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  1. Imma be honest I hated the album at first and I've been listening for days and now I'm like ok sis serve, I've been singing the songs as I go about my day I think it's a grower for sure
  2. Really wishing I had light shower in hq right now it fits the vibe going and it would complete the mood. But alas I am stuck with the listening patty recording with that one dude and his dad
  3. I love the visible disappointment in the person recordings voice when moon cycle came on
  4. No offense but I know some little cry baby has the album, leak the damn thing. Why does it always end up in the hands of the too far up Melanie's ass cry babies and not us 😭
  5. Genuinely surprised it hasn't already seeing as most albums do around this time or earlier.
  6. Impatiently awaiting the 31st because these 2 gays talking during these hq recordings make it hard to listen
  7. With a bow, tie ribbon, stop it
  8. So that means that Oliver killed her or something then idek I'm just speculating
  9. IM SCREAMING OMG I just realized the dress Melanie is wearing and the hair color/style is the same she wore in the photo of her and Oliver tree 😭😭😭😭
  10. I'm also just sad because not only did we not see cry baby die but we probably won't get the deluxe or anything else for a few years 😭
  11. So um from what I've heard I still stand by my previous comment that botl is about her getting throat f'ckd especially since light shower is about getting nutted on, she sings about shoving some dudes penis into his mouth and many other things 🧚‍♀️
  12. I could be wrong but judging from the video she may have given up on the movie 👀 because with k-12 we didn't get videos until after the movie and they were clips from the movie. Still a little sad that we didn't get to see how cry baby died. Also where did the huge vagina shaped hole in her chest come from? (Cough cough stonemilker teas)
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