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  2. Did you finish it yet? I first started reading Anna Karenina years ago (not even sure when!) but moved house and left the book at home. I just picked it back up again and finally finished it this time. Such a great story and characters (although I do have some gripes with it)!
  3. idk if it was Lana's influence, but I just ordered a bimonthly philosophical magazine.
  4. Until last year, vinyls had to be submitted five to six months before release. Artists and labels tend to announce the album / preorder three months after submission, to have a shorter pre-release rollout. But I’m not sure anymore if that timeframe is still the case. And I’m not sure if the rule is the same for every artist. Do the bestselling vinyls artists have to wait the same amount of time or can they « bump » the waiting list?
  5. jacobbb

    Charli XCX

    correct me if im wrong but this is all the titles I know if that were made in the brat era yellow = released green = leaked 360 365 50,000 20SecondsNow Apple B2B Barbie Girl Closer Club Classics Cut Me Off Everything Is Romantic Fantasy Fuck U Girl, So Confusing Girl$ Headlinez Hello Goodbye Honestly I Don't Like You I Don't Want Your Love I Might Say Something Stupid I Think About It All The Time In The City Kiss Kiss Goodbye Made It Make U Mine Mean Girls Nosebleed Project X Put Your Love On The Line Rewind So I Spring Breakers Take My House Talk Talk True Love Never Dies Underwear Von Dutch Von Dutch (Addison Remix) What I Got You Make Me Wanna Die
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  7. williamprb

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    GODicated vault just keeps on giving
  8. Lady Gaga reveals on Instagram, what would've been her this year's Met Gala look! https://www.instagram.com/p/C7XZNHtyBf-/?igsh=MTQ2eTAxam50bnRidQ==
  9. playing Froot at work today
  10. Embach

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Her new Instagram post! She's recording new music! She's definitely not producing it alone, definitely someone took those photos of her recording and I think the producer took them. She posted these recording photos in her stories as well! Caption: "All timing is perfect" https://www.instagram.com/p/C7XdBZryWNe/?igsh=MWZpeWZhanIxZ29jZw==
  11. Embach

    Instagram Updates

    I noticed that recently Lana started following Joshua Charow, who is a documentary filmmaker and photographer based in NYC. One of her dancers follow him as well. Of course she might follow him because she likes his work but maybe...there is a documentary collaboration? Also, Nancy Sinatra shared this latest Lana BBC interview at the Ivor Novello Awards in her Instagram stories, where Lana said that she will continue her Nancy Sinatra thing. How cute! https://www.instagram.com/stories/nancysinatra/3375225748611510154?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igsh=MWV6Nmw5b3M0NnltNQ==
  12. Oh okay, I just didn’t notice his comments until like the past year or so.
  13. Remind me, how much in advance do orders for vinyls have to be? Because if she’s this vague and unsure about the sound and direction, and it’s almost June, Lasso might be released later than September. But then again, she always seems to be vague about her music until it’s out so… who knows?
  14. Embach

    Instagram Updates

    Oh, he genuinely misses her. He has always been like that sweet about Lana, even in interviews from HM and LFL eras, he was always nostalgic talking about their studio days and always praised her. Recently he has worked with Tom Odell, Rosa Linn and also I saw some of his Insta stories promoting another singer I didn't know. I also remember BOZ said last year that he was working with Zara Larsson as well. Now he mostly works with European singers.
  15. Genuinely curious, who has Rick Nowels worked with recently? Because these comments are starting to sound a bit desperate, I can’t tell if he genuinely misses their time together or if he just want to work with her to earn more money because she’s a much bigger name now.
  16. Yeah, same. I don't think he's creepy. He probably likes to meet celebs and collect selfies with them. Reminds me of that guy who sings to every random celebrity, the one who sang Lana's National Anthem to Joe Biden lol
  17. I don't think it's scrapped but I'm starting to think it's delayed because it also reminded me of the way how she talked about COTCC in that Violet book premiere or in the Interview Magazine issue 2020. Kind of vague-ish hints. I don't mind collabs but I love LTLI and TNC as well, if there are collabs, maybe we should manifest collabs like these beautiful songs! I think it will be country because she has explored that aesthetic very strongly for many times recently but I'm not surprised if it has a new title by the time of the release as well. But I still think it's called Lasso because she would've corrected the journalist guy like she corrected him with the stadium tour. He did say "Lasso album". I sometimes secretly urge for Honeymoon sound as well but since Rick is not producing and Jack is the producer, we will have Jack-ish production like we've had in NFR, COTCC and Ocean Blvd. I think that Drew Ericson and Zach Dawes are involved as well.
  18. Update if anyone wanted it, I heard she’s not in London anymore 😭 this has now inspired me to get reading tickets so there’s that
  19. you are underestimating Lana, guys i still think it’s coming but don’t act like she can’t change her mind in a sec
  20. kOSTEK

    Charli XCX

    any ideas of how to watch charli perform while being outside of uk???
  21. he wants her back so bad im crying
  22. I love and hate this aspect of Lana. It’s the torture of her vagueness and snippets and red herrings, but the lois griffin rush of when she gets it right in the end and it completely shocks you
  23. This guy kinda ate with Lana's this year's Met Gala look "parody" https://www.instagram.com/reel/C6-SdDYN1Q7/?igsh=MWFzYmhwcHptdDJrdw==
  24. Oh...we won I need blue banisters songs in Ultraviolence style on streaming services
  25. I agree. I so wish he would have followed up with "So, are you going for a different sound? or Is it still planned for September? Could have also asked her about "Tough" Im just glad he actually asked her about her own music though, rather than "What's your favourite Taylor Swift song"?
  26. 0.1% chance of it really happening, but I love his work too, and who knows! I can see Lana doing something like that honestly, to add to the 10+ projects she's considering It's so sweet she acknowledged it!
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