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  1. "See everyone soon on our many travels". Third leg incoming
  2. No an insider teased a surprise a few months ago when Say Yes To Heaven was already out
  3. So.... where's the big surprise that was coming soon like 3 months ago?
  4. Really? Which kind of problems? I already ordered a few times from Bravado
  5. Umh did anyone order the 7" from Bravado? It's not on the store anymore, you can only see it from the order history but it doesn't show a release date... should I be worried?
  6. Manifesting a boxset repress cause the UO version is iconic, but it's standard
  7. At least they put antistatic sheets inside the white inner sleeves. Not bad at all
  8. You can barely notice it on the digital photos on lanapedia, I guess on paper is even harder to notice it.
  9. Not that I really care about this, but they kept the old packaging of the og pressing and didn't make it a gatefold... but they used the alternative edit of Neil's photo... just why? OG pressing: https://lanadelrey.fandom.com/wiki/Neil_Krug?file=NK_UV_Print_1.jpg Repress: https://lanadelrey.fandom.com/wiki/Neil_Krug?file=NK_UV_Print_1-1.jpg
  10. Why does it look like there's less music on the repress?
  11. I like the repress better. Even the labels are in higher quality. But I wonder why they put the discs in those atrocious white sleeves...
  12. I hope it will be identical to the og pressing but her latest mockups weren't that accurate
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