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  1. After listening to the recordings of the Tough performance at Fenway i’m like 50/50 on it. I like the melody and beat but i’m not really feeling Quavos vocals. I feel like if it was a Lana solo i’d like it more but i’ll have to wait and see. Summer Bummer is like my least visited Lana song cuz i just really dont vibe with rap all that much . Tough DOES show that if it is Lasso related the album will be very diverse in its style of country. Not bromance morgan wallen angry at cancel culture type country. Which is good!
  2. I voted for the one hour show just out of respect for the people who traveled there who wouldn’t make it Saturday. Still not ideal
  3. Fenway stadium being “Americas favorite” 😂 Miller Park has a roof. No rain stopping anything there. This is a sign to come to Wisconsin Lana
  4. Imagine a $600,000 dollar fine Lanas net worth goes down 60% because of this show
  5. Looks like a drizzle. Playing in that would be cool
  6. She should just play through the storm and let fate itself decide the trajectory of the lightning. Sounds cool af me 🤷‍♂️
  7. Folks ask yourself, do you support the actions done by the climate protestors here, or do you just like the idea of Taylors jet getting vandalized? If you’re going to be a Taylor hater at least be a smart one
  8. While that theory isn’t that far fetched, i personally think its just dumbass kids looking for a cause and will do this shit because they unironically think they’re saving the world. Like the type of person who would try to cancel Lana or bitch on twitter about social issues 24/7
  9. I really really really don’t like Taylor Swift (in case anyone hasn’t realized) but i think it’s foolish to hold any one person accountable to their actions on climate change like this, especially under these circumstances. Renewable energies and systems need to change to combat climate change, not Taylor Swifts jet usage.
  10. If the point of this kind of protest is to raise awareness, under the idea of any publicity being good publicity, then i would say they’re successful. But to actually get people to support their cause, it seems to do the opposite. Typically the public reactions seems to be that of annoyance when people do stuff like this. Like spray painting art exhibits and sitting in traffic. Invasive yes, but effective?
  11. Yeah i’m team Taylor on that one. Those climate protestors are really annoying and i think they just hurt their cause it the long run doing this kind of stuff. Especially when they sit in the road and block traffic 😐
  12. We’re gonna have to agree to disagree mate. But you’re right about the XCX thing haha
  13. What if these turn out to once again be her designs (they absolutely aren’t )
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