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  1. canela


    could u pm me this <33
  2. canela


    reviving this thread 2 say STREAM SLAYYYTER
  3. canela

    Azealia Banks

    me too please omg
  4. canela

    Jazmin Bean

    THEY/THEM to quote Jazmin's song Princess Castle "we're a dying flower, their the fucking florist". the nonbinary otherworldly self-inspiring "alien" recently released their debut EP "Worldwide Torture" alongside they have put out 2 Music videos for the EP Title Track & Saccharine: it has since developed enough acclaim to lead them into a Vogue interview check it out here:
  5. its basically like her releasing ' soon i wont see you at all ' 2.0 with it just being 3 new songs to listen to,,,, but im not gonna act like i wasnt gonna keep dancing 2 this old shit anyways. happy i can delete the soundcloud rips.
  6. canela


    no its good just like all of her songs have been...shes cumming PER USUAL. someone tell me to update the OP CHALLENGE LMAO
  7. canela


    from her unpolished sc demos
  8. canela


    i think she tweeted something like S1 is just a Mixtape of songs she wants out S2 is her debut of more polished/serious songs shes been actually writing in the studio
  9. canela


    when s3 has the funds to be solo produced by Ayesha isssssss ova
  10. canela


    this is haunting me. you both look absolutely STUNNING by the way
  11. canela


    https://twitter.com/memoURL/status/1143360223580741632 oh my godddddd her mind shes serving endless vocals https://twitter.com/filmsci/status/1143383311177408512 https://twitter.com/filmsci/status/1143382972843905024 https://twitter.com/filmsci/status/1143383756641918976 + performed All I Want For Christmas Is You https://twitter.com/patrick_w116/status/1143384942275117056
  12. canela


    to think LITERALLY 10 months ago when i made this thread this b*tch would be touring I LOVE HER SO MUCH she deserves everything and MORE i'm so excited to see tour videos + hope to make it to the July LA date i have 2 tickets for the 29th LA date i cant go to anymore ): if anyones interested
  13. canela


    the rumors are true i have fallen into a hole of listening to her discography on repeat all week
  14. canela


    I NEED Celebrity+the song w Streets of LA instrumental
  15. canela

    Kim Petras

    she said shed always do pop bangers but she wants to explore her sound as an artist as shes allowed to do.
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