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  1. shes so miserable god she literally has nothing else going on in her life 😭😭
  2. https://x.com/iheartdelrey/status/1799235522939715738?s=46 oh she was angry
  3. i think shes joking because the last song lana has released was the cover expect for blue skies which i doubt she has heard. courtney also talked about lana on a podcast a few days ago saying she opened the door “for women and twinks” also like a year ago she called lana a musical genius so i dont think shes being serious
  4. ughhhh she looks so good blonde i hope she attends the met gala even this dress would look good at it
  5. im confused why they remixed gangsta and jealous girl 💀 kehlani doesnt even like lana
  6. lana release jealous girl to make everyone forget quick
  7. her worst show in a while girl this is COACHELLA how was her mini tour shows better
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