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  1. Ava Max - Diamonds & Dancefloors Turn Off the Lights Diamonds & Dancefloors Sleepwalker Ghost Maybe You're the Problem Hold Up (Wait a Minute) Million Dollar Baby Weapons One of Us In the Dark Get Outta My Heart Cold as Ice Dancing's Done Last Night on Earth I love the album as is, but I think this tells a different story.
  2. Glitter Boy

    Ava Max

    Okay, theory time! What if Hold Up (Wait a Minute) is somehow related to Take You to Hell, like a sort of aftermath? Hear me out. In Take You to Hell she says that her boyfriend likes to go the south of France. In Hold Up she says he is texting with someone else, a "mon amie". Maybe in one of his trips to France, he met a French girl and he's cheating on Ava with her? Furthermore, in TYTH she says he should treat her right because if not she'll give him hell. And in HUWAM, she would find out he is cheating on her. I like these little connections between songs
  3. Glitter Boy


    OMGGGGG this sounds like a beautiful description, I just love the way she works on her albums as parts of a whole universe. Both ALFA and ALFU are beautiful bodies of work, can't wait for RNG!
  4. whew, they really made that cover to make us look and it's not for the good the song is so bad, i mean good for Meghan for scoring a hit with it but it's just so annoying and it shows it was made to be trendy. and it worked I think it's more than scrapped by now. well, Revelations was planned to be a single after IJWAR and then SCRAPPED in favour of Brrr I think they just should've let her continue the Problématique era after Coconuts with HIFTB and Revelations and see how it went. Probably it would've been better than whatever her career is turning from Slut Poop and afterwards.
  5. Glitter Boy


    this is what annoys me the most. why even bother starting the era if the album is not finished? would've been better if she didn't tease / release anything until the album was actually complete so the era could start properly
  6. Glitter Boy

    Ava Max

    If the album is not clicking for you, I'm really sorry
  7. Glitter Boy

    Melanie Martinez

    the list itself is amazing, although I would probably modify the order somehow. it's cute the addition of Dear Porcupines and Birthing Addicts too! ugh, if only she decided to do something like this
  8. Glitter Boy

    Melanie Martinez

    She should just drop a 12- to 14-track compilation of from-the-vault Cry Baby outtakes, title it Toy Chest and grab some coins from it. I know now less than ever is likely, but that would've been a great idea a couple years ago to hold us over. Damn, she really has material to do a couple volumes on that. One post-Cry Baby and one post-After School would've been nice.
  9. Glitter Boy

    Ava Max

    yup she confirmed it! however i don't know when will it be released, no dates have been announced yet.
  10. Glitter Boy

    Ava Max

    haven't I been telling y'all? but people like to shit on her because of So Am I... she really has some perfectly crafted bops! the new album is proof of it.
  11. Glitter Boy

    Ava Max

    that would be nice! i ordered a CD when the blue artwork was not even announced, and a few days ago she posted a tiktok signing CDs and vinyls with the old artwork so I lost I'd buy one with the new artwork too though hope she announces it soon
  12. Glitter Boy

    Ava Max

    for now yes. she said there would be different artworks for physical formats. so far we know for sure there are two - the old one, and the one where she stands over the diamond holding a microphone. I guess she'll add the new blue artwork to newer pressings soon.
  13. Glitter Boy


    Okay the song is not it it just sounds like a less dark Shadow Works outtake rather than a proper Army of Love sequel
  14. Glitter Boy

    Ava Max

    yup, my avi is the updated artwork the old one was so bad tbh
  15. Glitter Boy

    Ava Max

    Definitely! It was worth the wait. AOTY
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