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  1. oof i feel you.. the ranking system is so bad nowadays i just barely play anymore
  2. OB is her best and BB is unfortunately her weakest. END OF DISCUSSION
  3. just realized that there’s a chance we could get a florida kilos performance tonight
  4. all because @JonBatisteInterlude said it. if she didnt say anything abt the covers album, im gonna be mad
  5. he was obsessed with me for like 3 months straight when i soft blocked him and i was lowkey scared as to what he was gonna do if i blocked him so.. 😭 and i dont really have anyone blocked on ig
  6. what omg? i hope he comes back because this is literally the best livestream we’ve gotten this tour
  7. sometimes i wonder if there was one day where she searched lb and at the same time, a scat attack or like a huge fight was happening
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