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  1. Wolf Alice's discog on shuffle lol!
  2. DLT

    Ethel Cain

    Got me a white tornado tee. I love it. So excited.
  3. So I haven’t been following as closely as I normally do. Works been crazy lol. But is there a particular reason we think this may be coming besides her doing two covers recently and releasing one? like something concrete-ish or are we just kind of speculating and manifesting lol?
  4. I need this video added to YouTube and the recording added to streaming services NOWWWWW.
  5. She’s fucking serving so hard. Looks and sounds so good. And it’s live live. Omg! We won.
  6. Currently having my first listen and its melody is reminiscent to “Our Love Affair” from An Affair to Remember.
  7. Does anybody know if the Dallas tickets have been released yet. I mean to the people who purchased directly vs resale?
  8. She looked soooo good last night. That hair! Her pretty face! Even the recycled dress lol. She was serving! A small piece of me was hoping she would start changing up the set list a bit but I knew that wouldn’t happen lol.
  9. Do we have confirmation on Ticketmaster not releasing tickets till the day of the show… cause if that’s the case this is going to be a mess for all of us who bought resale tix. Hopefully my person is on their game and gets me mine as soon as it comes through. Fingers crossed it’s a day or two in advance though. I want to know my seat #s already too. It was so annoying just being able to pick based off of section and row.
  10. I caved and bought tickets higher than I should have. Really should have waited but is what it is lol. Only thing I'm not a fan of is ticket delivery is by event date. Anybody else encounter this as well?
  11. StubHub is the most reliable reseller. Yesss, we got this!
  12. Fighting the urge to spend 3-4x's face value on tickets just because the price dropped a little. It's hard but I know the closer to the show the lower they will go lol! Send help/willpower lol.
  13. She looks sooo good. The bangs are so pretty. Yard sale though lol, honestly wouldn’t expect anything different. She’s so low key and grounded. Love it!
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