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  1. That's gorgeous! That photo works really well as the gatefold too.
  2. Oh In my defence I'm not American and I forgot this was even a baseball stadium
  3. Omg the latest post? THE LASSO-ing MOTION in the last slide??? It's not her doing it I know BUUTTT
  4. I'm soooo excited (and I'm not even going). I'm so happy for all of you who are getting to see this show The new song??? Sounds so good, I can't WAIT for whatever we are getting next, this has been such an AMAZING Lana year I neeeeeed someone to be live-streaming
  5. Edit: Never mind, got something completely wrong
  6. Is the Coachella picture poster sold out? I can't see it anymore. I just got an email. Still don't think I'll drop money on anything considering the shipping prices but the bomber and the baby raglan tee are so cute
  7. I haven't got any emails (is it only sent to U.S. people I wonder) But this merch drop is so cute! It's a shame the shipping is SO expensive outside the U.S. ($16.50 to the U.K.), so I think I'm going to have to pass on buying anything
  8. This is the sweetest, coolest thing I've ever seen
  9. I don't even know where to put this (mod please mod if this is the wrong place?), but I came across this article on my FB feed this morning: https://blog.ziphealth.co/music-during-sex/ This is just the Lana related stuff, but it was honestly quite interesting
  10. This is going to sound so odd but Lana has an exceptionally long neck, and it makes her look really elegant and poised
  11. HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY TO THE ALBUM THAT CHANGED THE TRAJECTORY OF MUSIC BTD was a cultural shift, but Ultraviolence cemented Lana's legacy in the public's eye as someone completely unafraid to follow her North star, express her art how SHE wants, and tell her story HER way even if other people think it's the wrong way (there's no wrong way to tell YOUR story). The critics and media had completely shunned her an inauthentic fraud who can't sing and she came back with an album that is nothing BUT authentic, ironic, and vulnerable! We talk about how Lana inspired Lorde, Bille, Olivia, etc all the time but it was UV that really paved the way for the gritty, raw, truly ANGSTY feminine ... One of the first Lana songs I heard was BTD (title track) and ... I was instantly lost in her vocals. I thought, who is this woman? Her voice is everything I need and everything I want. I must have listened to it 20 times in a row and loved the whole album. But, I was always (and still am) a rock girlie. I love classic rock, indie rock, heavy metal, etc more than anything else. SO, when Lana released UV it was like she made it for me Lana's vocals were the best thing I'd ever heard in my life and now it was combined with electric guitar and moody production? It was love at first listen! UV is probably the reason why even though most of my musical obsessions come and go in waves, I've stuck with Lana all these years and only fell more and more in love (despite her not really ever returning to that sound) And as always, the visuals SERVED. Probably one of my favourite eras EVER for photoshoots, music videos, and looks. I still wish I was able to pull off the UV-style makeup. Here's my ranking (in UV colours) Warning, potentially controversial , and things ranked the same aren't in order because that's impossible Shades of Cool 10/10 (INCREDIBLE vocals) Brooklyn Baby 10/10 West Coast 10/10 Ultraviolence 10/10 Black Beauty 10/10 Old Money 10/10 Is This Happiness 10/10 Cruel World 10/10 Pretty When You Cry 10/10 Money Power Glory 9.9/10 Flipside 9.9/10 Fucked My Way Up to the Top 9.9/10 The Other Woman 9.9/10 Guns n Roses 7/10 (Iconic but don't listen) Florida Kilos 7/10 (Iconic but don't listen)
  12. So anyway, I'm going to read The Law of Attraction by Esther Hicks and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and hope I can make my life a work of art even 1% as beautiful as Lana has made her art
  13. Why did she have to stop. Aside from not getting any Lasso news I could have listened to her for another 15 minutes at least
  14. I am actually loving this speech, I love any glimpse into how her mind works
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