1-2 months before original release date and 5 months before official release) 1 single about a month (September) before actual release in October hopefully it doesn’t get delayed like BB though She was working on 2 albums and it was only a year into the pandemic though, so maybe that changed the timeline.
  10. Well my step uncle is also Lana’s grandfathers ex pastors son so I think we know who the real insider is
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