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  2. it’s about time niko gets more than back cover treatment The fact she said this album is better than BB has me hyped I like the DNC being Del Nore County theory and that’s about where my delusion is gonna stay
  3. I'm not sure how unpopular this is, but vocally, Blue Banisters is her best album. I'd say that Honeymoon and AKA are also up there in terms of vocal performance
  4. Is this the "Michael Jackson" sense of Bad momma (I mean, I thought "bad" was good)? Yeah, overanalyzing is kind of my thing. Not saying you can't call out her fashion sense, if you don't like it. But there is fashion and there is anti-fashion (in a similar way to there are lyrics and there are anti-lyrics). She does both. "Too casual" in her outfit could be a statement also; was it intentional? I would say yes, because I think she has a devious mind, but she didn't do it in such a way that it could be easily called out, because I still think she looked really good. I mean her outfit shows *some* ingenuity, as in minimalism done right. The word "chubby" also reminds me of something I intentionally left out of my initial post (because I thought people would misinterpret it), namely that I thought she had intentionally selected a dress size too small to accentuate things (hence, my Jessica Rabbit comment). Maybe that was an experiment of hers that failed, but still an interesting experiment to have tried (if it was intentional). This is also me ascribing devious thoughts to her, for sure, but with LDR, you never know. That's part of her mystical persona (non grata?) that she refuses to acknowledge (which is also maybe a part of it). also put Ellie Goulding Hitmakers 2019 red carpet into google images Ellie looks fine for the same award, but I wouldn't say she did it better than LDR (just because she's wearing a $500 dollar dress). You should also be able to find Billie Eilish's "costume" for a different award at the same venue. Billie's dressed like a couch with a floral pattern and Finneas's hairdo is, as they say, a choice, so LDR's choice might have been much worse. just saying...
  5. Something ironic. Depressed Nasty C**t Her revenge, anger and grief album But honestly, this would be iconic title
  6. Maybe she's being a baddie on the Del Norte beach if google has the right location idk anything about california
  7. Could also be Del Norte Coast which ties in with her love for Yosemite I guess? Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park is a state park of California, United States, and a component of the Redwood National and State Parks.
  8. it sounds like a folk-psychedelia 10-minute venice bitch doin' time yosemite ladies of the canyon magnum opus
  9. Del Norte County doesn't sound like a baddie title lord help us
  10. desire no california? don't need california? finally, she's returning to her new york roots
  11. Don't Need California Drinking Napoli Champagne Desert Nevada Cactus Dark Neon Church Daisies N Clementines But yeah it's probably Del Norte County
  12. i really do believe it's del norte country, if the other jacket had a "venice" patch, which references another california location, venice beach, i don't see why this would be any different ...is this the very beginning of delusional behavior in the ldr9 pre-release era...?
  13. The original Venice jacket was from Stag Provisions by the way, designed by Ebbets Field. Below is the description: I have been searching both of their products and I wasn't able to find a jacket with DNC on it, so that made me believe it might be custom made.
  14. Desire No California (cali anti era)
  15. By the way what are the requirements to have a pre pre release thread for the album? We already know she's working on it and she has some songs she really likes
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