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  1. Picking we know it needs to be Hey Blue Baby! I agree about the collabs. Please limit. I’ll accept Weyes and Zella. Idk why but I get the vibe if there is one with them it will be them all in one track lol. Not two separate tracks.
  2. Just adding to these possible female collaborators that she recently toured with I absolutely wish Julia would have been brought in. I fucking love her so much. Crushing is/was so good and her and Lana sounded amazing singing Don’t Know How To Keep Loving You. I know it’s unrealistic though. Their voices just meshed perfectly. Either way if there are collabs please keep them at a minimum.
  3. Same. I don’t mind either. I liked Zella’s earlier stuff but haven’t really listened to her new stuff. On the other hand though Natalie is pure perfection and I would be fucking living, music wise. I do hope the cover is Lana alone though, although I have a feeling you’re right.
  4. I’m from Texas so feeling very happy to see Lana down here lol! As far as BUS, very intrigued and excited. I feel like country is a natural sound or outlet for Lana. She’s been playing with it for years. I personally love country so I’m here for it. Not too mention it already kind of confirms a varied soundscape. I don’t think we are getting nothing but piano ballad guys, let’s be happy about that! One critique though, while I like country I don’t think I like Nikki singing the song with Lana. Idk I’ve never really listened to her stuff but it just kind of takes away from it for me so hoping it is solo. That said though I have a feeling it might not be considering the LMLYLAW vid. I’m actually anticipating a track with Weyes and Zella as well!
  5. All the people dragging her for the cover art in her insta post lol! Idk if I see this ending well lol.
  6. I’m feeling opener as well, would be a good bridge between the two records.
  7. Finalllllllfuckingly! People who have listened/are listening how does it sound? So excited! The cover is definitely, uhhmmm unique lol.
  8. Let us hope lol! I can see that being the case! However, the PTSD in me makes me wonder if the release of Chemtrails is dependent on Violets success. I know that’s just paranoia but you can’t blame a person lol!
  9. Well Violet’s not over yet obv, might as well strap ourselves in for a couple more weeks before we get any Chemtrail info! Side note love how that one account was like we have multiple copies, yessss. Like seriously we’ve already dropped that money. Now let us drop the rest on COTC!
  10. I don’t think it’s Lana related. I see where Chuck edited the post and the tag for Lana is not there. They run in same circles and know a lot of the same people. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chuck met some through Lana, Sheridan for example, and now is using them for other artists/projects she’s working on. Who tf really knows though. At the end of the day we just leave being more confused than we started lol!
  11. Idk it’s hard for me to tell. I can def hear Lana but then again the vibe just makes me think it could be some other Alt/Rock female singer I can’t put my finger on.
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