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  1. I loved the show but she lip-synced a lot. She even turned her back on the crowd to lip-sync the Flipside intro.
  2. One of her best shows since the LA To The Moon. We need a WW tour with this energy.
  3. I refuse to think that they didn’t press a 7” vinyl for this release
  4. There was no need to attack me like that, but I guess you wanted some likes. Maybe I’m not the stupid one here.
  5. How is this considered a music video? It's a 10 min bts. Amazing visuals and looks ruined by this mess. My hopes are lost at this point
  6. Cause it's a great cover the real question should be why isn't Chelsea Hotel there too?
  7. The lack of taste that the poll is showing
  8. Why isn’t this the official cover? http:// it’s so Honeymoon, I need it in HQ
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