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  1. The Siren

    Taylor Swift

    see if this has them https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SJOS9kPAlc94yi79YBkEQhJxxaqt0RbuocyahpDRSvw/edit#gid=1792554832
  2. i didnt move it from track two
  3. Emails i Cant Send Emails i Cant Send Vicious Read Your Mind Tornado Warnings Skin Already Over Because I Liked a Boy Opposite Things I Wish You Said Lonesome How Many Things Nonsense Feather Fast Times Bet U Wanna Bad for Business Skinny Dipping Decode
  4. Tension Padam Padam Hold on to Now Things we Do for Love Tension One More Time Green Light Heavenly Body You Still Get Me High Vegas High 10 Out of 10 Drum Running Somebody to Love Story *bolded tracks = deluxe tracks i agree
  5. Paradise Ride [final/album mix with Drive demo chorus lyrics] American Hollywood Burning Desire Cola Body Electric Gods & Monsters Will You Still Love Me Starry Eyed I Don't Wanna Go I Talk to Jesus Pink Champagne Wild One Bel Air
  6. The Contortionist - Melanie Martinez
  7. American whore side a Jimmy jimmy side b Yes I see it happening tbh and I love the idea
  8. The Siren

    Lady Gaga

    Anyone have the artpop outtakes and demo versions in lossless? I know for a fact we have a couple versions of Brooklyn nights in wav and I believe we have burqa in lossless?
  9. im just taking whatever lyric/word/phrase from anywhere in the lyrics and replacing that song's title AKA
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