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  1. not everyone, people are posting about BTD and Blue Jeans
  2. the sign language interpreter adlibbing the instrumental lmfao
  3. https://supertvaovivo.tv/multishow-ao-vivo/ click on option 4 and just press play - may need to click out pop up windows
  4. we can all finally watch her for real from the start
  5. you can hear Lana better here but the crowd is still overpowering her delicate voice https://www.instagram.com/bentap77/live/
  6. should probably note that A&W was more of an intro
  7. this headache https://www.instagram.com/1mateusnunes/live/
  8. why cant they just officially stream this on youtube or international TV? :crossed:
  9. reposting the IG live - still cant hear her over the crowd tho https://www.instagram.com/1mateusnunes/live/
  10. literally just Jimmy Jimmy Coco puff Jimmy Jimmy ride over and over
  11. serving Stevie Nicks - Bella Donna era for some reason
  12. thats even worse 8:00 PM Saturday, Pacific Time (PT) is 11:00 PM Saturday, in Mount Laurel Township, NJ
  13. the black nothingness that says 500 Internal Server Error nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu) was the video frame
  14. is this site streaming Lana? https://supertvaovivo.tv/multishow-ao-vivo/ edit - someone in the comments of https://www.instagram.com/edgarreaa/live/ said five minutes?
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