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  1. Can anyone enlighten me with the Yes To Heaven/Fine China mess? Trying to put something together and all of a sudden some versions are gone, different demo names... The lana wiki pages for those are kinda messy.
  2. I would love to have an ultimate "depressed Lana/ultrasad" unreleased/demo album... like 12 tracks or something. Including Damn You, Yes to Heaven.... So far fanmade tracklist haven't really worked for me - I mean there's people who put "Driving in Cars" on these kind of things
  3. I don't think we got any unreleased/outtakes that belong to the witchy sound. Just demos of released songs that fit the theme. Like that random "Love" intro that's super spooky but the rest is almost the same. Idg why she did that exactly.
  4. I honestly think these titles were considered at the very same moment (when she send out those track compilations to radio stations and critics) so I don't think each title is a specific "era".... BUT: This is my Do U Luv Me Yet? tracklist that I think fits the title the best (very tongue in cheek, catchy, Americana, American Sweetheart) and the track flow is magnificent! Plus I did try to include tracks that were defo considered at one point. 1. Roses 2. Meet Me in the Pale Moonlight 3. Children of the Bad Revolution 4. Push Me Down 5. Hey Lolita Hey (demo from the homemade videos) 6. Kinda Outta Luck 7. She's Not Me 8. You Can Be The Boss 9. Serial Killer 10. National Anthem (the demo version from the homemade video) 11. TV in Black & White 12. Prom Song (Gone Wrong)
  5. @Crazy Husband Stealer did have a very interesting idea in the other thread concerning this "tracklist" though...
  6. Just came here to say that I've been listening to Sirens a lot lately. And damn... My momma is a very early diss track that (if it's not a fictional story) implies that her mom was the kind of woman who would flirt or get a bit too close with her boyfriends?
  7. Mmmh sounds plausible. But re-listening to Cult Leader... it's veeeery different sound wise?
  8. She lipsynced a lot so it's unlikely her mind wasn't made up before shooting it. Unless there is actual scrapped footage with different songs, but I highly doubt that.
  9. Ah you mean the "tracklist" on that paper might be a list of tracks for the short film not for an album?
  10. So the movie concept was standing, she wanted to lipsync to upcoming songs of "Tropico" but because they weren't done she chose the 3 tracks from Paradise?
  11. Idk but that writing doesn't look like Money & Power and Axl Rose.
  12. Well "Jesus" on that notepad is likely "I Talk To Jesus" or not?
  13. Thanks a lot! I appreciate the summary Damn I can't read shit on that photo. Crazy to think that people would consider it a tracklist.
  14. Someone posted on insta about the Tropico album that turned into UV. I never knew that Tropico was supposed to be more than the EP we got. There's also a notepad tracklist for that scrapped record? Is that true and can someone post? Do we have a tracklist?
  15. BB has her lowest lows?? Where? And about COCCs length: The fact that COCC is basically her ONLY album that you have to change the vinyl only once to listen as a whole is actually really perfect. It's incredibly tiring to switch vinyl sides after basically 3 songs. What songs on that one are fillers to you?
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