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  1. There's her official store but if you're from the EU I would avoid it since you have to pay extra taxes+fees (even her German store ships from the UK) Other than that it's available on jpc.de (I think it sold out now, but there was a restock earlier), this Irish store https://www.towerrecords.ie/product/MARINA_THEDIAMONDS_ELECTRAHEART[PLATINUMBLONDEEDITION][MAGENTAVINYL]/898687 and on Amazon UK, FR, DE, IT, ES (it isn't available as of now tho, but will be shortly). Since it's a wide release I think it's going to be available on other websites like Fnac etc too!
  2. Apparently some people are seeing an ad on Spotify for "Electra Heart Platinum Blonde Edition" Could be fake but who knows.. Fingers crossed (considering how she randomly dropped EH merch in 2019 I hope she's going to do something for the anniversary)
  3. Fireffie

    Alexandra Savior

    She started recording it a year ago and it seems she has finished it, but I think she's low on money + isn't signed to a record label so it must be tough for her doing everything alone I hope that maybe when she goes on tour this May she'll drop a new single
  4. Loving the new ep!! My favourite is High Alone, I was so obsessed when it came out and still am. I wish she didn't put The Great Hope Design cause it kinda ruins the mood of the ep for me tbh but all the other songs are so enjoyable!
  5. I'm heartbroken 💔. I bought the tickets back in summer 2019 and wanted to see them so bad, I just hope there's gonna be another time :/
  6. I just checked and this one is reserved only to people who live in France
  7. I haven't listened to Born To Die in years so today I sat down with my hot cup of tea and listened to it on vinyl and wow... when Video Games came on I started crying. I remember listening to in for the first time back in August 2012 (I was 13 back then) and staying up all night just listening to it like for 5 hours straight ahaha, now I'm 22 and this album for real shaped me and helped me so much during my teenage years, This is What Makes Us Girl was there for me when nobody else wasn't. I could go on forever writing how much iconic it is but I just hope that Lana knows and acknowledges how much this album means to me, to you all and to the whole fan base, she really changed the music industry that day, Happy Birthday Born To Die ❤️
  8. I was thinking about this: We all know Lana and Alessandro Michele (creative director for Gucci) are great friends: Gucci Guilty, Met Gala etc We also know that there are gonna be Gucci custom designed packaging for that whole Interscope 30th anniversary; and idk if someone here remembers but back in December Billie Eilish (who's also signed under Interscope) randomly dropped those beautiful recycled vinyl boxset with Gucci... So what if there's a chance that we get a BTD x Gucci boxset?? I mean I know it's impossibile knowing Lana, but I think Gucci would be a perfect match for the Born To Die aesthetic and gosh I would die for something like this
  9. High Alone is so good omg??? I wasn't too much of a fan of The Great Hope Design but this one is sooo catchy
  10. So excited!!!!! This is the first time after years that I'm watching a red carpet live omg I can't wait to see how Lana's dressed!! I feel like a teenager again when I used to be so obsessed with my favs
  11. Finally listened to Happy Loner and I like it a lot wow, I love the lyrics way more than half of ADIAML lyrics lol. Sad that she didn't include it in the standard version but at least it got released, now I can't wait to hear Pink Convertible
  12. Now that I got my RSD copy I re-listened to Chemtrails after months (yeah, I'm ashamed) and while it's still not my personal style, damn I was so wrong for judging it that quickly, I feel bad lol. It's so coherent and soooo well produced, the songs flow so nicely, I always feel like I'm in a dream while listening to the album. Objectively/critically speaking this may be her 2nd best after NFR. Not gonna lie, I think what made me judge so bad this album was mostly the cover... If she had put any other cover I'd have appreciated the album way more. Anyways, as I've said from day one: Breaking Up Slowly is still so damn underrated
  13. Well... It's actually coming out on January 7th
  14. Fireffie

    Dua Lipa

    So deserved!! I'm not a fan of Dua nor I listen that much to pop/dance music but istg she put something in that album, I was so obsessed with it and would listen to it on repeat 24/7 (and still to this day I play it very often)
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