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  1. Blue Skies is lowkey her worst and most useless song
  2. I’m obsessed with that outfit omg, the Chanel shoes with the all denim is lowkey a serve
  3. Lana is wild for canceling an album she has been working on for 4 years…like how is it not ready I’m lost lmao
  4. Is Supersoaker by Eartheater in the Great American Songbook
  5. I think Ocean Blvd is basically a fully fleshed out version of Blue Banisters
  6. Clocked that, Chemtrails isn’t really wordy or personal expect for White Dress
  7. I genuinely believe it is because Lana Del Rey the aesthetic/idea and Lana Del Rey the artist have become so separated that people outside of her fandom don’t really care about the new music and only her legacy/things from the past
  8. LDR11 is going to be spoken word and beat poetry https://x.com/ldraddic/status/1793757738859684013?s=46
  9. I hate the way Pammy does Lana’s makeup lmao, it looks like she isn’t wearing anything😭
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