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  1. MamaDelGhey

    Song vs. Song

    Pin Up Galore vs Raise Me Up
  2. I find it absolutely adorable and charming when Lana is tone deaf at times. When people respond to something Lana says or does with “read the room” I always get a fucking laugh out of it and love her even more for being human. People who walk on eggshells 24/7 as to not offend anyone are fucking boring and miserable. The fact that Lana is in her own little world at times is just endearing. I feel like she’s too sensitive of a creature and it would be way too burdensome for her to be too tuned in to everyone else’s feelings about everything going on in the world all the time.
  3. What Dreams May Come I’ve loved this movie forever, and I cry like a bitch every time.
  4. Can’t really explain it but I get big-time “child predator” vibes from the dude. I saw a video one time that was really creepy, a man and a kid, really really irked me, and the dude looked exactly like him but with a painted face and no glasses. I will forever associate him with that video and the dark rabbit hole I went down that day. Any celebrity that centers their fame around politics gives me the ick tbh (as do politicians) and I’m always going to assume they’re groomers of some sort. I might be insane but whatever.
  5. The only Ben & Jerry’s flavor I ever cared for was Americone Dream, but I can’t stand to look at Stephen Colbert’s stupid face on it, so I don’t buy it anymore. Tillamook has an alternative that’s creamier and better (and with better ingredients). B&J’s prices are astronomical for the small amount. I just looked at the ingredients for this flavor out of curiosity because I’m a nerd about this stuff, and I avoid dyes (and a lot of other things), and I’m honestly appalled. Corn syrup, wheat flour, soybean oil… Literally gagging. Team Tillamook all day.
  6. MamaDelGhey

    Nicki Minaj

    Holy shit… He could’ve chosen to just like, stay his ass at home, and save them both the embarrassment of that being printed on the site. Also, allowing your child to attend that show, where they will be forced to be separated from you, is absolutely fucking wild.
  7. As a cam girl I like to imagine that the woman I idolize has dabbled in SW a little bit, even if it was just something unofficial and casual like a sugar baby relationship. It doesn’t make a difference to me either way, but I love when she sings about that kinda stuff because it makes me feel like she wouldn’t judge me at all for what I do if she knew me. I never did get the “oh she was definitely a stripper” vibe when I saw her on the pole in Tropico though, she didn’t do any pole tricks or anything that would tip me off to her being experienced on the stage. She still looked sexy as hell doing it though. She’s such a multifaceted being and we will never know the half of it. I love her.
  8. this guy right here is a local legend, grew up where i reside, we get our tattoos done at the same damn shop lol I am obsessed with everything he does
  9. MamaDelGhey

    Song vs. Song

    Fordham Road vs For K (Pt 2)
  10. MamaDelGhey

    Song vs. Song

    Dance Till We Die vs IYLDWM
  11. Fell asleep before midnight. Just woke up shortly after 6 am and I actually couldn’t find the song where I had pre-saved it, or by scrolling her Spotify releases, but the search bar brought me to it. Not sure what happened there. It’s on repeat now though. Short but so fun and so beautiful. I am glad she and Jack put such a unique spin on it. As far as its ranking amongst her other covers, it’s miles better than Doin Time, TMHCR, and even Unchained Melody. But it’s no Buddy’s Rendezvous or The Other Woman.
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