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  1. https://onlyfiles.io/f/2c302caf4b6d4f37939b5c65873db18b https://onlyfiles.io/f/f5cf478509f041b2b4bc8eb45b0b6077
  2. omg love the new single, bought, streaming, preordered, yada yada ya but omg the demo of alterlife has been on my mind so much these past few dayeeeeeessssssss omg WHY ARE YOU SO SCARED OF FALLING please leak this
  3. no you dummy but she just released a brand new album (that she is really proud of) like two months ago so us bitches are literally not thinking about an xcx world release as of now! why is that hard for you to understand!
  4. now is not the perfect time lol i couldnt care less about xcx world rn
  5. Fallon next Thursday! It actually has been a minute but this feels like so sudden lol
  6. the nerve of the girl with the grimes pfp to call anything local. grimes is peak local alt girl music
  7. Nymph, September 30th
  8. No, i actually really like it and I would really like if all of them actually got together and performed it, Saweetie does well w her verse live @ 3:24 Yes Alors On Danse is already a great song but I cant shout its French lyrics (plus I already had a go w it like ten years ago in hs) so im sorry im v glad we got Out Out
  9. to be honest, girl, i hate disagreeing with you but
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