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  1. I second this, I can't get it out of my head 😭
  2. Melanie looks different https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZPRK887cu/ not in a bad way but idk the videos I've seen of her she looks different
  3. Oh yeah I forgot about her
  4. I know it's real I was just saying it sounded ai. 😭 I remember that it got registered recentish
  5. This kinda sounds ai
  6. It's so funny to me how in normal interviews Charli seems like she hates it and doesn't wanna be there but I'm watching this g@y interview her from 1 day ago and she is eating this up 😭 she really loves the g@ys huh
  7. So at first I wasn't sure of miss talk talk, now I'm obsessed it's stuck in my head
  8. It reminds me of 1,2 step by ciara tbh
  9. Because it's playing in the background of the beginning of the video where she's in the hallway on the phone
  11. What Britney talk?
  12. I check this thread and the Charli one daily, the Charli one always has some update and this one never does it's so sad. It used to be popping and now Melanie's like "YESSSS let em give y'all nothing 🤭" I know we're not entitled to celebs and their lives or anything of that but it would be nice for Melanie to give us something, anything
  13. We need the dare song NOW!!!!!! I'm foaming at the mouth I need ittttttt
  14. Not the Twitter Stan's making threads about her being a preggo or having a baby Bec of the Instagram story pic 😭
  15. Charli really meant it when she said she dgaf anymore huh
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