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  1. People were…booing and leaving? Honestly, that’s pathetic. You’re paying money to experience Lana Del Rey LIVE, it’s not her fault some people watch every performance ever and expect her to change things up for each individual performance. She’s a fucking human being, not some AI Dream Girl you can change up every day, and I’m sure the whole ass stage crew aren’t prepared for her to perform different shit from city to city. Some of these Lana stans need to touch grass.
  2. Ummmm my bf is gonna shit when he hears about the Jelly Roll collab, is there a recording anywhere??
  3. Crying 😭 Wish I had known she was in ATL and didn’t go to bed early, I could’ve been there in an hour. I had an awful nightmare about being kidnapped instead lol. But I’m so happy for you!!!!
  4. Sent my bf to B&N but they don’t have it yet 😭
  5. Great posts from the both of you. As a death metal respecter and 8-year Lana stan, I do think about these things a lot. It always tickles me when I talk to a fellow metalhead and they say “I fucking LOVE Lana Del Rey!” Also the gym bros who mostly bump metal in their headphones, they seem to be big enthusiasts of “West Coast” as a jam to lift to. She really appeals to so many and it’s cool to be in a community where there is such diversity, but we all can appreciate the gift that is Lana (and her music.) The open-minded metal fans are some of my favorite people. They appreciate classical music (which death metal is very close to, due to the complexity and time signature changes.) I just love seeing a scruffy bearded man with a band logo on his shirt that I can’t read who says LDR is brilliant. That’s how you know her shit is way deeper and more interesting than that of the mainstream pop girlies, because those types of people seriously nerd out over every aspect of music. To see those types paying her respect is just heartwarming to me.
  6. Not with a headliner, not even on the main stage, and this is where she fucking shines. Beyond excited for Lasso. It truly feels like she’s found her people, she looks so fucking happy. I think those who are saying Lasso will be a flop like Chemtrails (which has aged beautifully, btw) will be proven very very wrong this year.
  7. God she is the cutest thing ever Patiently awaiting a video of the performance because this clip is such a teeeeease
  8. MamaDelGhey

    Taylor Swift

    Ermmmm one of my longtime regulars has been working for her on the Eras Tour (the entirety of it… he’s seen it all) and I assure everyone, they are well taken care of.
  9. I bet it was made by that designer she was pictured with in Nashville! (Was that November?) At first I thought she was seeing him for her Graceland performance (channeling the black leather jumpsuit in Elvis’ ‘68 Comeback Special) and that clearly wasn’t the case. That old guy likely custom made this outfit for her many months in advance.
  10. Ready for the y’allternative masterpiece that’s brewing
  11. There’s definitely been judgments and side eyes in here too. Fuck ‘em. I believe her.
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