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  2. yes. https://fnd.io/#/us/song/1545567748-white-dress-by-lana-del-rey
  3. In the meantime, I've been enjoying this new Madison Beer song which sounds like it was pulled DIRECTLY from Born To Die... like she literally interpolated Summertime Sadness' chorus melody in the bridge The pre-chorus and chorus of the song are also SO Lana
  4. I put an 4 alarms to wake up for this!!!! are we feeling optimistic? ok i guess not
  5. oh wow so prettyyyy i cant wait to get mine, but the XL variant got pushed back to may

    Melanie Martinez

    What if originally K-12 standard edition was going to be about school and the deluxe was going to be about the town Cry Baby lived in and that's what Unhappy Meal was made for? Probably not but I think something like that could have been cool
  7. It’s not coming today cause Lana is a Pokémon stan and does not want WD to take the spotlight away from the Pokémon presentation coming in 7 hours. But WD will definitely release next week March 5. We’ve won!
  8. manifesting in an hour: „my new single from chemtrails over the country club, white dress is available now. surprise, fuckers x the homemade video made by topanga is coming tommorow” with a cover ofc
  9. Imagine Yosemite would have some nature sounds . That would be so beautiful maybe wind noises, birds, the sound of rain, noises from a river or a waterfall Since we most likely get to hear the untouched, original version I wouldn't be surprised if the intro of Yosemite is like a continuation of the Get Free outro with the birds & the ocean noises
  10. Heartmachine


    How tf is SOPHIE gone though honestly? Like... that really happened? or nah?
  11. playboy

    Charli XCX

    wow.... played true romance again after awhile of not listening to it.... black roses, so far away, and grins..... wowwwwwww so fucking nostalgic
  12. I got home and checked to see if it was out Good thing I wasn't expecting it
  13. Yeah! I know she is capable of something like that. lol I was playing with you.
  14. Today
  15. Fake. That's a Barrie James O'Neill music video. (Really)
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