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  1. don’t worry king you tried your best ✊✊ it’s not your fault lana is so ~mysterious~ and ~elusive~.
  2. yes, although @Sportscruiser hasn’t updated us on whether he managed to ask her questions backstage.
  3. i cant believe taylor directly told lana she wants fame more than anyone else i mean we knew that but at least try to be humble?
  4. us HBB and IMBSFBSH truthers will never give up. these songs WILL be on the album. amen.
  5. chat how do we feel about this i’m naive and this sounds realistic to me
  6. i genuinely cannot believe people think this all started in 2023…like what? where have y’all been?
  7. there’s a separate palestine/israel thread, it’s in ‘World News’
  8. yeah i always want more songs from lana but i would much prefer a clean, refined 13 track album then a more convoluted one. although with lana a short album does not equal refinement; as much as i love chemtrails (11 songs), and it is overall cohesive, the production isn’t the strongest on a lot of the songs and for free/breaking up slowly feel like filler tracks (even tho i like them, they’re just such weak tracks). on the other hand i wouldn’t say long albums for lana are filled with fillers…i think ultraviolence (14 songs) is really strong, maybe someone could argue there’s one filler but it’s definitely a strong, satisfying album. so even though i agree with this comment in general, lana doesn’t apply to it lol.
  9. unfortunately i haven’t finished it and haven’t had much time to read it :(( i’ll try to finish it by the end of june i already have some gripes with it too lol because i know how the story ends and it’s frustrating
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