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  1. I didn’t get to watch but from what I’ve seen y’all say it went pretty well. Starting to watch now and let me say I absolutely love opening with Nature Boy. It is one of my faves! Already starting out great!
  2. I’m thinking the “tour” is more a string of festival dates. I don’t foresee an actual LDR tour this year. I wouldn’t mind being proven wrong though!
  3. DLT

    Pink Champagne

    Fuckkkk. Wow! This is so good.
  4. Church is serving Judah interlude to me. Ominous and kind of foreboding and provocative. Definitely matches the albums art/aesthetic.
  5. My indie and target variants arrived today. Amazon, standard black, and white vinyl all shipped and scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Also the shirt and cd box set! Looking back I really wish I had snagged all the cassettes when they were up. They were so cute. I do have a standard cassett on way too though. The indie and retail exclusive vinyls really slay though. Ready to get my black one so I can do a proper listen
  6. Am I crazy or wasn’t there several posts about Variety doing a ranking and placing COCC as #1? I just ask cause the variety ranking I came across this morning was completely different. I wonder if they edited or if maybe another writer dropped a different ranking.
  7. Fingers crossed it doesn't. I hope physicals have been give priority in targeted markets tbh, US and UK. I'm not sure if that is the case though. That said I am in US and all of mine have shipped. Just snagged another couple too. I wasn't going to get cassettes but I did lol.
  8. Mine has shipped. I believe got notif thursday. I am in the US for reference.
  9. The one I agree on is Margaret. The others I will overlook since we are on same page with Margaret lol. I really feel like it is overhyped. Idk it just doesn’t do much for me. Weakest track on the album. I skip it when it comes on. Just doesn’t feel very Lana to me. I can’t explain it. To each their own though. Maybe it will click one day but I don’t think so lol.
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