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  1. Same!!!! Can someone at least describe what the picture was?
  2. Was just listening to Your Girl and realized how similar some of the lyrics are between it and The Blackest Day. The Blackest Day is almost like an evolved completely reworked Your Girl, wow. She really has created such a rich and interconnected universe with her music, no contemporaries can compete. Another perfect opportunity to add how prolific she is, we are blessed. Now that I’ve been sitting here thinking about this for a bit I’m 99% sure I’ve made this connection before but forgot since I haven’t listened to YG in so long. Either way love the Lanaverse!
  3. There definitely will be physicals. Her label will not let her release without them. I highly doubt we would even get digital then physical later. They are going to want physicals with initial release to push her 1st week sales.
  4. DLT


    Literally listening to it right now, one of my faves. Fucking classic! Everything about it is perfect.
  5. I don't think I saw him there but def could have been. I just think is likely Lana and the Kacey Ian have been in similar circles. 1. Kacey is now signed at same label. 2. The Christmas special 3... just speculation lol. We will see I suppose.
  6. Cool, good to know. Was wondering cause if they were on same label then maybe he just happen to be with label person and stepped in to listen. Knowing he is on diff label def means he was there for a reason.
  7. I can def see it being rec/label execs/people listening to the album or maybe that song in particular. Does anyone know what label Jon is signed with, if not independent?
  8. So sooooo many yes lol! Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if some don't make it on this album but are used for the next one I'm sure she is already working on lol. I agree Drew/Jack for sure and Jon as well some way some how! Excited to see. The other producer's name was Ian. I still think it could be the Kacey Musgraves producer but I know some people thought was other Ian. We never got confirmation on which Ian it was lol!
  9. I feel like Gabe may make an appearance as well. I really hope so, loved his work on BB! Ohhhh and what about that other one... I forget his name, it was FaceTime in truck saying they were making magic together. There was a whole discourse about who he was, multiple producers had same name.
  10. Yesss Neil! So fucking excited. So curious and intrigued too because she mentioned there being no room for color in the interview with W but now the visuals seem more colorful than I would have anticipated. They do seem grand and rich. Hazy as someone said which was great term. Getting strong strong Honeymoon vibes. So curious to see how the visuals relate to the music. I’m so ready!
  11. Jk lol. I think it is a good sign as well! Definitely excited for what’s in store.
  12. There’s something in the wind. I can feel it blowing in. Magnum Opus? Maybe. I’m ready! side note were we ever able to confirm if that atrl user was credible in any way. Maybe any ties to eclipse or boz?
  13. They have variations for both. Win win if we got BNM for the single and album. Notice just reference of the one single because it will be a short rollout with album in January. We will not accept anything else. Jk, I will but that's my dream. Good call out, I knew they had one for both but didn't recognize the wording. I am perched!
  14. I can see this lol. She cannot/will not be tamed/controlled! I'm so random, let's leak the fucking announcement date in a random interview with a random media outlet at a random gala. Can't blame her either, she's been holding everything in for so long lol. She loves to tease/share!
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