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  1. For the people that got the refund from Amazon, what did you exactly say? I’ve already contacted twice and they keep saying that I have to return the item
  2. Oh thank you! I replied to them saying I want the second option so we will see
  3. yeah I believe that too, it would be too good to be true if they refunded me for a poster lol, thanks to both of you ❤️ might as well use that discount to get the cd with the poster so at least I have one that’s intact
  4. Bonjour (my name), C'est vraiment embêtant de recevoir votre poster rayé. Je vous propose 2 options : -vous gardez le poster contre un geste commercial de 5€ -je vous édite un bon de retour, vous nous retournez l'intégralité de la commande contre un remboursement. Ce vinyle est actuellement indisponible. Dans l'attente de votre confirmation. À très vite, Manon
  5. Wooow love this can’t wait to see the one with Lana!
  6. Anybody here fluent in French that might help me out? So I contacted FNAC about my scratched poster and I understood almost everything except this “vous gardez le poster contre un geste commercial de 5€” Does that mean they can refund me 5€ and I get to keep the poster? Or they give me a 5€ discount for future orders?
  7. omg yessss please!!! I’ve just restarted using Notion recently, I would love it
  8. God… I really have no idea why they glued them together, it’s not like the poster was going to fall out, and they didn’t do it with the Chemtrails one, no sense
  9. yeah it’s bad 😭 tbh I wouldn’t have minded so much if it was on any other part like you have, but not on her face c’mon… I did contact them (got it through FNAC) I wonder what they will say…
  10. Y’all I’m gonna cry…. I was so excited to get the poster that came with the red vinyl, I did read that they glued it together but I didn’t know it was THIS bad, I’m at loss for words I was more excited to get the poster than the vinyl lol…
  11. Has anyone got any news on the picture disc from the Italian web store? It’s the only variant left I have to get and they didn’t send me a single update
  12. my red honeymoon has a ton of surface noise too, I don’t mind it usually but with this one you can hear it on every single song so loudly. As far as I know I would say 90% of people who bought this variant had the same issue cause everyone complained about it. as for the other Lana’s records they all sound good to me, except Chemtrails (especially the beige one) which seems as if it’s an acoustic album, you can barely hear the instrumentals and her voice is muffled edit: just wanted to add that I have a good record player and I keep all my records in anti static sleeves + clean them before each use, so I doubt the fault is on my part
  13. Was this at the pop up? Cause it’s different from the original
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