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  2. I thought Dua confirmed its for FN side B?
  3. The official date is Dec 4. But I guess we can expect some bits going around Twitter or something once the doc is out on the 30th (Like when Doin Time was at the end of the Sublime doc in theatres). I think there’s a preorder of the single on vinyl on the 30th on the team’s website?!?!
  4. daisy fresh witch

    Song vs. Song

    emghw vs hawaiian tropic
  5. It’s being played at the end of the documentary so I guess. Some people already have early access to it
  6. blackestday89

    Song vs. Song

    without you vs. every man gets his wish
  7. Today
  8. High By The Beach Mainly BC your signature @vodkaa exudes the same iconique energy as Lana blasting a helicopter to bits.
  9. wraith

    FKA twigs

    the current assumption based off of what people / "insiders" have said is it's a track for twigs next album which dua has jumped on
  10. im confused is it fka twigs featuring dua lipa or is it dua lipa featuring fka twigs?????
  11. I....knew this already.... Brooklyn baby
  12. Loreen

    Lady Gaga

    I personally don't find the tracklist disconnected but messy and not cohesive (kind of) but that was the intention afaik
  13. Kacey Musgraves posted her duet with Lana “I’ll be home for Christmas” from her last year’s show on Twitter and IG stories. Here’s hoping a full studio version comes soon. 🤩
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