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  1. Fireffie

    Wolf Alice

    Omg I've just spent the whole morning listening to their whole discography, as I only knew 5 songs, and I'm so in loveeee pre-ordered just now the green vinyl, cant wait!!!!!
  2. Well at least they said this year...
  3. Why do you all hate the beige variant :(? Tbh it's the one I chose because I think it's the more fitting.. The standard cover makes me think of old 20s Hollywood and pearls, and beige is the exact color I associate it with. (I can't believe people actually prefer the piss yellow over beige.. )
  4. Unfortunately that's from "If I left the world" a song that came out last year I think, featuring Marina </3
  5. I wanted to ask this one too because if I remember correctly in Milan or Rome when she sang it live she seemed to be kicking a ball and she clearly said "calciatore" Like for example here at 1.05 All the official lyrics say "Cacciatore" though so we'll never know..
  6. I don't know if this was a global thing or only here in italy, but I remember during BTD people were making always fun of her because she never smiled and then all the fans would reply with pictures and write "see?? she's smiling here " lmfao
  7. Are we 99,9% sure that there's going to be a 3rd picture disc though? I know that the insider said there's gonna be picture discs but If I'm correct they never said how many right? So it could have only meant just those two Plus that document that we found on Twitter may not be true as for the fact that the release dates where all wrong
  8. At this point I think maybe it's going to be released along with White Dress probably? And maybe it'll be a single record with WD/Chemtrails and not with the full album (probably not though lol) Yep, they're all gatefold confirmed!
  9. 272 on the US store, I've been checking it these past days as I want to get one too, and it dropped down only by a few so you can wait if you're unsure. I think people even forgot about it lol
  10. From what I've read grey + yellow are the ones that seem to have the least quantity available. (if we have to consider also the alternative covers, I'd say the red is the rarest and the spotify picture disc)
  11. "I'm a dragon you're a.." from Ultraviolence rock as the rock genre her bringing back eyeliner + dark hair yup confirmed, next record is going to be alternative rock we won
  12. Wow.. She's absolutely stunning - she's gonna serve, not gonna lie I wasn't hyped this much for an era since a lot of years
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