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  1. how didn’t one single person behind him get hit by anything with all those supposed shots?😭
  2. this diva right here. hope she stays blonde for the next 500 years
  3. ionut

    Song vs. Song

    body electric vs living legend
  4. ionut

    Katy Perry

    i was just thinking of it https://x.com/magdaleneperrys/status/1624481109030338561?s=46
  5. ionut

    Katy Perry

    anyway stream JOYRIDE
  6. when pawn shop blues is on lasso..
  7. actually.. not breathing until lana announces lasso release date
  8. i will NOT breathe until lana releases lasso
  9. i mean streets were saying it is part of ATTAM vault so maybe we'll have it soon
  10. omg honey dont say that about youself
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