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  1. You lucky bitches, I want my vinyl too
  2. Any idea how long it will take here in Germany for the vinyls to be shipped? They send the usual mail saying there were complications.
  3. Am I losing my mind now?? Wasn't there a track on BB where she's talking about bleaching her hair to make a guy interested in her again? I can't find that lyric.
  4. My trinity so far would be Textbook / Blue Banisters / Dealer. Defo gonna change. Can't wait for my second listen And I'm so excited for my vinyl.
  5. Done with my first listen... This album is so much better than COCC for me. I love that she managed to catch me with something in the tracks that I'm not that into, for example If You Lie Down. I first thought the song is pretty whatever and then those amazing trumpets come in for the second half of the song. Beautiful is cute but also not a standout track for me, but then it has such a beautiful piano, probably the best on the record. Dealer is a career highlight - I just love it so much. The druggy, vintage beat and the screaming vocals! So fucking good! Nectar, Thunder and Living Legend are kind of a letdown, nice songs, but I expected more. Overall I'm surprised how much the tracks change and evolve in their second half. On one hand it's really nice and elevates the quality of most tracks. On the other hand it's kinda meh that nice musical gimmicks don't come in earlier. The only track where it makes sense that it kinda explodes and dissolves in the end is the amazing Black Bathing Suit. It's a fantastic record, not better than UV, HM and NFR, but I'd put it right after so far.
  6. Lol that bootleg vinyl having "I womb Jesus" on the tracklist
  7. Thanks a lot guys, interesting to hear your thoughts! Very surprised how much you like the Spotify one!
  8. I have no physical copy of the album yet. I wish they'd have put the horse pic from inside the Neil Krug vinyl on the picture disc. It looks better + the b/w suits the picture more
  9. Which one you guys prefer? I'm really curious about WHY you prefer one of them. I really need help because I can't buy both and for whatever fucking reason I like the Spotify one. But everyone says it's ugly and my ex called it "an advertisement for a horse dentist" The Neil Krug one is obviously the safe choice. She looks magnificent. What do you guys think?
  10. Guys, is there any official place (not like Ebay) where I can still get the Spotify Exclusive Picture Disc of COCC without paying almost 100Euros?
  11. Old Money, Say Yes to Heaven, Damn You, Pawn Shop Blues.
  12. I always wondered about UV.... Why does she sound so nasal? Like she has the flu or something? It's crazy in Florida Kilos, but also West Coast... Did she do it for style or do you guys think she was actually a bit sick during the recording??
  13. I don't mind her doing the "Illusion" for the video, but it's unusual that they would even put the stand-in in the same clothes and arm sling to keep up with that. Why would they need to give Lana credits for something she can't do or didn't do? It's normal for artists to have body doubles but I never saw Lana as someone who would do that.
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