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  1. So one thing about the tittie cover - is it just the box from the boxset or are we actually gonna get ANOTHER vinyl and that's the cover? I already bought two versions and I honestly think now I want the tittie cover Is it confirmed as a LDR Village exclusive or something?
  2. Yeah I really don't care for having a regular black vinyl when I know that there are these pretty colored ones out there. But someone said that the UO one is not gonna be another version. Idk if that's coming from a reliable source. Mmmh I just got the green one and I already thought that I'd definitely sell that one if I don't like it. Sounds like a lot of people would want it. Which BB vinyl do you mean? The white one with the standard cover?
  3. Omg that would be my dream. I'd even sell one of the ones I bought already. It's the best cover picture for sure!
  4. Wow Fnac shipping is super affordable!! just got the red vinyl!
  5. God, I wish the standard cover came with yellow vinyls, together with the red one it's kinda my fav. But I don't want boring black vinyls
  6. Can anyone tell me how to get the red HMV vinyl if I'm in Germany?
  7. Manson

    K.O. aka Koala

    New Song, it's really good!
  8. Manson

    K.O. aka Koala

    Yeah defo do! I like "God Complex" and her cover of Ashlee Simpsons "Pieces of Me" the most. Her spotify for whoever wants it: https://open.spotify.com/artist/280n850sA1H4odLFK1qpNi
  9. Manson

    K.O. aka Koala

    I thought some people here might be into this sorta sound and style - Ko Lee, going by K.O. aka Koala. I randomly found her on Instagram, she has stunning visuals and then found out she's doing music. Her sound is a mix of softcore, E-Girl, quite video gamy, dreamy vocals and production. Boing is her current single and she just released the video.... Paper Magazine just wrote about her and she was featured in Galore Mag as "your new obsession". Her twitter: twitter.com/koakakoala Her insta: instagram.com/koakakoala
  10. Crazy!! Never heard about that project! Dealer really sounds like a continuation of Black Bathing Suit so I never imagined it wasn't a BB original.
  11. Can anyone tell me which tracks are definitely written for BB? So basically, which tracks are not old demos or unreleased songs?
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