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  1. Same but honestly kinda over it and have no hope :/ I honestly forgot about Melanie until light shower came on shuffle today that's how this new era is for me
  2. @Nigel Hitch sis you are about to lose it 🤭
  3. I am genuinely so disappointed in her and this era, I saw the bigger picture at first but now it's just boring, dragged out, confusing and messy and like others have said there isn't much of anything to talk about like it was DOA.
  4. Are u saying someone leaked spring breakers because I would love to see it 😳
  5. Justice for queen Lizzy, that masterpiece deserved a release
  6. I am a little disappointed they're not actual songs 😭
  7. Where are y'all listening
  8. I hate to agree but I'm starting to feel this way, I was super into it at first and tried to be understanding but I just can't anymore :/
  9. Someone l word it plz
  10. I don't know how to feel about this info
  11. Wait what where I missed something Are we getting 2 die 4?
  12. Twice is one of charlis best sorry I don't make the rules 🤧
  13. Idk if I'm allowed to say this but if I remember correctly the other day choli said springs breakers isn't on the new album so like someone hand it over please and thank you
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