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  1. No literally lock it up and throw away the key 😭 ab is insane
  2. Someone please make a mashup of so I and it's ok to cry I need it
  3. Now we need menace to society and all the others 😩 Also maze Final untagged leaked too so cr we got tbt tagged and edited before
  4. She gave us AOTY I fear Nobody is or will be able to top this
  5. I can't stop laughing the title took me out I love it
  6. Brat deluxe at midnight aghhhh
  7. I'd simple cease to exist, brat and Bratz my two faves
  8. Wait so is that white long titled cover confirmed the deluxe?
  9. Ah true I'm confused what's going on what's this live stream?
  10. What did I miss the post that was shared isn't loading for me :/
  11. I've been wondering this too, she said that we know who it's about in an interview but I still don't know for sure
  12. I have come to answer for my prior sins, gsc has grown on me and I have come around and seen the light
  13. truer words have never been spoken
  14. The way you made it happen
  15. I wonder if the deluxe is dropping soon, she wouldn't have teased spring breakers etc for a second time etc if it wasn't
  16. Triplets bestie 💞
  17. This part, I'm still not set on all of them but I really liked it more then I initially thought
  18. OMG the way me and oomf accidentally manifested????
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