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  1. Manson

    K.O. aka Koala

    Yeah defo do! I like "God Complex" and her cover of Ashlee Simpsons "Pieces of Me" the most. Her spotify for whoever wants it: https://open.spotify.com/artist/280n850sA1H4odLFK1qpNi
  2. Manson

    K.O. aka Koala

    I thought some people here might be into this sorta sound and style - Ko Lee, going by K.O. aka Koala. I randomly found her on Instagram, she has stunning visuals and then found out she's doing music. Her sound is a mix of softcore, E-Girl, quite video gamy, dreamy vocals and production. Boing is her current single and she just released the video.... Paper Magazine just wrote about her and she was featured in Galore Mag as "your new obsession". Her twitter: twitter.com/koakakoala Her insta: instagram.com/koakakoala
  3. Crazy!! Never heard about that project! Dealer really sounds like a continuation of Black Bathing Suit so I never imagined it wasn't a BB original.
  4. Can anyone tell me which tracks are definitely written for BB? So basically, which tracks are not old demos or unreleased songs?
  5. I feel like (even though it's from the title track MV) that the cover picture doesn't fit the mood of the whole record and maybe even less to the rest of the vinyl design. So I really don't need this release. I'm actually surprised after all this time how the standard design + beige/peachy vinyl is kinda my favourite atm plus the Spotify picture disc.
  6. on the pictures the vinyl of that box set looks regular though
  7. Can anyone tell me if there is a Paradise Vinyl with the foil? I can only find vinyls without, only the BTD being in foil.
  8. Manson


    There's a shorter version on that channel too! Enjoy!
  9. Manson


    I'm just reading the book now because of her! It's called "The Romance of Flamenca" Btw guys have you heard this, I love it especially because Weeknd is so annoying
  10. Manson

    Bonnie McKee

    Still no file with the normal track???
  11. I listen to it regularly too, it's just so good! Tessa Di Pietro is my favorite! I'm really excited for Iron Gates because I feel like it will be more of a concept poetry book with her as the main character in an institution. And I like how she said in the IG Live that it's not flattering.
  12. Mte and that's why I'm not getting it. Already the alt. Krug cover didn't match the back and the gatefold picture collection has always been done super badly. I don't need yet ANOTHER picture that doesn't go well with the rest. And lol @ us getting a blue vinyl for COCC; when BB doesn't have one.
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