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  1. Imagine how tired we are, just please Melanie give us something..... ANYTHING
  2. She put her whole pu$#y into History, it's like crack I can't get enough. It's like a high every listen 😳😳🥐
  3. I hope this doesn't turn into another XCX world situation, that was my first thought.
  4. It isn't Charli if there isn't chaos
  5. Honestly I love Mel but this whole movie every album now thing is getting old, like you're only hurting yourself sis
  6. Give us the album already, we can wait for the movie 😊😒
  7. She was telling us 😳
  8. I want don't think twice next 😭
  9. Sis this ain't it 🤠
  10. I sure hope you're right
  11. That's a problem?
  12. Fun drinking game, put bounce on and take a shot Everytime she says bounce
  13. Obviously but I'm saying replace it with that because it fits better in my opinion
  14. I was saying this about recess, it's a beautiful song but history would of been a better closer Cute idea try replacing recess with history, thank me later
  15. In on yeules live stream and they said "it's funny you mention Charli, just wait until tomorrow" and something else I couldn't hear 🤔 idk if a Collab or if they're just going to incorporate Charli into their dj set
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