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  1. I mean I love Icy, Personal Hell, All I Do Is Cry and others and that's why I have it so high in my ranking. but Meet the Parents is a crime. Got My Number too. the rest are fine to great.
  2. Problématique > Clarity > Era 1 > Turn Off the Light > Feed the Beast > Candy (we don't have her in full) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Slut Pop
  3. sorry but to think Slut Poop was her magnum opus means ignoring Era 1, Clarity and Turn Off the Light which of course defeat SP singlehandedly any day. so no, not quite.
  4. Glitter Boy

    Ava Max

    hopefully!!! that would be a smart move for this era for once
  5. I would actually love a few new tracks! not like a SAWAYAMA deluxe with 4 new tracks and a shitton of acoustics/remixes pls, just new songs this time
  6. omgggg time for deluxe maybe? SAWAYAMA deluxe was released 8 months after standard, and it's been 8 months since Hold the Girl was released
  7. Glitter Boy


    I need Welcome to the Opera because she described this dope ass concept about the lesbian futuristic romance and she can't just scrap it like if it was a random idea, and maybe WTTO being released could at least be a glimpse of hope I guess.
  8. Glitter Boy

    Taylor Swift

    please!!! i think it was a recording, not even a proper rip hoping for FLAC pls
  9. Glitter Boy

    Taylor Swift

    19 You're Losing Me (From the Vault).flac when
  10. She should drop title track as buzz single soon
  11. i lowkey prefer the production in the first version but the vocals on the second version. mashup incoming i fear
  12. it sounds very different though, almost like a Snow on the Beach, Pt. 2 or something. but I find it very lovely! Am I tripping or there's new lyrics too?
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