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  1. One thing I’ve always admired about Lana is how she sounds so composed and intelligent when speaking , in all her interviews/speeches she always chooses her words so carefully it’s like she’s speaking in poetry
  2. Did she go to fans at the end of the concert these past shows? If I’m correct she didn’t, right? I wonder if it was her choice or she simply couldn’t. I’m going to the Milan show and I’m thinking to maybe bring something to sign (If I manage to get to the front) 🤔
  3. Fireffie

    Billie Eilish

    What amazes me is that she’s only 22 years old … I wonder where she’ll be in 10 years I’ve been listening to this album non stop. AOTY for me
  4. Fireffie

    Billie Eilish

    Oh she’s taking that Grammy…
  5. I think around 6pm, but the doors usually open at 3pm. Keep in mind tho that I took this pic with my phone high up, I had a bit of trouble looking at the stage because of all the people in the front!
  6. Omg I just woke up randomly (it’s 4am here) and WHAAAAT SHE’S SERVING SO HARD I’ve looked at the others and she really may be one of the best dressed??? I’m crying
  7. Fireffie

    Dua Lipa

    I am I pre-ordered hoping it would sound like Houdini/Training Season and have that psychedelia that they promised us 😭 I guess this is a clear lesson for me to stop pre-ordering til I’ve listened to the whole album
  8. Fireffie

    Dua Lipa

    I’ve listened to it a few times since this morning and the first half grew a bit on me, but I couldn’t agree more with everyone: why did they choose the (best) songs that had nothing to do with the album as lead singles?? If they released End of an Era instead of Houdini or TH it would have been much better and the cover would’ve made more sense. its not bad, it’s a nice summer album (and it’s giving 2000 European pop vibes) but why did they promote it as something opposite…. anyways… we finally have a summer album for 2024!!!
  9. Fireffie

    Dua Lipa

    I'm going to listen tomorrow but I want to know: is the sound giving chaos/vertigo as Houdini or does it match the cover so it's more summer beach-y?
  10. You probably already talked about this but is the “love you brokie” comment under the watch video real 😭?
  11. Yep! I paid 7€ for shipping which is funny cause from the German shop it would cost around 15€ ahahah
  12. Exactly… I tried it 2 times and the letter A already cracked
  13. I got my merch today! I ordered the bow and the UV style tank top. first of all OMG NO CUSTOMS?? My order was sent from Germany and I had to pay nothing extra Im so happyyyyy!! the bow: as everyone else already said it’s really overpriced and the LDR sticker it’s ugly but I still think it’s a cute accessory and it looks beautiful on my hair. Now the tank top…… WHY TF IS IT SO TINY???? The print is really small and it’s basically a crop top, if you have big boobs it’s better to skip this…the print stretches completely and it almost looks like a bra on me 😭😭 if I had knew before I wouldn’t have bought it
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