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  1. Glitter Boy


    they're gone for me as well wtf happened I'm guessing it's a flaw and they will be reuploaded soon
  2. Glitter Boy


    oh no I mean, so cool that Overcome is going viral (it's one of my favourites of hers overall) but I just hope the album doesn't get delayed for too long
  3. I don't know how I feel about title track being relegated as a bonus track, but I very much agree with the rest
  4. Glitter Boy


    so tempted skipping my Japanese class to listen to the album instead
  5. Glitter Boy

    Tove Lo

    ugh i can't with the lq photos but i'm so glad she's really serving with the songs
  6. Glitter Boy


    Haha, this made my morning. Yeah, I'll meet you there I guess
  7. Glitter Boy


    No Biophilia slander on my sight It's literally in my top 3 Björk albums Homogenic Vulnicura Biophilia Vespertine Post Medúlla Debut Volta Utopia Predicting Fossora to be between Vespertine and Post, but hopefully higher
  8. The only thread on the music forum with the HOT tag every day AND no new releases to feed it, just our thirst for the damn album.
  9. I don't remember that but it's probably true. That's why I said that placing Wild One at the very end was very unlikely dddd
  10. It's kinda meh, I don't hate it but it kinda adds nothing to the conversation. To be fair, however, I enjoyed the first half the most. It started good.
  11. It's not like the album exists
  12. I remember that the album was pushed back to "include incredible featured artists" (iirc she said something very similar to that), so I'm assuming that was decided in very late stages aka first half of 2017. EDIT: it wasn't precisely *pushed back* because of the featurings. I quote: It was first revealed through an official press release on February 18, 2017, that the record would include "exciting guest featured artists" So probably late 2016-earliest 2017.
  13. yeah I think Change and White Mustang were not in the map when the album had 18 tracks. That would leave us with 14 from the standard album plus three outtakes (TNBAR, Yosemite and RBFY) and still spot for one more... Serene Queen? If I Die Young? Wild One at some extent, as it was also registered along with Beautiful People? A political song in the vein of Coachella, WTWWAWWKD, GBAAATBWII? One of the 129 outtakes Honeymoun talked about back in July 2020? I don't know Let's see... Roses Bloom for You Love 13 Beaches Lust for Life Cherry Summer Bummer Groupie Love In My Feelings Coachella God Bless America When the World Was at War... Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems (solo?) Tomorrow Never Came (solo?) Heroin The Next Best American Record Yosemite Get Free I can think of: a political song after When the World Was at War Serene Queen after Cherry OR after Groupie Love If I Die Young after Groupie Love Wild One after Get Free (though very unlikely) And a last thing, probably place Heroin after In My Feelings to separate the album according to sound, as it is heavier than the other, more acoustic sounding songs it is surrounded by.
  14. Three times! Vulnicura (2015), Utopia (2017) and now Fossora (2022). Sheesh, I'm in shambles.
  15. And it's pure BRILLIANCE Definitely in top 3 along with Rewind Your Heart and Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt
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