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  1. Loon1e

    Kim Petras

    The final version of Eventually will be a career highlight!
  2. Loon1e

    Kim Petras

    Kim Petras x Ariana Grande still coming Kim Petras x Doja cat Kim petras x ice spice Kim petras x Iggy azalea Kim petras x Christina Aguilera Kim petras x Britney Spears Kim petras x dua lipa Kim Petras x solo jt all these coming 2024
  3. Loon1e

    Kim Petras

    not when its releasing next year
  4. Loon1e

    Kim Petras

    Okay so apparently Kim has a collab with Iggy Azalea and one with Jonas Brothers, and a possible Dua Lipa collab in the works
  5. Snow Strippers show setlist (So far) confirmed by Ayesha All Around The World Take My Life WTF Mary Magdalene Snooki Yummy x Righteous Girl Next Door Star Eiffel Tower Vixen (Luxurious) Gigabowser Show Me Verse Of The Day I Just Stole A Kia OMG ALL AROUND THE WORLD???? I wonder if its the horny.4u version or a new one but I'll take it and she confirmed that it would get a release
  6. Loon1e

    Melanie Martinez

    Melanie can still make the same quality of music like she used to just look at the PORTALS outtakes... she just makes bad decisions that set her back but overall she still has a lot of stuff to give
  7. Loon1e

    Melanie Martinez

    Verde has made a burner insta account posting pictures of fans without their consent and he is getting attacked for it and he even liked a comment calling him out. Plus Melanie posted a weird ass photo of a book on trying to not reincarnate on earth again (possibly hinting at a breakup?). so much weird stuff going on
  8. Loon1e

    Kim Petras

    how could she fumble a Azealia Banks and Doja Cat collab so hard..
  9. Loon1e

    Kim Petras

    all era 1 outtakes are superior to the released tracks, only Hillside boys and I Don't Want It At All lived up to the outtakes
  10. Loon1e

    Melanie Martinez

    Apparently in the movie script Dragons Blood was gonna be the end credit song and could have been our Fire Drill but since the movie will most likely not be made we won't get it as a single (this info came from an insider who previously leaked the deluxe song titles and track lengths)
  11. Loon1e


    ☆ Freakalicious World Domination coming 2024! ☆ The Iconic members are - Ayesha Erotica, Chase Icon, and That Kid
  12. Loon1e

    Kim Petras

    Ayesha already said she loves Kim so I could see it happening
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