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  1. Neither option is likely when it comes to Sky tbh
  2. wasted opportunity to drop a b-sides collection at least. i guess now she's not on Capitol the chance is even more buried now
  3. Nope, those versions are the originally released. with Sleepwalker and SIYH I don't think there was a problem, but the true question is how did she manage to put American Girl in it. I guess she was granted the distribution/publishing rights from the released version directly from Epic. As for the others, yeah she re-recorded everything else in 2020-2022 iirc.
  4. Those two, Last Call Lover, Outlaw and Hit Me Up are the only outtakes I really care for. Wild Card is a mess, and there are like very few other tracks that were made during album sessions but it's unknown whether or not they were meant for the album or for pitching (Up to Me, Calling All Cars, Go Getter, Back to Zero, Freestyle, Hitman, Sexin U)
  5. WOOHOO ALBUM OF THE YEAR INCOMING YAAAAAAAS I'm just missing Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt in that final tracklist, but I'll add the leak as a bonus track. I can't believe it's really happening after a whole decade!
  6. wait, I think I recall reading that too... who knows
  7. Teenage Nightmare would be lovely! Thanks very much <3 I have A Ring from Tiffany's and the other alleged AL8 leaked tracks but I didn't include them cause I'm not certain if it's upcoming material or not - which is not allowed to share btw
  8. Here's my Avril unreleased collection, for anyone who wants it @Sun Bleached Stranger
  9. Hyper late but there's also several Head Above Water outtakes leaked. Off the top of my head we have Bright, Lucky Ones, Break It So Good, Don't Stop, Dumb Blonde solo, Lights Out, Souvenir demo, Warrior demo, In Touch, I Want What I Want and a concept demo titled Energy iirc. tbh some of those are miles better than some album tracks and I wonder why would they be scrapped instead of... what we got. I'll try and upload a folder of my unreleased Avril.
  10. Sia - Reasonable Woman (2024). I just did this days ago but this one sounds much better: Little Wing Dance Alone (feat. Kylie Minogue) One Night Gimme Love Nowhere to Be I Had a Heart Did Me a Favor I Forgive You Towards the Sun Immortal Queen (feat. Chaka Khan) Wanna Be Known Rock and Balloon
  11. I shared my own solo edits of both Hills and Faded a while ago lol, I can't stand the features. Kim Petras - Faded (Solo Edit) Kim Petras - Hills (Solo Edit)
  12. iirc The Exhibitionist wasn't confirmed per se, but it was listed in some French website as the album's title, with a release date of September 2019 if I'm correct. the rumour spread from there I guess, but Ava never mentioned iirc
  13. Ava Max - The Exhibitionist (2019). Concept of the original debut album before it was reworked into Heaven & Hell. Consider removing So Am I, Sweet but Psycho and Salt from Heaven & Hell. So Am I Sweet but Psycho My Way Not Your Barbie Girl Salt Freaking Me Out Blood, Sweat & Tears Slippin' (feat. Gashi) Anyone but You Anything I Want No Déjà Vu On Somebody Try Again Clap Your Hands Le Youth & Ava Max; bonus track Alone, Pt. II Alan Walker & Ava Max; bonus track This would then lead to a different Heaven & Hell (2021). H.E.A.V.E.N. Kings & Queens Naked Tattoo Magnets Call Me Tonight Born to the Night Torn Emotions My Head & My Heart Take You to Hell Who's Laughing Now Belladonna Rumors Wild Thing Everytime I Cry
  14. Taylor Swift - Lover (2019) Lover Cruel Summer I Think He Knows Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince The Archer All of the Girls You Loved Before Cornelia Street Death By a Thousand Cuts False God Afterglow Daylight Soon You'll Get Better (feat. The Dixie Chicks) Target bonus track I keep coming back to rearrange this album and this time I went for something super minimalistic. If only Need would ever leak in HQ or Taylor released it like All of the Girls...
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