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  2. I have a feeling Sweet Carolina will be the dark horse of the album and be her best closing song to date.
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  4. I think Text Book is about multiple people. I guess you could call it text book, I was looking for the father I wanted back to me suggests that she was in a pattern of using men to replace her father, rather than just one person. She also at one point says maybe just the way we're different could set me free and then later people say we're too much alike, but maybe that will finally make it right which again suggests that the song is about multiple relationships, and her overall experience through her text book daddy issues. Given that the album is meant to tell her whole story, it makes sense that she'd start with a topic like this one that people have always associated her with, especially earlier in her career when she sang more about toxic relationships and used the word daddy so often. The fact that the album ends with Lana not replacing her father with another man, but actually having him back is so truly beautiful
  5. Rob plays piano and we have some background voices of Chuck Hope ur days are counted as the best close track
  6. Thank u so much 🙏 I’m trying to get the timeline of “how we are now” about the BB album… queen of concepts album
  7. pawnshop


    Lindsay Lohan, an outtake from the mixtape era leaked as well https://dbree.org/v/147e0c
  8. him recording it doesn't mean he has vocals in it, he's probably just gonna play the piano
  9. I would guess Sean, as Lana says “there we were in the crowd screaming black lives matter” which presumably took place in the summer 2020 protests, when Lana was dating Sean
  10. I honestly think tumblr was the best social media to push her music forward. Lana didn't even have to try, but the sheer amount of interviews she did in 2011-2012 must have been the next best. I don't think she'll ever get that same kind of attention from fans again, or that much of a boost to her career again. And please don't tell me she doesn't even want a boost. I know. I'm just reflecting on that period.
  11. has anyone gotten their air fresheners in from ldr village? i want to buy one, but idk if they have any power. i'd probably end up paying 10 USD for it with added tax & shipping so i just want to make sure it'd be worth it
  12. pawnshop


    a snippet of Talk to Me, an outtake from Troubled Paradise leaked https://we.tl/t-TYumRINZmy
  13. sweet carolina is wreck me up, i can already feel it
  14. Lol I doubt Rob and Chuck will have vocals although that would be cool and quite intimate. "Hypnotic" is an interesting word. I was expecting a very stripped-down COCC-esque acoustic song. Perhaps those spacey synths from BB and Arcadia will be featured again? Or it could be something entirely different. Anyway, I'm excited to listen to this track and see how it sums up the album's themes.
  15. Quick question: textbook is about Clyaton or the hot cop?
  16. Hypnotic I don't know how I feel about them having vocals though, lmao...
  17. the way both her siblings and her father have had features in songs, music videos, production, etc. but her mom stays gone
  18. Boz said that Text Book is "most probably" the longest track or something like that. The way he wrote this is a bit weird though because it kinda implies that he's not entirely sure or that there could be one or two other tracks close to 5 minutes and he can't remember which one is the longest lol. But he could have checked before replying so. Maybe he doesn't have the new tracks - don't forget eclipse's hot tea about BBS - and he's trying to save face. Anyway, leak the production credits!
  19. I think that was just a typo since the song is listed on the tracklist as Sweet Carolina
  20. Maybe Lana got her way of describing music as something totally different to the actual thing from her father
  21. wait is sweet caroline going to be a diamond cover? or is it not related?
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