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  1. So excited!!!!! This is the first time after years that I'm watching a red carpet live omg I can't wait to see how Lana's dressed!! I feel like a teenager again when I used to be so obsessed with my favs
  2. Finally listened to Happy Loner and I like it a lot wow, I love the lyrics way more than half of ADIAML lyrics lol. Sad that she didn't include it in the standard version but at least it got released, now I can't wait to hear Pink Convertible
  3. Now that I got my RSD copy I re-listened to Chemtrails after months (yeah, I'm ashamed) and while it's still not my personal style, damn I was so wrong for judging it that quickly, I feel bad lol. It's so coherent and soooo well produced, the songs flow so nicely, I always feel like I'm in a dream while listening to the album. Objectively/critically speaking this may be her 2nd best after NFR. Not gonna lie, I think what made me judge so bad this album was mostly the cover... If she had put any other cover I'd have appreciated the album way more. Anyways, as I've said from day one: Breaking Up Slowly is still so damn underrated
  4. Well... It's actually coming out on January 7th
  5. Fireffie

    Dua Lipa

    So deserved!! I'm not a fan of Dua nor I listen that much to pop/dance music but istg she put something in that album, I was so obsessed with it and would listen to it on repeat 24/7 (and still to this day I play it very often)
  6. Someone on Facebook messaged @/george_diamandis_official1 (who seems to be be a relative of Marina, both Marina and Lafina follow him) when he published that "2022 deluxe" story
  7. Apparently on Christmas, the CD will be available later on
  8. Received my RSD copy too 💙 she's beautiful!! I can confirm too that it's the same colour as NFR but it's more crystal clear (nfr is trasparent opaquish)
  9. I must say this isn't 100% accurate tho, cause I listen a lot on vinyl and used different streaming platforms throughout the year (also didn't expect at all Yosemite to be there lol) Genres: 57 Artists: 549
  10. I always have a hard time ranking Marina's albums cause each one is so different from the other and have different meanings for me, but ADIAML for sure it's way better than L+F. I really liked it but I still feel as if it's 2 EPs merged together, I wish she could've polished it a bit more
  11. I think this person is a Marina's relative, probably a cousin, who also seems to be working with her judging by his feed (also Marina follows him) Anyway he posted this story saying "deluxe edition 2022" so I think it's coming in January? https://instagram.com/stories/george_diamandis_official1/2715632020624658735?utm_medium=share_sheet
  12. Discogs for example They have 2 listed and they seem to be a different shade Lighter: https://www.discogs.com/release/21132406-Lana-Del-Rey-Chemtrails-Over-The-Country-Club Darker: https://www.discogs.com/release/21064786-Lana-Del-Rey-Chemtrails-Over-The-Country-Club Another one: the pic that @Stargirls Dealer posted in the previous page VS this tweet Yes it could be the lighting, but I have the blue NFR and while it does look like the darker blue, it doesn't look anything similiar to the lighter one..
  13. Okay but why are some vinyl a really deep blue and others more of a cobalt/azure... Don't tell me this is gonna be another EU/US different pressing type of situation
  14. My local store just wrote me that they won't be able to receive it until Thursday I hate living in this country bye
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