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  1. comeintomybedroom


    I feel like you bitches kinda hyped up Arana for me when it was probably the (I dont like using the word worst but..it wasnt good) Antyway the rest of the album is really good! I was actually overwhelmed already about getting so much Arca back to back but I'm def looking forward to iii iiii possibly iiiii
  2. I literally always think of how much I dislike this version and I am so happy we got the version we have
  3. comeintomybedroom


    so we're getting three new albums basically at once but you guys are worried about not getting a fifth??
  4. I've been listening to 'lately i feel everything' on repeat for like the past month! it's so good!
  5. The Rockstar we have is from 2012 so I don't think so
  6. Actually i stream fsn everyday at the gym. sometimes twice! (:
  7. I ordered from her uk store because the tshirt/vinyl bundles isnt on the us store so i did get the uk and ireland presale code
  8. It's one of my favorites! It's from 2015
  9. do you happen to have a link? i don't know how i missed that.
  10. Just the super low quality leak right?
  11. i think its just assumed because charli recently retweeted that snippet of what u want from her bandsintown show again..but she unretweeted it also idk but i want to say i remember someone mentioning the title New Shapes way back when we first got that snippet
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