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  1. Brat really took over these recent releases but she released the Club Shy Remix EP
  2. bitch my sucker angel wing keychain was plastic and broke after a couple years, trade stole my keys with the vroom vroom keychain, I NEED A BRAT KEYCHAIN!!!!!!
  3. i think maybe it was considered for the sims and she created a simlish version like reverse n stop? speaking of reverse n stop, can someone send me candy in the air and day off?
  4. there's a link like two pages back with some ooepui remixes (you guys are saying demos but they're closer to the versions on the remix album) and some collabs
  5. Club Shy Rmx - June 7th 01 Shygirl / Kingdom / Empress Of: “4eva (X-Coast Remix)” 02 Shygirl / Kingdom: “F@k€ (VTSS Remix)” 03 Shygirl / Lolo Zouaï: “Mute (Logic1000 Remix)” 04 Shygirl / Boys Noize: “Tell Me (K Edit)” 05 Shygirl / SG Lewis: “Mr Useless (MK Remix)” 06 Shygirl / Cosha: “Thicc (Fedde Le Grand Remix)” 07 Shygirl / Danny L Harle: “Encore”
  6. Her fabric mix is so good hoping for a club shy part 2 soon (which i highly doubt)
  7. Julia Fox was the actually the it girl in the straight world for a minute after uncut gems came out (kanye even dated her) then they just abandoned her
  8. She was amazing at Coachella. Claude is really good. Acknowledge Me, OKLOSER, and Piss are my favorites but it really put more of the standard album back in rotation for me too. I read a little rumor saying that there's another third part to Scarlet coming but idk does anyone have any tea on that?
  9. I would love JT on Eat
  10. a charli song on miranda's comeback movie soundtrack shes taking it
  11. the uh-ahs at the end? yes she literally listened to her 2015 sophie sessions and was like how can i interpolate time & envy into this for user comeintomybedroom on lanaboards
  12. https://x.com/0800shygirl/status/1775565704026014094?s=20 when we get the b2b remix with shygirl and gesaffelstein
  13. i did not think of charli at all when camila shared the snippet of her song until the gays who started listening to charli four years ago started stirring things up
  14. girls i dont think u understand that shes in a blockbuster movie... i dont think we can think about music until after this press tour at least
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