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  2. lennon in the back whispering in my ear come on baby you can thrive, but i cant
  3. yess the ye tracker is so nicely made
  4. I’m not trying to be rude or start more drama in this thread but saying “hey everyone starving for information about an album that they are excited for, I know things about it! BUT I won’t say anything, sorry! “ just comes across as attention bait. You know people are dying for any crumb, especially about a&w. So it’s just like…don’t say anything in the first place then? Took the words right out of my mouth
  5. lanadelrey.lnk.to/a&w lanadelrey.lnk.to/aw lanadelrey.lnk.to/americanwhore Any of these can be popping up at any moment
  6. Why would you come in here stating you “know stuff” and then do the whole shy, bashful “I will not spoil anything, I’m a good insider” act…? If you want attention, here you go. But at least be useful
  7. I'm torn. As much as I want to experience this all at once, i'm going to struggle. If something comes out soon, i'm going to break and I'm going to listen. If it happens again a week or two before the 24th, I can hold out.......?
  8. there is a trap beat just like the other insiders said and I will repeat it another frocking time that I am not a insider I just know some stuff and I will not spoil things
  9. I’m a psychic sis… I had the name White Dress before we ever even knew anything about the Lana song
  10. madonna? sorry if it’s already in the thread
  11. Turn the Lights on for Service… Papa my Burger iMama the Hot Dog Chip off the block Root Beer this Float…
  12. does anyone have a kali uchis tracker?
  13. Hattie

    Allie X

    Does anyone still have the clips from when Allie was pursuing acting? The videos appear to be gone from YouTube
  14. Just my two cents our bestie SunsetOpal has been here for literally years and afaik they haven’t once claimed to be an insider or tried to bamboozle anyone so I believe they know some tingz but not all the tingz and at the end of the day they’re just tryna hype up the girlies which tbh we do to ourselves on the smallest of breadcrumbs re: empire of lounge rest in peace so let’s just wait until February and get your spare wigs ready cause she’s coming to snatch!!!!
  15. what has Sunset Opal even done though, besides blanket statements such as "Feb is gonna be a big month" "a&w is coming soon"
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