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  2. Ugh just thinking about how we’re getting a big earrings era, from the TJF chandelier monsters she’s wearing to the cocc dice hoops, she’s truly going to serve, see y’all later today when we’re all Mary pussy poppin to let me love ya like a woman xoxo
  3. So what you're saying is that she is, in fact, focused on COCC?
  4. I liked the line from the start, but I expect too a ballad for the sound. We have yet to hear the song, but i was surprised when she said it could be the lead single... The ATRL insider said it sounded like NFR with a bit of Fine China... maybe her team wants to put out a song that sounds a bit like the previous record? As for Dealer, I really hope it’s on the album. I hate when she talks about a song that may or may not be part of an album. Girl, just don’t mention anything if you’re not sure.
  5. Lana is probably too busy with Clayton to focus on COCC. She's gonna scrap the whole thing and make a new album titled Clayton at the Country Club
  6. actual legit insiders giving us descriptions/release dates: why are we believing them, their descriptions are always off, they gave us wrong information once in years of solid tea, do they even know anything nowadays, how would they even have access to this stuff, jack keeps her music very secure!!! random music prediction/"witch" accounts with no credibility whatsoever: hmmm could this be it!! let's see omg so excite
  7. bored

    Charli XCX

    I got mine from the Euro store, when it first went on sale. I think initially it was limited to 1k worldwide? But it sold out instantly and due to fan demand, Charli said she'd try get more made... So I'm assuming that there's 3k available now and I wouldn't worry if I were you!
  8. bored

    Miley Cyrus

    Bangerz is the reason she's here now and honestly still stands so strong! Definitely one of the strongest post-Disney albums we've gotten. Dead Petz is equally as good for me, just too long! I wish they'd fine tuned it and made it into a 13 track album...
  9. I know you’re sick of her but BrujaDeMusica tweeted and she said Lana has finally a date and she is coming. And also a slow rock song (???)
  10. i feel like this album will be sexy in its own little way but also sad and gloomy (uv 2.0?) it seems like it, atleast. she started making it at the start of a relationship, went through 6 months of dating and a break up, been solo for atleast 5 months and finished it at the start of a new one. wouldn't surprise me if she delayed it even more to add some songs
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  12. but ya know what i mean, something like what happens in the bridge of venice bitch
  13. Sis

    Charli XCX

    Can we acknowledge how ICONIC and fun Charlie XCX is? I don't know other pop girlies like that (and that did it first).
  14. yeah, it sounds like a ballad type of song, but i dont think that its it. the title gives me a vibe of heartbroken woman who wants to love a men, that doesnt love her the way that she wants him to, so she is sad at the beggining, so the song is sad when it starts, but when its in the middle of it, she shows her anger, etc. dont get too hyped gays, please, dont get too many exceptations about it cuz idk whats in lanas mind. i told ya what im feeling about the title, thats all
  15. am i the only one who doesnt care about lmlylaw as a song? It gives me flop piano ballad vibes. I want Dealer or the title track as the lead single. Hopefully she changed her mind about this
  16. Maybe cover +tracklist reveal next week along with LMLYLAW!! Yes let's manifest
  17. ok but what do u guys think of when u hear the term seafoam nova bc I have theories n guesses
  18. she has her insta feed ready for triple cover reveal. She has 3x magazine stuff, 3x poetry, 3x joan baez paintings and 3x nfr cover reveal in one row
  19. Let Me Love You Like A Woman out next week!! That would be amazing !! Since she announced High by the Beach on a Sunday we could get an announcement every second now I can wait for the record til october but if we have to wait any longer I need Tulsa Jesus Freak in full ....I can't resist listening to the snippet and it stucks in my head all day and love the snippet so much . I just need the TJF in full !!
  20. I guess it really depends. Just like you, I need some time between men to get back on my feet and find myself... except for my last BF, which I met at the end of my relationship with my ex, and we pursued things right after my breakup. When it feels right, it feels right. With Lana, well it’s complicated because we are on the outside. How many time was there between the two of her men? Only God knows. There was almost no time between Chase and Sean, but she probably didn’t get back with Sean this summer like we all feared, I guess. I keep remembering that Life and Style interview with an anonymous insider (which happened at the top of the year), who said she was falling in love easily... I guess it’s true. on topic: in which part of California is there no epidemic that none of them are wearing masks?!? No wonder that everywhere in the world, it’s the 20-40 yo group that has now the highest infection rate.
  21. but yall, i truly cant wait for this moment when its close to midnight, im sitting on my bed with ONLY spotify opened and im waiting for LMLYLAW or title track to come out so i can go deep into her beautiful, heartbreaking voice. if we gonna get smth like the greatest mashed up with california im gonna cry a lot, but i wish its going to have this dark ultraviolence influence in it. lets be honest, lana went through a lot since release of nfr, so shes gonna reveal it all in new album. everybodys gonna feel it.
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