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  1. Reminds me of this vid of her dancing to A&W in her underwear love her https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTNejahK2/
  2. shadesofblue

    Charli XCX

    hi it's me you're all in danger never get invited cause i'm such a hater got my finger on the detonator crazy girl shit gonna go spring breakers
  3. I don’t know what to think anymore whether it’s coming out in September/this year or not tbh. I do know I’d rather lana to take her time to create something she’s proud and passionate about. Her hesitation recently and comment about her lasso announcement reception makes me think she’s not sure how people will react. I’d rather her take her time to create another amazing masterpiece instead of rushing a September release for something she’s not confident about at the end of the day. She usually releases new albums every year and a half to 2ish years so it can’t be much later than spring 2025 either way
  4. I love these pics I wonder if this is for her own music, tough or just unrelated. It reminds me of lizzy grant + btd but with more southern laid back vibes. I hope her next album has a similar aesthetic
  5. Side note need lana to go on Trisha’s podcast so bad she wants to interview her. It would be so good I just need to see them in the same room and interact with each other
  6. shadesofblue

    Charli XCX

    Kinda crazy how much money and fame she already has, she still feels the need to compete and bring down other women. It shouldn’t be like that, her album has been out for almost 2 months at this point. if she was really for woman she wouldn’t block people like charli and Billie who made amazing and acclaimed albums. They deserve their flowers too. It reeks of jealousy and I just find it sad for her
  7. why does she refuse to do her own shows/tour and only seems to want to do fests. fests are fun but they are so expensive, more fans would come out to her own shows
  8. my UV ranking: West Coast - 10/10 Shades of cool - 10/10 Cruel world - 10/10 Black Beauty - 10/10 Ultraviolence - 10/10 Brooklyn Baby - 10/10 Pretty when you cry - 10/10 Is this happiness - 10/10 Guns and roses - 10/10 Sad girl - 10/10 Florida Kilos - 10/10 Old money - 10/10 Flipside - 9/10 FMWUTTT - 8/10 Money power glory - 8/10 Other woman 7/10 (mostly because it’s a cover) I remember when this album came out, it truly was life changing. it’s a big part of who I am as cheesy as that sounds. A lot of my style, aesthetics and music preferences are based off UV. It never gets old and has continued to be iconic even 10 years later. Black Beauty was the first unreleased Lana song I heard and i was SO happy when I was able to hear it officially released on UV. I have so many great memories throughout my teenage years that I associate with this album when it came out summer of 2014 and even still to this day. Looking back on my teen years, UV is the first thing I think about. Happy 10 years to the greatest album
  9. the funniest part about meeting lana was when this kid gave her aka lizzy vinyl to sign and she corrected “ray” to “rey” and we screamed NOOOO and she goes “that mindset is gone”. oh lizzy is long goneee😭💔💔 pic.twitter.com/t3ZTWChVDw — la la 🐰 (@lanaeviltwin) June 13, 2024 @Surf Noir girl get UP
  10. I’m glad she might be going to Mexico they deserve those shows <3 hope she adds some more. Is this person actually trustworthy though
  11. OMG thank u so much Elle they are gorg <333 i love u forever I love u forever
  12. I kinda had the same thought. She’s obviously been working on music but shes been vague and unsure when asked about lasso specifically. I don’t think it would be a completely new album but maybe she decided to change the title and direction a little
  13. Was it like an oh god I’m scared how it will be perceived when it’s released or it’s not gonna be called lasso or not happening anymore
  14. she looks absolutely stunning as we all know but omg her legs look so good wtf give us the workout routine ms girl shes been hitting leg day
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