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  1. TPNO is Linus IV Also I think I remember someone said both versions we have of Bel Air are from 2015? Is that true?
  2. modern day "what's the sitch?"
  3. https://t.co/4xD240XcPz?amp=1
  4. I dont understand why they cant just delete the posts since that picture was first discussed, like fake or not this is not ~news~ or anything and the only people that knew about it were the kids that refresh dbree and are on discord all day. yet people get warning points for asking for a link to a song
  5. Doesn't matter. Nobody wants to see a dead body in a coffin which resembles her at a glance. Take that video down. I literally did not even care to look at it on dbree cause its disrespectful but you post it here. We were mourning, and back to clean conversation involving her music then you come with that bullshit. It couldve stayed wherever it was posted you guys didnt have to bring it here where nobody even knew about it.
  6. why would you post that here
  7. I really always doubted that she would release songs like Reason Why, Sunscreen, Exhilarate, etc. on her own album (even NYBD and TMTD seem like they're just live set offerings) so I wonder where she really was with a new album. I love all the songs above and I would love them on an album but I can't see miss L.O.V.E./Pretending releasing an album like that.
  8. No Choice with Cecile and Sweetness with Eyelar! Sophie and Jodie wrote 90 On The Freeway together but Jodie ended up officially releasing a version she reworked (Tuesday) This leak is Sophie's production
  9. i feel nothing for the people who choose to spend all their money on 8 copies of the same cd like honestly how are you even blaming anyone else but the buyer
  10. https://dbree.org/v/8c3cd7
  11. this is literally how rumors start in this thread
  12. yes girl everytime it comes on i think that charli recorded this specifically to sell to a reboot of that childrens cartoon Madeline
  13. The way that The Party's Never Over acapella is better than that Linus demo
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