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  1. I don't care, if she doesn't release CDs I'm buying the digital and making one myself been waiting literal years for this shit not to have it sitting in my shelf
  2. Glitter Boy

    Melanie Martinez

    Yup. Sirens is a great option for lead single. Hopefully it will be chosen as such, I'm already wondering how it's going to impact in her era rollout. About the film, I think it would be AWESOME if she released it after the album, once it was released it feels like it could attract more audience to it, and honestly, I'm all here for the album and film's plot, if the leaks were any indicative hint at the direction she is taking with Cry Baby story. I love that these songs do not feel like any baby/school/children/games related songwriting, it's such a good move for her. I believe this change in her songwriting/lyrical theme could be translated into appealing to a wider audience
  3. It can take 1 month or it can take 8 years. We have no proof she was actively recording all these years since 2013 straight. I feel there was a time in between when she didn't even touch the notebook or something. Yeah, the music should have been done years ago but it wasn't for some reason. Let's see what happens. I still don't believe the album is coming soon, but if she's back into posting things in the studio, maybe she is actually set to finish the fucking album once for all.
  4. I believe she is recording. I don't believe it's coming. ---------- AHHHHHH OKAY SO SHE IS BACK. I'm going to make a safe bet and think she is now able to record while she hasn't been for years for whatever reason, but now she can record and will possibly make the album in the next 18-24 months... oh wow, that feels realistic now. She better hurry up. EDIT: wait did she delete the stories?
  5. I know lol, but knowing her, she suggested many things that haven't happened yet I'm in my delulu era I fear
  6. We're lucky if we get ONE album, let alone it being double sided, double concept w/e. That would take another 10 years to be done.
  7. I don't care if we don't get a deluxe AS LONG AS it's a +14 songs album. A good 14-16 songs would be fine, and I really don't think she will be slapping 2:15 songs in it. If it exists.
  8. EXACTLY, it sounds e x p e n s i v e I may even save her discography like that from now on
  9. Making Out, Butterflies, Fake Diamond. Almost like the beginning of a pop career for her!
  10. Staying with u bestie I must have it on my library to believe it
  11. Glitter Boy

    Melanie Martinez

    Void is not single material if you ask me, though it would be an... interesting choice. Dragon's Blood or Sirens sound more like it ddd.
  12. Glitter Boy

    Your Music

    This is so good! I love your vocals and how calm the song is! Those backing vocals can't wait for more songs! Already followed
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