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  1. I- As much as I love the song that's the most random song to go viral
  2. This!!! And we need deep end too
  3. Eh her and her sh*tty apology ain't sitting right with me
  4. Not that flop TikTok singer who called her a flop back peddling and saying she was reading comments and that she loves Melanie 🙄
  5. I need the full, I pray to God she recorded a full
  6. I cannot emphasize my massive need for deep end to l word Also where do I join this discord server
  7. Someone leak it plz
  8. After 3 am with liquor in my blood
  9. 🧐🧐 I am not sure whether to be excited or not
  10. Is the blonde streak a clip in or wig or?
  11. I need to know now
  12. Sticks and stones is cute but im not sure how I feel about it just yet.
  13. Sza literally gunna release before this album 😭
  14. I think she's still going to use it tbh
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