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  1. yes, like gumball and penny, violet and tony rydinger, or all the couples in "monica" here in brazil. also, we all had our crushes when we were kids, and it was nothing about sex.
  2. i created a topic on the "video art" forum to show an edit i made of the two merboys to the sound of "salvatore". the first reply i got was "ma'am, this a kids movie". then i wanted to open this topic so we can debate those theories... what can lgbt+ people relate to in luca's story? are him and alberto a shippable duo or not, and why? i'm not lgbt, so all i can do is accept all the comprehensions possible. let's go.
  3. let me manifest it again with ALL THE REASONS WHY LANA DEL REY SHOULD HAVE COVERED "MY MELANCHOLY BLUES" BY QUEEN. lana has referenced and praised every rock band in the world except queen (the only thing i saw of them in lana's work was the brian may footage in the axl rose "gramma" music video); the song's got everything she likes: a legendary glamorous musician, piano and "blue" tone; the lyrics are TBD's distant cousin ("my baby left me") with a flavor of what lana showed us about the new album - "let me get in that sinking feeling" "don't expect me to behave perfectly and wear that sunny smile" "don't try and stop me" = the way people never let lana show any darn kind of gloom in her lyrics without saying she's romanticizing sadness - "i'm in the news, i'm just getting used to my new exposure, so come into my enclosure and meet my blues"... i think it's a perfect match with the response she gave to those articles in the early "rock candy sweet" ig stories. MMB is pure jazz, just like summertime the gershwin version. so i think lana would do queen's song gorgeously; also, check the 1977 live version of MMB, all the drama freddie put into it. if lana was to sing it the same way, we'd have million dollar man 2.0.
  5. i decided to bring it here inspired by the youtube videos. it goes just like that - you'll put here lines of two or more songs that contradict each other. i'll begin. Freddie Mercury - Mr Bad Guy: Let's go chasing rainbows in the sky Lana Del Rey - Get Free: There's no more chasing rainbows
  6. Chico Science, Nação Zumbi - Maracatu Atômico
  7. okayyy, time to praise the king, carlos drummond de andrade! here's a free translation of my favorite poems by him: the original ones: http://www.horizonte.unam.mx/brasil/drumm1.html https://contobrasileiro.com.br/verbo-ser-poema-de-carlos-drummond-de-andrade/
  8. Gosh darn man child You held me so strong that I almost put my hands on you
  9. i study and play with my siblings like any other kid. but no matter what we do, my family always causes the major chaos in town. what are your nicknames?
  10. haters with their eyes wide to see if lana will post something and point the minimal flaws in it to end up her career. i'm tired as hell of those morons, really. and tired of everybody who can't use EFFING CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM and go rapidly to furious hate. plz, let the woman live, stop bein so annoying and acting like she just killed a man put a gun against his head pulled the trigger now he's dead , LANAAAAA UUUUUUH. what did she post? "i love the way they loved each other". - people in the comments saying the queen and the prince are cousins and making a full exposed thread of the royal family. and lana, i'm sure she knows about everything going on the uk. she should know abt everything they do OR SHE IS A DARN RACIST P3DO SUPPORTER TRUMPIST ETC ETC. wowza! the media doesn't show us everything. i watched the brazilian morning news about philip's death and the reporters only spoke on "pure love between elizabeth and him", and how important he was to the uk history. i was almost posting something related to it too, but i didn't, also knowing abt the shit royal famly's done. i stay neutral. in any ways you can be cancelled, there's no escape. i'm scared of how lana will react if she reads those comments. well, i want to let it go cause i'm tired of that cancel culture rollercoaster. good night and go(o)d bless you!
  11. and there, once again, we can see lana's growth through her lyrics. in her unreleased songs there's a big idealization of glamour and fame. she was all like "i want the power, to be glamorous, look what a scene it would be to have plenty golden coins and live in the marmont", and then you compare all that with her words now, after reaching stardom.
  12. all i can think about with that name is lana doing a song like avril lavigne's "hello kitty"
  13. LDR village pop-up shop is the cutest thing i've ever seen it gave me such a nostalgia of playing IMVU and the sims when i was 11
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