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  2. Looking at the HQ feed, I think there was an issue with her mic at the beginning (you can hear the feedback and see her fiddling with the pack on her waist), and I think that really set off her nerves during the first few songs.
  3. i was going to look up some videos of the performance but all i can find are videos where all i hear are the fans and not her
  4. She is still not singing properly into that mic and the sound guys are still not turning it up………….
  5. What a great evolution of her live show. I hope the next few shows help her get more acclimated
  6. Damn this is the most nervous I’ve seen her on stage even more than btd days. Hope she feels better next time, she couldn’t even gather her breath to sing quite a few times poor thing. But I love that they really planed out the show. The instrumentals were even better than I could’ve imagined and the dancers actually make the show better now. Her looks were gorgeous and so was the general stage design. I would’ve add fishtail and Paris, texas and cut a few older songs but that’s okay.
  7. Brazilian fans really getting riled up n crying everytime the camera panned over like damn they know what's up
  8. the Ride monologue... the visulas and the way she watched it I'm crying Cherry was so goood but I wish she would sing more
  9. Excuse you, it is the BEST song on Lust For Life and she knows it. That is why she made a video for it and has been singing it consistently ever since. She knows the cock anthem is that girl
  10. I mean - the production is nice, the setlist is nice but ... her vocals were really lacking for big parts of the show (not that it matters, the crowd shouts so loud they won't hear her sing anyway). Don't know why y'all feeld the need to talk yourself into something else.
  11. I was getting emotional n tearing up cus u can tell that she was really feeling it, I guess returning to the stage dk exactly but then I started laughing when she was pulling that move towards the end of singing BTD lol
  12. I'm watching the full concert on YouTube. It's magical. Thousands of people chanting "Lanita!" made me tear up. So good to see the amount of love she's getting. Also, having actual backup dancers on stage is such a deft touch. Fav tracks: Blue Jeans (she killed it), Norman (always sounds go good), and weirdly Arcadia (it's lovely live, has such a Leonard Cohen vibe).
  13. Saw that she opened with A&W looking like Marilyn, can't wait to watch this show tomorrow night!!
  14. i think my current ranking stands at 1. ultraviolence 2. nfr 3. honeymoon 4. born to die 5. ocean blvd 6. lust for life 7. aka 8. paradise 9. blue banisters 10. chemtrails
  15. She did. You can find clips on twitter. Her vocals were amazing too.
  16. did she sinf pretty when you cry? i heard it was cut off from the live tv and i wanna watch omg whattttttt
  17. I just woke up and oh my fucking god. FLIPSIDE???!?!! Marilyn wig?????!? She definitely takes her cuntybiotics
  18. Omg shes everything😭 lana has always had great stage presence but she looked like she was having so much fun! We know lana isnt the worlds most amazing dancer, but mama was given us some cute little choreo! and you can tell a lot of effort was put into this show, so many small details that made watching the livestream an experience of itself. I cant get over her coming out in the marilyn wig and the giant cape like that is so drag mama! Also, whatever she was doing with her voice during candy necklace was STUNNING, i had chills
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  20. The Siren

    Melanie Martinez

    a different jack theres @Coloringbooks and the other @Jack
  21. I know she’s not the most extroverted, but honestly watching the start so far, she belongs on stage. It’s been so long and the crowd seems so respectful and entranced. Brazil’s audience looks so grateful and cherishing it’s all so beautiful to watch
  22. The Siren


    apparently Like Random, Amnesia and Bad Situation were all recorded in the same sessions in July 2008???
  23. Omg I forgot she played bartender I would definitely change bartender to literally any other NFR song😭😭
  24. I just woke up and saw some clips on insta what a show!
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