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  1. This is real tho 😭😭 love Lana but god I need a new solo song from her
  2. ldrzodiac

    Billie Eilish

    Anyone think that Billie will release a deluxe for HMHAS???
  3. I'm so hyped for whatever the next record is that Lana gives us... I just know it's gonna be great
  4. Not September but still this year I think after the positive reception of Tough
  5. This account seems somewhat reliable. reason being, is that they are very honest and admit if they don’t have info whereas other leak accounts always have drama, or they go private, or they tell a sob story then deactivate their account for a couple days
  6. I still don't get why Lana hasn't promoted it whatsoever LMAOOO, it would get so much more hype as well (on top of the amount of hype it already has)
  7. ldrzodiac

    Remy Bond

    Thanks for making a topic I'm obsessed with her, her music is so fkin amazing!!!
  8. Idk if it’s Quavos or Lana’s IDKKKKKKK ITS STRESSING ME OUT! I mean I think it’s Lana’s coz she sings majority of the song BUT quavo seems to be doing all the promotion and he’s in the Polaroid more than Lana (could mean nothing, might not even be the cover) I know it doesn’t matter who releases it coz it’s the same song no matter what BUT I hope it’s Lana’s coz then it gives us confirmation that she’s still going through with the albjm
  9. Guys the photo is clearly fake cmon guys wake up I thought u were smarter than this
  10. I think it’s coz people want it to be Lana’s coz then it’s most likely the first single for Lasso we know it’s Lana’s lmao none of quavos recent singles are like this, also Lana sings the first verse (chorus)
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