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  1. Coincidence, I think not. Ldr9 October release confirmed!
  2. I feel like things are building up with her promo/event wise and now we have this interview/cover. I think the cycle has begun so to speak so I believe it is sooner rather than later. I think it'll be sometime this year but could be wishful thinking. As far as the title I think she probably has one in mind/working one but maybe just not ready to reveal yet. Maybe it would be too revealing for now. I'm optimistic lol.
  3. Not after he butchered Lust For Life, keep him away lol!
  4. I feel this lol, I'm also manifesting.
  5. Could she maybe send drew the voice memos and then he works on orchestral comps and then she goes in and records the actual take. That said though the orchestral composition wouldn't exactly match because it each take is different no matter how much one tries to match it. It would most likely be minor changes to make though. They have been seen in studio together, "charting." One of the potential insiders did mention earlier this morning the takes/song or songs still sounded raw so maybe she is using actual voice note takes, I kind of doubt it though. Idk we shall see, all very interesting lol.
  6. Idk in regards to sound I really don't know what to expect. We have what has been mentioned raw, orchestra, reverb, angry, wordy, more automatic/free flowing lyricism, one takes, and 808's. I really am leaning into songs in the veins of WD, TJF, CG, TB, and BB but something different. I don't necessarily expect it to sound the same as this but just the vibes. I really am anticipating a slightly different sound. I really am excited for the more free handed lyrics though. Her older storytelling/more conceptual lyrics were fun and appreciated but I really have grown to love her more open, honest, and diaristic approach with Chem and BB. I'm here for whatever is to come though.
  7. I was thinking same thing, low key but quick and organized.... I was thinking a rollout similar to Honeymoon would be perfect. As I said before though I really think Tap will try to get her to do more stuff since she is their top artist now so we will see how that works out. Maybe she will feel inclined to do what she can to help them now. I get the sense she is the mother hen/take care of friends type maybe that will play into things where they are concerned. I'm sure I am overthinking this lol. Original point rollout similar to Honeymoon would be perfect.
  8. This is album related in the sense that it relates to the rollout but I really wonder how her being back to Tap's most high profiled artist will affect this rollout. Now that Dua is gone I feel like they will want/need to push out/plan more stuff. There would be more urgency since she is their highest ticket artist. That said we all know Lana does what Lana wants lol. Just interesting to wonder/think about. As far as album rollout timeline I am hoping for earlier release, October would be great. Idk from what she has said and if that shoot is indicative of any direction I'm not necessarily getting summer vibes so could make sense. If the album is truly not done and her and Jack still have work to do then I at very least hope she can have her vinyls/physicals prioritized over other releases. I don't see her releasing without physicals no matter what she previously said lol. Like I keep wondering and thinking about the logistics of it all. For example if other artists are scheduled to have vinyls pressed I wonder if Lana submitted hers for pressing if they would take precedence over the other acts. Like all the behind the scenes stuff is so interesting.
  9. Agreed, she has grown/matured/changed so much. She is not the same person she used to be, just like all of us she is always changing and evolving. I really think she has shed that skin that so many are hoping/wanting a return to. I know the new Lana style/vibe isn't everyone's cup of tea but I don't see it really going anywhere, I feel like she is more about being her authentic/true self and keeping things real and grounded now more than ever. Either way I am living for it. Give me the diary/journal entries.... lol the text book/blue banisters level lyrics give me all the feelings.
  10. Love Tim and Dan both, I think they could probably contribute nicely with the vibe I am getting. Also have to have Father Rick in there somewhere lol. Not necessarily album related but just want to say love that OG makeup and hair is back. Like She really has been glowing/radiant. Also makes you think or wonder like why are they back now, are they staying, will they be present through album cycle.... what does it all meannnnnn lol!?!
  11. Magazine shoot is gorgeous the insights provided are very very interesting. Raw, orchestra, reverb, wordy, angry, and no room for color. More automatic writing/singing which I am totally here for. Really curious to see how they translate with the orchestral compositions and further production which I am sure is to be added. It is very exciting. Idk can we just take a moment to really appreciate and think about how prolific and amazing Lana is. Like 9/10 records if you count both AKA and Paradise in slightly over a decade and always quality. Like really nobody else compares or is on that level. It really is kind of awe inspiring and beautiful to witness in real time. She really has been reliving/referencing her past a lot, especially Honeymoon. It's super intriguing and makes me think they will be connected in some way. It may not be noticeable per se but just a vibe I have. Either way very excited and hoping we get some more concrete info soon but this interview/shoot has me ready lol!
  12. Currently streaming on repeat to celebrate!
  13. Loved this, very beautiful and Old Hollywood. Glamour meets grey gardens, as others have mentioned old money and fine china vibes for sure from the shoot and interview. I also loved how she discussed/referenced Honeymoon. I do fear those people looking for the "bops"/return to a more energized sound are going to be very disappointed from what was revealed about the music.That said she always has a track or two that is a mood/vibe piece you can really groove to. I screamed internally when I read orchestra! Orchestra, raw, and reverb... I am ready lol. Hopefully the music is sooner rather than later but if it is still untitled then maybe just maybe some of these recent outings/events/life living in Italy will find there way into the music. We know she works fast no matter the circumstance. I also found the part about how ideas are harder to come by now very interesting. How she said she really no longer can write when alone/needs to be forced into the studio.I still think she is a free flowing well when compared to other artists especially but the fact that she shared that insight is just kind of very revealing and super insightful.
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