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  1. The Siren

    Melanie Martinez

    I do think there was a new vocal take there in one of them but - I agree - they were obviously edits so I didn't download them. Leakers are so greedy and disrespectful. If you're gonna leak em just go for it. Smh
  2. The Siren


    heres a random fan made album i made of her unreleased songs recorded from 2000 - 2006 cos why not Hallucination Recorded: 2000 - 2006. Total time: 58 minutes, 18 seconds Genre: country-pop Tracklist: Boys Just Suck Rockstar [aka, I Made Out with a Rock Star 2.0] Hallucination Good to Be Queen Ur Not My Daddy featuring Laze & Royal I'm the One Leave it Alone featuring Laze & Royal Invisible [from The Barbie Diaries OST] Bad Dream I Hate You (Don't Leave Me) Baby, It's You Revenge Sunday Morning Chinatown Feels Like Rain Goodbye Dead Flowers featuring Lagan Sebert [bonus track] Release history Lead single - Rockstar [B-side w/ Dead Flowers] September 8, 2006 Album release February 9, 2007 Second single - Good to Be Queen February 16, 2007 Third single - Baby It's You May 18, 2007 Fourth single - Feels Like Rain August 10, 2007
  3. The Siren

    Melanie Martinez

    if Cry Baby was re-released with a 2nd disc of outtakes ig disc one - Cry Baby deluxe edition + Gingerbread Man disc two - Coloring Book [5:07] Coloring Book [4:37] Where Do Babies Come From? [5:07] Birthing Addicts - i imagine a slightly updated version of the 2013 EP mix. [3:26] Zzzz [4:18] Bones Are Blue [4:04] Bombs on Monday Morning [3:34] You Love I [3:27] Arts & Crafts [3:44] Night Mime [3:19] Seesaw - one of my fav songs ever tbh [2:29] Drowning - i NEED a fully finished version this is one of my favs [3:56] Rough Love [4:23] Half-Hearted - was replaced by Play Date literally at the last minute [4:49] Bittersweet Tragedy [3:30] Dead to Me [3:35] Haunted
  4. The Siren


    its in the mega link i posted. its my full unreleased collection.
  5. The Siren

    Melanie Martinez

    can someone tell me if these are real? i dont have my headphones atm so i cant play them out loud https://dbree.org/v/51661a https://dbree.org/v/5921ac
  6. The Siren


    i can post the unreleased collection i have here right? https://mega.nz/folder/JKg2XQpb encryption key since im not the sole owner of the account x
  7. The Siren


    ugh i didnt know my queen had a thread here
  8. is there a limit to where youll send it to? id like to participate too
  9. The Siren

    Melanie Martinez

    someone (else?) posted their google drive folder on the metamorphosis discord. ill ask if i can invite people https://discord.gg/9BXHeE6w
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