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  1. I'm speechless. It really feels like the world is actually ending. I'm not even American but I'm deeply sorry for all the women there and everywhere. In my country, it was just started to be legal in a couple states, but after this I bet they will try and revert the laws. What a fucking shame. I don't wanna think what's coming next.
  2. No gurl, Don't Forget.mp3 'cause she won't forgive
  3. Glitter Boy


    Ahhhhh she just announced on InstaStories that the album will have 12 tracks and that she is in the process of mixing! I can be the last gay on this planet to believe her but I'm truly happy rn
  4. Glitter Boy

    Charli XCX

    The way Happy Now and Just One Touch would've fit smoothly in the album
  5. It was the prelude of the chaos that's coming for the album release
  6. Glitter Boy

    Melanie Martinez

    Ew I can't stand Bella Poarch, hope it's not true. Melanie you have enough material cough cough Sirens cough to make a stellar comeback. Please.
  7. Florence + the Machine - Dance Fever Back In Town King Free Choreomania Girls Against God Morning Elvis The Bomb Prayer Factory Cassandra Heaven Is Here Daffodil My Love Restraint Dream Girl Evil I love the original album as it is, but Dream Girl Evil gives me more closing song energy than Morning Elvis. And DGE being preceded by Restraint felt very natural. Not sure if Back In Town is a good opening to the album but I don't know where else to put it. And damn, Prayer Factory needed to be a full song.
  8. Sure! Here it is. I linked the whole album, the transition between test drive and motive is flawless
  9. Yup. I think it should be worldwide in Spotify on Friday (it's Friday already in some places so I don't know) but it's actually good
  10. She's releasing a Spotify Singles with an acoustic for Love Sux and a cover of Hello... and that Hello cover is actually pretty good. I liked what she did with the track
  11. Sis should drop Descending soon
  12. I remember enjoying positions at first, then like hating on it, and now I'm liking it again it's not my favourite, but it left thank u next behind in my ranking and is #3 now behind her magnum opuses DW and SWT of curse.
  13. Ariana Grande - Positions shut up 34+35 main thing / test drive motive (feat. Doja Cat) positions my hair off the table (feat. The Weeknd) safety net (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) west side love language nasty worst behavior / someone like u obvious pov *main thing and test drive are not sonically similar but lyrically they're very much in the same line. They're placed in the same track in the style @Inferno Euphoria suggested, and I used the same for worst behavior / someone like u. *test drive directly blends into motive. It actually is a pretty neat transition, although it's the only one in the album. *west side is an extended edit featuring a small bridge with the pre-chorus in a voicenote EQ, followed by a third chorus (2:55 rather than 2:12). *love language lacks the outro.
  14. Gonna try this out! But I think safety net and off the table deserved a spot
  15. I remember that but thought it was literally bs well, before Don't Forget, I thought anything Sky-releasing-related was bs
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