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  1. Lanaboards stop going down challenge, I got Melanie threads to read
  2. Lmfao no Charli is worse 😭
  3. Melanie stans on Twitter are something else 🙄 I hate that Melanie attracts so many children
  4. The sample boz talked of a while ago was this one huh I can't stop bopping to the snippet
  5. Me pretending I don't need them so they'll leak faster
  6. Our minds, we need it right NOWWWWWW
  7. Whattttt is my purpose todayyyyyyyyyyyy
  8. Someone leak purpose please 😭
  9. Pop The Balloons


    Too dead inside is so good
  10. Don't remind me the wait was unnecessarily long 😭
  11. If wdbcf can leak then purpose can too
  12. I swear to God if it it never leaks......
  13. Day whatever without purpose I need it NOW please and thanks
  14. I hope it's don't think twice
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