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  2. Why he didn't just say "I know I fucked up and I'm sorry Lana" is beyond me
  3. Here we go... its a lot Personal faves:
  4. Nova Times

    Mariah Carey

    i know that she's known for her celebrity personality and glam but i've always loved her as an actual artist that's really masterful in her craft, and her songwriting's always seemed to be underlooked. such an inspiration
  5. Add All My Lovers Die and Descending. Pray For Rain remains the superior song
  6. We need og files for Bluebeard, Cobra demo 4, finders keepers if someone here could help <3
  7. My brain after 100 calories in a day This lyrics remind me of Without You
  8. Can you please link me to it? I'm trying to figure out which one it is but I have bad ears. thanks for the reply! <3
  9. its an unreleased track she teased back in 2010/2011 demo 4 leaked not too long ago
  10. Can someone explain what Cobra is, I thought it was one of the SoundCloud songs?
  11. this leaked a while ago idk why it just got posted on dbree she didnt have plans to release it till 2018

    Jessie Ware

    why is this thread so dead um.
  13. boom like that


    Whats that russian title under Death Angels?
  14. Sky blink twice if ur album is coming this year
  15. Today
  16. Isn't Legends from 2016 too?
  17. Ultra Violet


    I mean yeah, the way i just found that he did Transparency part II and IV as well. Flicking through his more recent releases, hes been channelling more chaotic Grimes energy than Grimes herself these days!
  18. I think the whole Masochism 2016 will leak... Always ready to lose you Hurt by you Guardian Pray For Rain All to myself Finders Keepers And now The Woods We getting feed
  19. wow i moved for that just now we NEED HER!
  20. Voignamir


    discovering d'eon in general felt like a fever dream, the fact he has like 4k monthly listeners on spotify now and grimes herself probably forgot about him (just like she did with darkbloom )
  21. as if we didn't have enough snippets already
  22. Ultra Violet


    I havent heard d'Eon's side of Darkbloom since 2014 because i forgot they existed Transparency was such a vibe to me then. This feels like a fever dream.
  23. Thank you! This definitely sounds better than the file I had. The lack of the guitar definitely hurts tho Wishing I Pray for Rain had a lossless leak as well
  24. Mountain

    Lykke Li

    I 100% agree with you. EYEYE is too good for her to leave the era without any extra material.
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