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  1. finalgirl


    whenever i think about poppy, i think about her husband ghostemane and how a snippet of a song leaked with him saying the n slur yet nobody cared enough to hold him accountable because nobody knows him 😭
  2. finalgirl

    Addison Rae

    watching addison rae become the new pop it girl… i love it
  3. finalgirl

    Katy Perry

    this is pop perfection
  4. cherry, flipside, swan song, i talk to jesus, and prom song (gone wrong)
  5. here are my two cents. i don’t think that the whole trilogy thing was supposed to be taken seriously. i thought it was more of an exaggeration and put this new lana (nfr/cocc/bb) in a box, and it so happens to coincidentally be a trilogy just as the old lana (btd/uv/hm) with the next trilogy ahead, lana will be in a way different level than this one!
  6. finalgirl


    https://mega.nz/folder/GqgFiKhK#PMWu2f5Dha3fqdVr_iusgw here’s a masterpost on the sophie OG leaks all leaked by Health!
  7. finalgirl


    why is #that user stealing miss Health’s spotlight... everything sophie/hyd/charli xcx related that has leaked these past few weeks has been leaked by Health in a charli xcx discord server
  8. someone leak something its getting boring
  9. finalgirl

    Song vs. Song

    Oh Say Can You See vs. Cherry Blossom
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/B8tsxfMnUnP/?igshid=hb32z6an3ep7 oh my god, i miss her ):
  11. azealia’s statement on lana today had me thinking and... i do feel like lana lost her mysterious sexy ego from 2011/12. but people age, so what?
  12. finalgirl

    Song vs. Song

    Old Money vs. Freak
  13. re-watching the video when lana broke down in dublin during video games back in 2013 makes me feel something. she looks so much more happier now, although i am much more of a fan of her slower, sadder songs, i’m glad she’s healthier and living her life. 2013 was a mess.
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