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  1. Very true! She’s still going to sell the same amount but it will just be spread out. While she may not be recognized as successful by “gp” standards she still does very very well for the type of artist that she is. Literally nobody else could do it like her with the same circumstances lol!
  2. Main issue is the vinyls being delayed. The social would have maybe helped some but the nail in the coffin so to speak is the lack of her primary physicals this first week.
  3. I know I’m the minority here but the string version of Beautiful didn’t do too much more than the piano to me. I love the original one honestly! It’s such a wonderful track! So excited for the album to officially be out though! Very very curious to see how the media and gp react to it. Should be very interesting!
  4. One of my fave songs off this album and one of my fave videos. The simplicity and beauty of it paired with the song itself makes something magical. Love how you catch instances of her sadness but then she kind of pulls herself out of it knowing she has her sisters there. Love the kitchen/cooking scenes and just seeing her and chuck play around. Tex or Mex also making an appearance, just yes!
  5. Thunder or Beautiful. Both are very classic and relatively easily accessible tracks.
  6. I’ll go ahead and do a preemptive ranking lol. As always things may change as more time passes with BB. 1. Honeymoon 2. Blue Banisters 3. Norman 4. Ultra (Very close w/Norm. No denying it is a classic and true Lana staple. It really is in a league of its own. That said as I have gotten older and more mature I just find myself relating to it less, still one of her best though.) 5. Lust For Life/Chemtrails 6. Paradise/AKA 7. Born To Die
  7. Beautiful did give me slight Adele and Taylor vibes as well. The question is who or what came first, the egg or the chicken so to speak lol. As previously mentioned Lana has heavily inspired many current artists. So when we hear a Lana song and think of another artist is that truly the other artists impact or Lana’s herself lol. Just fun and crazy to think about. We love stanning a modern/contemporary legend.
  8. BB def hits for me. I’m going to sit with it a bit more before ranking the albums themselves. That said though it really is shaping up to be one of my favorites. As I said before it just feels so inviting. Like talking/reconnecting with an old friend. It has that classic feel/vibe. Also let me just say how fucking happy I am to have/be able to actually hear the varied instruments in the songs. So fucking wonderful and beautiful.
  9. I'd love Thunder, If You Lie, or the title track. While I think the last two are much less likely I do believe Thunder has a good chance of being the one!
  10. In regards to the whole Colbert thing I am thinking Arcadia or Thunder with the backing singers. I think the latter could be a real possibility if live live lol. I think she might feel more comfortable with them. That said it could be a whole pre recorded sit like the last one. Interested to see what that will be about!
  11. I'm going to assume this was a sarcastic and roundabout way for him to say they had not been changed. Who knows though lol!
  12. Of course I was working when everything originally happened yesterday. That said I have sat with the songs for a while now and I can say they are truly something very special. I do agree it is a heavier piece of work to digest and I can see how it isn't some's cup of tea but I find it so raw and refreshing. It's def not playing things safe or vanilla, very progressive and still on brand. Out of the new songs not previously leaked/released I would say my faves are If You Lie Down With Me, Beautiful, and Black Bathing Suit. Sweet Carolina is also just so beautiful and intimate as well, love it. Really the only song that didn't hit me as hard is Violets. Either way another amazing album, classic yet again, nobody does it like her. Her contemporaries really cannot compete.
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