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  1. Agreed. This seems very much like it is being partially if not fully based on her recent controversies and remarks.
  2. I got the red target exclusive as well! Also got the gray and transparent store editions. That will probably be it for me unless another cover pops up which I don’t think there is supposed to be. I’m really excited for the Alt Cover red one, it’s so pretty
  3. Lol guys the paper was cute at the time when she posted it in her little video. I was like ohhhhh, okay lol. It was funny and sweet. As far as Dan Heath, I think it’s super interesting she brought him on for this record. Like not unhappy at all, very glad. His strings are beautiful. Just wondering what made her do that. Nostalgia, the lack of Jack being as available? Will he be featured more in her upcoming work. I think it’s cool they really reconnected work wise for the album.
  4. Maybe the same background/scene from the front but just no Lana? I never even thought of it till you mentioned. We def need to know this lol!
  5. I had thought someone said they made this or it was a fan edit a few pages back. I’m not sure if it’s real.
  6. I doubt Lana would want to work with him again because he isn’t as amiable as other producers. Like she likes to be in charge and he was trying to be boss lol.
  7. Awwwww I stan Angel so much. Love to see the mention! I agree though. I’d like more fire. She def seems fired up so we will see I guess. I think she’s really over the bullshit so I wouldn’t be surprised if that were to be the case.
  8. I loved what Dan did with Ultra, true legend but I think him and Lana clashed too much. He pushed too much and she isn’t necessarily one to back down. I get the vibe they were bother very stubborn and probably too much alike in the sense that their(singular) vision was the “right” vision. It did end up being fire though but we def won’t have another record with them together lol.
  9. Idk about FNaC but JB still has it up for pre order! I’m from the UsS and had placed an order from there. It was simple and not too expensive for shipping.
  10. Fully agreed! I mean it is nice to monetize but that’s not her deal. She’s here for the art and music in that moment. She moves on rather quickly, lol. But yeah the rec label is def trying to make up for lost revenue due to lack of touring. I’m really curious to see what these next vinyl variants would be. That said I probably won’t buy anymore unless they are new cover/completely blow me away. The red, gray, and transparent are enough! At the end of the day I love most of what Lana puts out but really would love one original album with Zach. Covers or classics would be cool but I’d really like original content. We will see what happens.
  11. I can understand what you’re saying and where you’re coming from. I def think her and Rick composed a mega discography that really locked in her “signature/classic” LDR sound. They worked really well together and honestly think she was at one of her most creative points with him. While I def wouldn’t be opposed to more with Rick I kind of feel like Lana is just wanting to vibe and try new things. Could her and Rick ever work together again, def. Do I think it will be sometime soon, not really. I like her work with Jack and love the music we’ve gotten so far but I can’t help but feel we have reached that max limit here. I’m just looking for someone new and diff and Zach checks off a lot of boxes for me! Btw those songs are untouchable. Seriously classic LDfuckingR.Just pure magic. I do miss that, it makes me nostalgic lol. But we are where we are!
  12. Honestly I think her and Zach can make something really special considering California and Thunder. Summertime was great for what she had to work with. I have feeling they were wanting to keep it more “traditional”. I do love Rick though. Him and Lana have made sooooo much magic together. People sleep on Rick but he helped LDR become who she is today, period. Unpopular opinion but I think he’s her best producer. I’d def be here for another record from them!
  13. Oh I thought it was just the one disc this go round. Hmmmm it probably didn’t fit her vibe/vision for the album then. Hopefully that means it will be rather cohesive. But yes, for sure. Lana has referenced “lightning in a bottle” with Jack a few times as far as their work together and I really think she’s sleeping on her and Zach’s. Thunder, California, even Summertime are very fresh for her and next level. I kind of think she’s leaning into her and him working together more though. Especially considering he was helming the ASC. Hopefully we get a brand new album out of that partnership, at least once!
  14. Apparently we do. I don’t have them but several people have said that they’re out and Jack produced all tracks minus Yosemite, including Dark But Just A Game. I have a feeling Dealer was left off. I don’t remember who it was but they had a good theory that maybe adding the extra song would have caused the need for a double lp which could have caused an even longer delay due to the increased vinyl production. Really hoping we get dealer next album. Really getting the vibe that this will be the last album with Jack, at least for now. So fingers crossed Zachary is the next producer and we get a fresh take. All his tracks we have so far have been great. Especially compared to other recent songs.
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