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  1. X8vinylScratchX

    Taylor Swift

    I wasn’t aware of that This becoming a trend is BAD for the music industry. It’s really hard to respect any artist that does this. I wish stans of said artists wouldn’t make excuses or buy these editions because preventing this practice starts at the consumer level. Turning the definitive listening experience of your album into a $400 collect-a-thon has no excuse. Is it only Taylor and Olivia doing this or is there more?
  2. X8vinylScratchX

    Taylor Swift

    Wait, I’m finding out about this now, you’re telling me different ALBUM COVERS constitute different bonus tracks? and people are ok with this? My god, Swiftie Stockholm syndrome strikes again. Is this a trend i’m unaware of? I feel like if any other artist pulled this shit, it would cause a massive controversy and uproar that would get brought up and scrutinized forever and hurt album sales because no one would fall for this shit. But apparently in the case of lord empress Swift doing it this seems to be a minor inconvenience forgotten about in 15 minutes. Swifties are probably happy that they get to “collect” variants of her new album, as if it isn’t a ploy for money. Like Ms Swift really needs a billion more dollars for another private jet to transport her from room to room of her house. I understand that Taylor has a lot of fans (and that the swift thread should be for said fans) but holy shit i am glad i never got into her music. Literal horsey girl 6th grade breakup music. And 1989 is NOT a pop masterpiece. Out of the Woods and Shake it Off cause HEARING damage. Half the album is generic. I’m sorry Swifties it’s ok to like Taylor Swift i’ll never post on this thread again but seriously fuck these vinyl variants
  3. I am not joining the ranks of those manifesting country rap
  4. It’s not exactly country rock but something like Raise Me Up would be a dream come true
  5. With the state of things on Instagram i can already see a stupid controversy with any country themed album cover. Literally COTCC controversy part 2. It could be the most basic country looking album cover ever and people would rush to the comments to say it’s racist or something. Like people on twitter saying she fucking supports segregation because theres a farm on the cover or something like that
  6. That aint a damn lasso thats a god damn whip 💀💀 oh hell no Lana what’s going on 😭 Not that kind of country
  7. I’ve listened to metal and punk all my life. In fact, i’m like 95% metalhead 5% Lanita, so i may have some interesting contributions to this thread. If you like shoegaze in any way shape or form, I highly highly recommend the band Alcest. Their Blackgaze. Meaning Shoegaze + Black Metal. Very ethereal, otherworldly, and often interesting music Their first album in particular, Souvenirs d’un autre monde, is very beautiful. Like floating away on a cloud in a dream
  8. The way she put all her eggs in one basket and is milking the shit out of Yes And gives me low hopes for the album Like there’s no way this annoying ass Urban Outfitters dance beat is the lead single and worthy of 10,000 different versions and a featured remix. I think i remember seeing in an Instagram story that she said Yes And was her favorite song she’s ever made Ari have we forgotten about Bad Idea? In My head???
  9. While i like a lot of these ideas, i really wouldn’t want to see any trap influenced songs or a Quavo feature. On another album, yes. But on the country album i feel like it should stay closer to the source material. Country rap is bad. Like really bad. It’s like a novelty genre. When i think of country rap i think of that fucking Florida Georgia Line song. It’s tacky and annoying at best and downright abysmal at worst. For an album entitled Lasso thats dedicated to country i would hope it does the style justice and doesn’t come off as a trendy mockery. Other styles like trap should have their moments to shine on other albums. But thats just me. Some people unironically want Lana to make a song like Old Town Road
  10. Ok the album still isn’t good pretty forgettable overall but Head Head Honcho is actual FIRE 🔥🔥
  11. I actually feel kinda bad for Lana. Imagine not being able to post anything, say anything, eat, sleep, shit, or breath without 10,000 posts saying you support genocide or you’re not doing enough for this or that. When she posted those pictures i’m sure the last thing on her mind was that people would be angry over her fucking Mcdonalds cup. I guess it just comes with being a celebrity.
  12. Saw the Mcdonalds cup and knew immediately the comment section would be like “so disappointing😔”. Jesus christ these people need to go outdoors so many lives were saved because you bitched at a celebrity for drinking a diet coke
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